Internet Links for Vanuatu Secondary Schools
~ compiled and annotated by
Peter Murgatroyd, Librarian, Emalus Campus ~


General Links

bulletInternet tutorials
bulletSearch engines
bulletSearch engines for younger students
bulletDictionaries, encyclopedias and general reference materials
bulletBooks Online
bulletInternet subject guides
bulletCountry information
bulletInternational organisations and selected Pacific regional organisations
bulletPacific websites - gateways and selected Pacific websites
bullet Vanuatu websites and online resources 
bulletPacific media and newspapers
bulletInternational media and newspapers
bulletGateway to over 2300 online journals and magazines
bulletSelected magazines and journals (fulltext and free)
bulletUniversities  (gateway to universities worldwide)
bulletNew Sites of the Week!!  
bulletLinks for USP Foundation Science Students
bullet Links for USP Foundation Social Science Students


Vanuatu's colonial past: an archive of newspaper clippings from 1883 to independence


General Links

bulletInternet Tutorials

Finding Information on the Internet: a Tutorial
Outstanding tutorial website that is useful both for the beginner and the experienced internet user.     Highly recommended is the page 'Recommended search strategy: search with peripheral vision

Sink or Swim: Internet Search Tools & Techniques
Easy to understand guide to searching the Internet with links to all major search
engines and subject guides. Highly recommended.

bulletSearch Engines

Northern Light
Voila [French]

bulletSearch Engines for Younger Students

Ask Jeeves for Kids
Fact Monster

bulletVirtual Reference Desk - get answers to your research questions

Virtual reference desk - get answers to your  your research questions incl:

"Ask Bob" - send your general questions to Bob!
"Ask Dr Math" - send your maths questions to Dr Math
"Ask Jack" - send your questions about sports, health, and physical fitness
"The geography guide" - send your questions about geography
"Scientific American" - send your questions about science


bulletDictionaries, Encyclopedias and other General Reference Materials

Altapedia Online
Atlapedia Online contains full color physical and political maps as well as key facts and statistics on countries of the world. 

Biographical Dictionary
Brief entries on more than 28,000 important historical figures

Dictionaries and Language Resources
Gateway to search Websters Dictionary plus hundreds more.

Encarta Online
Excellent online encyclopedia. 
This online version of Microsoft's encyclopedia contains search engines and browsable indexes to help users learn and perform online research. Research tools include the encyclopedia, a dictionary, and an atlas.

Encyclopedia Brittanica Online
Search the world's most authoritative encyclopedia online.  Although some content is subscription only, the site is still useful.

Fast Facts: Almanacs/ Factbooks/ Statistical Reports & Related Reference Tools.
A valuable addition to any reference links collection.

Hawai'i Pacific Journal Index
Searchable index (author, title, keyword) of Pacific journals held by the University of Hawaii.  Essential access point for journal articles on the Pacific.  Highly recommended.

Internet Public Library
Includes directories of online texts, newspapers, magazines, reference materials; plus special sections for youth and teens. The comprehensive reference section includes almanacs, dictionaries, encyclopedias, and news coverage.

Online atlas.  Good site for maps of the countries of the world

Virtual Facts on File
Gateway to a number of encyclopedia, dictionaries, thesaurus and other reference tools. Also has search facilities. Highly recommended.

Quick reference site that lets you do quick reference searches from dictionaries, thesauri, books of quotations and encyclopedias from one very easy to use search and display.  Cool.

bulletBooks Online

Classic Reader
Over 600 books and 900 short stories presented in unabridged versions that one can "can read, search, and annotate." The collection is mostly fiction, short stories, and poetry and includes children's literature. Browsable by author, title, or type of work. All works are in the public domain and may be read online or downloaded. Free registration is required for downloading and annotating.

Great Books Online  Nearly all the classics (well, according to Time magazine anyway!)

The Online Books page
Links to thousands of online books accessible by author, title, subject etc.  Excellent. site.

Online Texts
Sites that host online books as recommended by the Internet Public Library.

Project Gutenberg   Search for books available online via Project Gutenberg. Search by author, title, or subject area. 

bulletInternet Subject Guides

About Science
Gateway site providing access to full text articles, databases, discussion groups and extensive topical internet links  across the following subject areas: Biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics; applied sciences and engineering; computer science; geography and related earth sciences; social sciences

Academic Info: your guide to quality educational resources
Simply laid out and easy to follow these well compiled subject directories are updated regularly and also searchable by keyword.

BJ Pinchbecks Homework Helper
Really outstanding collection of study materials for secondary students. 
As BJ says, if you can't find it here, then you can't find it!  Good for junior school as well as senior school.

Educational Hotlists
Excellent gateway site to educational sites on the internet.  Particularly strong in sciences.

