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Volume 1 [1997]

1. Police v Sikuea and Ors. Magistrates Court, Tonga, April 1996.
Offence Against persons in the service of the government - Constitutional validity of s. 57 - different meanings of Tongan and English versions of s. 57 - Inadmissibility of evidence -discretion of the court -criminal liability of corporation - strict liability - community standard of morality and humanity. (R. Hughes)

2. Bureieta Kaitu v Republic of Kiribati Court of Appeal of Kiribati, Criminal Jurisdiction, 21st March 1997.
Admissibility of statements read out before magistrates - Bias on the part of Magistrate hearing a criminal matter - relevance of customary obligations of magistrate. (R. Hughes)

Volume 2 [1998]

1. Vaioleti v Cross & The Commodities Board Supreme Court, Tonga, 6,7 and 15 June 1990.
Contract - formation of a unilateral contract; implied terms; custom and usage. Remedies - measure of damages; effect of lapse of time on discretion to award specific performance. Procedure - failure to object to departure form pleadings and production of documents not discovered until final submissions. (J. Corrin Care).

2. Sundarlal Lallu v Parvati Manilal Lallu Ranchod Court of Appeal, Fiji, unreported, CAN ABU0053 of 1995S.
Contract - undue influence - exercise of dominion and inequality of bargaining power - lack of independent legal advice - fiduciary relationship - misrepresentation - non-disclosure of necessary information. (J. Corrin Care)

Volume 3 [1999]

1. Kasi v Sekevolomo High Court of Solomon Islands, Land Appeal Case 10 of 1996, 29th September 1998. (R. Hughes)

2. In the Matter of the Estate of Victor Eoaeo, deceased, High Court of Solomon Islands, Civil Case No 29 of 1997, Reported at University of the South Pacific, School of Law, Pacific Law Materials, High Court of Solomon Islands.(R. Hughes)

3. Solomon Islands Plantation Ltd. v Commissioner of Inland Revenue Civil Case No 187 of 1997, High Court of Solomon Islands, unreported, 17th August 1998 (R. Hughes)

4. John To’ofilu v Oimae Unreported, High Court, Solomon Islands, CAC 5/96, 19 June 1997.
Refund of bride price; customary duty to disclose pre-existing pregnancy; proof of customary law. (J. Corrin Care)

5. John Unufana'adalo v Renaldo Walesua and Alphius Samosia Land Appeal Case #4 of 1995, High Court of Solomon Islands
Natural justice - bias - res judicata - precedent (R. Hughes)

6. Air Transport Limited v Island Construction Management Ltd, unreported, Court of Appeal, Solomon Islands, CAC 1/1999, 4 June 1999
Frustration - Law Reform (Frustrated Contracts) Act 1943 (UK) - repudiation by conduct - misrepresentation. (J. Corrin Care)

7. Barrett and Sinclair v. McCormack Appeal Case #9 of 1998, Court of Appeal, Vanuatu, April 21-23 1999, September 27-29, 1999
Dishonest handling of trust moneys - breach of constructive trust - the duty of nominee directors to make enquiries (S. Farran)

Volume 4 [2000]

1. Auspacific Construction Co Pty Ltd v Attorney-General on behalf of the Government of Kiribati, unreported, Court of Appeal of Kiribati, Civil Appeal No. 1 of 1996, 25 March 1997. (J.Corrin Care)

2. ANZ (Vanuatu) Ltd v Gougeon & Others, unreported, Court of Appeal of Vanuatu, Civil Appeal No. 6 of 1998, 28 September 1999. (S. Farran)
Indefeasibility of title registered under the Land Leases Act CAP 163 – Availability of rectification – Whether the right to rectification a mere equity or an equitable interest – The nature of a right to register a mortgage - The ranking of equities – Application of the maxim "where the equities are equal the first in time prevails".

Volume 5 [2001]

1. Beti v Aufui, unreported, High Court of Solomon Islands, Civil Case No. 170 of 1990 (K. Shah)

2. Fiji Development Bank v Raqona, (1984) 30 FLR 151, Supreme Court of Fiji (K. Shah)

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