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Journal of South Pacific Law - BOOK REVIEWS

Book Review 12 of Volume 2, 1998



Title: The Law of Banking in Fiji

Author: Ahmadu, M.L.

Published by Avon Books: London, 1998.

ISBN: 1-86033-809-7.

pp: 143.

This is a short and unpretentious work which aims to provide both students and practitioners with and accessible introduction to the Banking Laws of Fiji. Fiji itself is the major commercial centre within the South Pacific and thus the regulation or deregulation of its banking industry is likely to have a significant impact on the economy and commerce of the region.

The work demonstrates the author’s intimate knowledge of the law in this area. It is difficult to write a brief work in such an area which achieves an effective introduction. One is always faced with areas in which there could have been more discussion. The production of an accessible practical guide, however, is the avowed aim of the author. It succeeds in its stated objective.

The author is to be complimented on his contribution to legal scholarship in the South Pacific region. This is an important and developing area. It is certain that this work will be treated as a valuable guide for those in the legal profession and those in the industry.

Professor R. Hughes,
School of Law,

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