English as a Second Language
Education World's ESL/EFL Center provides tools, lesson plans, activities, articles, a message board, and links to a variety of resources for EFL/ESL teachers and students.

The History Net
This site has links and articles on just about everything about history, although it is particularly strong on American History. Sections include World History, American History, the American Civil War, Great Battles and World War II.

How Stuff Works
Informative and fun site with heaps of articles and information on how things work. 

Librarians' Index to the Internet
Well organised and well maintained subject guide. A minimum of graphics so quick to load. Sensible subject hierarchies and clear annotations describing the features of recommended databases. Recommended.

Moreover's search engine does a sweet and swift job of ferreting out the top stories on the world's news, research and business sites.

Nature Grid 
Excellent learning resource for students (incl. schools) for environment and nature.    Includes 'Nature explorer' pages for young children.  Colourful, interactive, fun and educational.

New Scientist Science Links
Excellent selection of online resources across all subject areas in both the sciences and social sciences.  

WWW Virtual Library
Pioneered by Stanford University the World Wide Web Virtual Library provides links to the best general resources on the Internet organised by subject. Use this site to find the best sites in your subject of interest.

bulletCountry Information

Facts on International Relations and Security Trends (FIRST)
Facts on International Relations and Security Trends (FIRST) is a free-of-charge service for politicians, journalists, researchers and the interested public.  The integrated database system contains clearly documented information from research institutes around the world. It covers areas in the field of international relations and security, such as hard facts on armed conflicts and peace keeping, arms production and trade, military expenditure, armed forces and conventional weapons holding, nuclear weapons, chronology, statistics and other reference data.  Of particular value is the ability to construct and view country profiles for countries drawing data from an extensive range of selectable databases - including economic and development indicators, and political and legal structures.  The ability to produce tailor made profiles on all countries is an outstanding resource.

Governments on the World Wide Web
Comprehensive database of governmental institutions on the World Wide Web: parliaments, ministries, offices, law courts, embassies, city councils, public broadcasting corporations, central banks, multi-governmental institutions etc. Includes also political parties. . Contains more than 14000 entries from more than 220 countries and territories as of December 1999. Includes Oceanian governments.  Frequently updated.

World Bank Schools Page
Detailed information about the countries of the world (including Vanuatu) - facts and figures and heaps of useful resource materials for both students and teachers .

The World Factbook [CIA’s Country Profiles]
Very up to date profiles of all countries including detailed and accurate coverage of government and legal systems, politics and economy. The Appendices also list world organisations including membership details. Highly recommended for its detail and accuracy.


Organisations (Gateways)

International Organisations
Over 5200 websites selected from the Yearbook of International Organisations. See for International Organisations arranged in alphabetic groups by first letter of name.

International [Non Government] Organisations (searchable by subject and region)
The website for the ‘Progressive Communications Network’ – a website linking activists from around the world.  An interesting gateway.

bulletSelected International Organisations

Amnesty International
Asian Development Bank
International Labour Organisation (ILO)
International Monetary Fund
Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development
World Bank
World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO)
World Trade Organisation (WTO)
United Nations
United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO)
United Nations Environment Programme 

bulletSelected Pacific Regional Organisations

Forum Fisheries Agency
The Forum Fisheries Agency (FFA), aimed at enabling members to maximise sustained benefits from the conservation and sustainable use of their fisheries resources.

Pacific Community (formerly known as The South Pacific Commission)
The Pacific Community (formerly known as the South Pacific Commission), a non-political organisation delivering development assistance to the territories and countries of the region. The Pacific Community is serviced by the Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC).  Includes information on Pacific health, population, culture, technology, fisheries etc. 

Pacific Island Development Programme
The PIDP conducts a broad range of activities to enhance the quality of life in the Pacific islands.

Pacific Islands Association of Non-Government Organisations (PIANGO)

Pacific Islands Trade and Investment Commission
The Pacific Islands Trade and Investment Commission (PITIC) provides a range of business support services for all aspects of trade and investment between Australia and the 14 Pacific nations comprising the Forum Island Countries (FICs).

South Pacific Applied GeoScience Commission (SOPAC)
The South Pacific Applied Geoscience Commission (SOPAC) which assists members to assess, explore and develop their mineral and other non-living resources.

South Pacific Forum
The South Pacific Forum, the region's principal political institution. The Forum brings together the independent and self-governing states of the Pacific in an annual leaders' summit. The South Pacific Forum is serviced by the Forum Secretariat (Forsec).

South Pacific Regional Environment Programme (SPREP)
The South Pacific Regional Environment Programme (SPREP), promoting regional cooperation in environmental matters.  Includes access to many full text reports on environmental issues.

SPC Pacific Women's Resource Bureau
The SPC Pacific Women's Resource Bureau is a new division of the Pacific Community. The Bureau aims to support national actions towards gender equity and the advancement of women in the Pacific.

