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Volume 1 - 1997


Volume 2 - 1998

1. Robert Hughes -

A Trustee's Borrowing Power

2. Mohammed Ahmadu -

Vanuatu’s Accession to the WTO and the WIPO:
A Reflection on Patent and Pharmaceutical Technology

3. Nena Hicks -

Environmental Protection in the Age of Economics
- the Niue Experience

4. Caren Wickliffe -

The Relationship Between the Constitution Amendment  Act 1997 and International Instruments on the Rights of Women and Children


Volume 3 - 1999

1. Judge Anand Satyanand -

Growth of the Ombudsman Concept

2. Kenneth Brown -

Customary Law in the Pacific: An Endangered Species?

3. Ian Fraser -

Legal Theory in Melanesia: Pluralism? Dualism? Pluralism long Dualism?

4. Helen Bowen and Terri Thompson -

Restorative Justice and the New Zealand Court of Appeal's Decision in the Clotworthy Case


Volume 4 - 2000

1. Jennifer Corrin Care -

The Status of Customary Law in Fiji Islands After the Constitutional Amendment Act 1997

2. Kenneth Brown -

The Language of Land: Look Before You Leap

3. Nena Hicks -

Legislation and Pesticide Control in the South Pacific

4. Don Paterson -

Legal Challenges for Small Jurisdictions in relation to Privacy, Freedom of Information and Access to Justice

5. Peter Fitzpatrick -

Magnified Features: The Underdevelopment of Law and Legitimation

6. Samia Bano

Muslim Asian Women and Customary Law in Britain

7. Reid Mortensen

Slaving in Australian Courts: Blackbirding Cases, 1869-1871

8. Sue Farran and Jennifer Corrin Care

Towards a Pragmatic Approach to the Contract or Tort Debate in the South Pacific


Volume 5 - 2001

1. Damien P. Horigan

Some Aspects of Law in Hawaii

2. John Mugambwa -

Judicial assault on the citadel of indefeasibility of title under the Papua New Guinean Torrens System of conveyance


Volume 6 - 2002

1. Sir John Muria -

The Role of the Courts and Legal Profession in Constitutional and Political Disputes in the Pacific Islands Nations

2. Margaret McLennan -

International Dispute Resolution, Nauru v Australia

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