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Journal of South Pacific Law - Working Papers

In this section we publish working and occasional papers on South Pacific law. This is intended to enable researchers to publish their work in progress and research papers which do not fit within the conventional length or subject matter of a journal article. One of the advantages in doing so is to allow researchers to gain feedback on their work from interested readers.

Volume 1 - 1997

1.Rene Lal - The Diversified or Strict Role of an Ombudsman : A Comparison in the Roles of the Ombudsman in Vanuatu and Fiji

2. Colin Fong - Pathfinder to Asia Pacific Law
A valuable tool for researchers in the law of Asia Pacific region.

3. Nena Hicks and Anita Jowitt - Human Rights and the Transparency of Government Action in Vanuatu -A Comment

4. Sarah Hardy-Pickering - A Proposal to Establish A Land Tribunal in Vanuatu

5. Mareva Betham-Annandale A Comparison and Contrast of the Roles of the Ombudsman in Vanuatu and Samoa


Volume 2 - 1998

1. Marstella Jack - The Control of Fishing Resources in the Federated States of Micronesia

2. Victor Nabeyan - The Constitutional Implications of the Yap State Excise Act in the Constitutional Structure of the Federated States of Micronesia

3. Mohammed Ahmadu - Labour and Employment Conditions in Export Processing Zones: A Socio-Legal Analysis on South Asia and South Pacific

4. Tess Newton - An Introduction to Policing in the South Pacific Region

5. Mareva Betham-Annandale - Offshore Banking in Western Samoa

6. Renee Lal - The Tax Haven Industry of Vanuatu


Volume 3 - 1999

1. Caren Wickliffe - Human Rights Education in the Pacific

2. Professor Robert A. Hughes - Public Unit Trusts: Some Regulative Models

3. Anita Jowitt - Island Courts in Vanuatu

4. Anselm Herman - Money Laundering & the Law in the Republics of Fiji and Vanuatu

5. Professor Robert A. Hughes - Mutual Wills and Contracts not to Revoke - The Case of Voluntary and Involuntary Revocation

6.Sunil Sharma - The Control and Protection of Native Lands in Fiji


Volume 4 - 2000

1. Philip Tagini - Foreign Investment in the Solomon Islands: A Legal Analysis

2. Philip Tagini - E-Commerce in Vanuatu: Can Contract Law Accommodate for New Technology?

3. Daveena Sudhakar - Insider Trading in the Fiji Islands: A Critical Analysis

4. Laitia Tamata - Application of the Human Rights Conventions in the Pacific Islands Courts

5. David Lidimani - Custom in Legislative Drafting


Volume 5 - 2001

1. J.D. Foukona - State Immunity: A Vanuatu Perspective

2. Professor Bob Hughes - Recent Legislative Changes Affecting Succession Law in New Zealand - The Property (Relationships) Act 2001

3. P. Tagini - The Effect of Land policy on Foreign Direct Investments in the Solomon Islands

4. S. Farran - What is the Matrimonial Property Regime in Vanuatu?

5. D. Paterson - Some Thoughts About Customary Land

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