South Pacific Tourism Organisation
The South Pacific Tourism Organisation (SPTO), formerly the Tourism Council of the South Pacific (TCSP), is dedicated to assisting any organisation, large or small, regional or international, involved in South Pacific travel and tourism.

UNDP’s Fiji Field Office (United Nations Development Programme)

UNESCAP: United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific
In addition to  information about the organisation and its activities, the site provides access to many full text documents, reports and journal articles

USP: University of the South Pacific


bulletPacific Websites - Gateways

Emaxia - South Pacific Directory and Search Engine
Nicely laid out and easy to use this new directory and search engine is a useful gateway to South Pacific sites.

Pacific Collection: Internet Resources [from the University of Hawaii]
Excellent internet links directory.  Links in the following categories:

Associations, Organizations, and Societies, Cultural Resources, Environmental Issues, Governments, Information Resources, Journals and Newsletters, Libraries, Archives, Publishers, News Sources, Other Sources, Regional Issues, Selected Full Text Documents & Digital Resources, Statistics.

Pacific Internet Sites
Well organised and annotated links to Pacific reference materials, current events, news sources, Pacific law sites, Pacific history, electronic journals etc.

Pacific Islands Resources
Links to Pacific information and websites on the internet. It includes links to books, Pacific media resources, document collections and resources, dictionaries and other miscellaneous language resources, academic institutions and centres, regional organisations, travel and travel information, usenet newsgroups and chat sites (including the renowned ‘kava bowl’). Sadly a once excellent site is now a little out of date.

WWW Pacific Studies Virtual Library
Details as above in 'SPIN'. VERY highly recommended.  Also of interest is the new periodical 'WWW Pacific monitor' giving the latest details of new Pacific websites and online developments.

bulletPacific Websites (selected sites)

The Kavabowl forum
Live chat and discussion forums on issues in Pacific communities worldwide.

Oceanian Governments on the WWW
A very good gateway site to information on the governments of the Pacific Islands.

South Pacific Island Web Atlas
Outstanding resource published by the GIS Unit at the University of the South Pacific. Contains detailed regional and individual country population and economic data, maps and graphs. Recommended.

Tropical Cyclone Centre
The Fiji Met Office's 'Tropical Cyclone Centre' has detailed weather forecasts and cyclone warnings for the region. (No tracking maps however).   If you need tracking maps, you can try the University of Hawaii's weather site.  Also worth a look is

bullet Vanuatu Websites and Online Resources

Annotated bibliography of Vanuatu languages

Asia Development Bank  - Vanuatu reports and documents
Detailed reports and information on Vanuatu's economy and related development issues.

CIA World Factbook Information on Vanuatu

Colonial history of Vanuatu
Introduction to the colonial history of Vanuatu from first discovery and exploration to independence.

Country Reports - Vanuatu

Governments on the World Wide Web - Vanuatu
Useful information and a recommended gateway to some good websites about Vanuatu.

Guide to Law Online - Vanuatu
Constitution, legislation and case law of Vanuatu.  See in particular materials from the Emalus Campus Pacific Law Materials page

A History of Vanuatu: selected readings
A comprehensive written history of Vanuatu has yet to be published.  It is hoped that this online compilation of selected  chapters and articles will serve as a useful introduction to the history of the country formerly known as the New Hebrides for Ni-Vanuatu students. 

Legal Information for the Vanuatu community: a project of the USP Law Clinic
Practical legal guidelines and information about important legal topics that affect people in Vanuatu. Topics include:

What is Law?
Understanding your Constitution
Your right to vote
Freedom of religion and worship
Making a complaint to the Ombudsman
Your lawyer – the Public Solicitor
Your rights in police custody
Prisoners’ rights
A complete guide to the Magistrates Court
Domestic violence
Child abuse in Vanuatu
Applying for a domestic violence protection order
Disabled people’s rights under international law
Why go to Court? Try negotiation
Your guide to VAT in Vanuatu

    see new website University of the South Pacific Community Legal Centre.

Ombudsman of Vanuatu - Digest of Public Reports 1996 - 2000 / written by Edward R. Hill

Online articles (full text and free!) about Vanuatu
From the Emalus Campus Library online documents collection.

Reserve Bank of Vanuatu
With the website, the Bank aims to facilitate the accessibility of information in relation to the Bank’s main objectives.  Of particular interest are the Quarterly Economic Review, the monthly economic briefs and the summary tables covering the economy, the monetary and external sectors.

The role of Women's legal rights groups in legal reform [in Vanuatu]
Includes detailed information on women's groups in Vanuatu.

University of the South Pacific Community Legal Centre
The University of the South Pacific Community Legal Centre provides free legal assistance to the public through its Port Vila office.  The Legal Centre also produces brochures in Bislama, French and English on important legal topics, which can be accessed through this website.

