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LA100 Legal Systems 1

Legal Systems 1 - En Français

of Moncton
Histoire de la Common Law
LA101 Legal Systems 2 (Internal)
LA101E Legal Systems 2 (External)
LA102 Legal Method and Research
LA201 Law of Contract 1 (Internal)
LA201E Law of Contract 1 External)
LA202 Law of Contract 2 (Internal)

Law of Contract 2 (Zope)

LA202E Law of Contract 2 (External)
LA203 Torts 1
LA204 Torts 2
LA205 Criminal Law & Procedure I
LA206 Criminal Law & Procedure II
LA207 Public Law 1

Public Law 1 (Zope)

LA208 Public Law 2
LA300 Property Law 1
LA301 Property Law 2
LA302 Equity, Trusts & Succession 1
LA303 Equity, Trusts and Succession 2

Equity, Trusts and Succession 2 (Zope)

LA304 Legal Drafting
LA305 Current Developments in Pacific Law
LA306 Family Law
LA308 Company & Partnership Law 1
LA309 Company & Partnership Law 2

Company & Partnership Law 2 (Zope)

LA310 Evidence
LA312 Public International Law

Public International Law (Zope)

LA313 Commercial Law

Commercial Law (Zope)

LA314 Foreign Trade and Investment Law
LA315 Revenue & Taxation Law
LA317 Labour Law
LA318 Comparative Law
LA321 International Environmental Law
LA322 Customary Law
LA323 Special Topic - Medico Legal
LA325 Personal Rights
LA326 Research Project
LA331 Law Clinic
LA332 Jurisprudence
LA333 Legal Sociology - temporary discussion

Legal Sociology (Zope)


LA400 Advanced Pacific Legal Studies
LA422 Customary Law (Zope)
LA424 EU Law Affecting the Pacific
LA425 Law of the Sea
LA426 Advanced Pacific Commercial Transactions


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