US State Dept. 'Background Notes on Vanuatu'
An excellent and up to date summary of useful information.

US State Dept. Report on human rights in Vanuatu

Vanuatu [Government of the Republic of Vanuatu]
Official website of the government of Vanuatu.  The site also includes a very good Directory of Internet Sites Related to Vanuatu.

Vanuatu: an Introduction
A compilation of resources about Vanuatu - politics and government, economy, geography, history and customs.

Vanuatu Cultural Centre Homepage
This site includes the Education Guide for the Cultural Centre's newly launched New Traditions exhibition.

Vanuatu Financial Services Commission

Vanuatu on Encarta
Shortcut to articles and resource about Vanuatu from Encarta.

Vanuatu Web Directory (TVL)

Vanuatu Weekly Hebdomadaire Index 1984-2001
An index being compiled by the Emalus Campus library to the Vanuatu Weekly Hebdomadaire from 1984 - 2001.  Searchable by keyword and browsable by month and year.  Headlines in English, French and Bislama as published.

Vanuata [World Bank]
Facts, figures and learning resources.  Educational site.
see also  for more information

Vanuatu's colonial past: an archive of newspaper clippings from 1883 to independence

bulletPacific Media and Newspapers
Featuring Pacific Magazine with Islands Business and PINA Nius Online.

Pacific Beat
Pacific news from Radio Australia.

Pacific Islands Report
Very well organised news and current affairs from around the Pacific Islands. Updated daily. Includes a searchable archive of stories. Highly recommended.

Pacific News
Pacific News from Radio New Zealand International.

Port Vila Presse
Vanuatu newspaper

USP Journalist School Hot Pacific Media Links
Highly recommended gateway to Pacific media, newspapers, listservs, tv and radio.

Vanuatu Daily Post
Online daily news from Vanuatu.  From the same team that publishes the Trading Post.

bulletInternational Media and Newspapers

'Google' News ~ NEW ~
Powered by the google search engine.  This site allows you to search and browse 4000 continuously updated news sites.  Homepage gives comprehensive worldwide news coverage from a variety of courses.  Simply the best news site on the web!

The site brings together national and international newspapers and magazines. The site is easy to use with effective drop down menus.

Yahoo's Daily News
Materials from Reuters, AP, CNN etc.  Archive searching is available for up to 30 days of archives.

bulletSelected International Media and Newspapers

ABC Online News (Aust.)
Arts and Letters Daily  (company now bankrupt - so site has stopped for the time being)
Asia Times (Asia)
The Australian (Aust.)
BBC News (UK)
Dominion Post [merged Dominion & Evening Post]  (NZ)
Figaro (Fr)
Guardian (UK)
Le Monde (Fr)
Melbourne Age (Aust.)
New York Times (USA)
New Zealand Herald (NZ)
Reuters News Service
SciTech Daily  Review (Outstanding selection of links to fulltext articles from the worlds foremost online newspapers and scientific publications.  Fast to download.   Very highly recommended)
Sydney Morning Herald (Aust.)
The Times (incl. Sunday Times) (UK)
Washington Post (USA)

bulletGateway to Over 2300 Online Journals and Magazines
This site offers free access to the full-text of articles published in over 350 magazines and journals dating from 1998.

The IPL Reading Room
The Internet Public Library Reading Room Serials collection contains over 2300 titles that can be  searched or browsed by subject or by title.
" helps you find individual magazine articles on the web". Articles are arranged in a variety of "categories".  It is easy to browse through the 'categories' and find relevant articles. Results displayed in reverse chronological order. The search engine looks for frequency of words used, repeating your critical term can increase the chance of meaningful results.

bulletSelected Magazines and Journals (Full text and free)

Computer User (Online journal looking at the latest developments in computing and cyberspace)
The Earth Times (A leading international publication on the environment and sustainable development)
The Economist (Latest issue in full text)
National Geographic (Excerpts and interactive features from the world famous magazine)
New Scientist (One of the worlds leading general science magazines. Highly recommended)
Newsweek (Contains the full text of current articles)
Pacific Magazine (News and current issues from around the region)
Scientific American (Current issue, back issues, plus an excellent search facility. Recommended)
SciTech Daily  Review (Outstanding selection of links to fulltext articles from the worlds foremost online scientific publications.  Fast to download.   Very highly recommended)
Time Magazine (Contains the full text of articles)
Trout (an electronic journal of New Zealand and Pacific Island literature in full text)


University of the South Pacific
    ~ search the catalogue of the Emalus Campus Library (Vanuatu) or the main USP Library

Universities Worldwide
Links to 5708 universities in 162 countries.  Arranged by country.

bulletNew Sites of the Week!!

New Sites of the Week
Check out the latest new sites on the web!

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