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General Links

Internet Tutorials

Bare Bones 101
A basic tutorial on searching the internet.  Lessons designed to be short and succinct.

Finding Information on the Internet: a Tutorial
Outstanding tutorial website that is useful both for the beginner and the experienced internet user.   

ICYouSee: A Guide to the World Wide Web
ICYouSee, a self-guided World Wide Web tour and training page, now in its seventh year on the Web.

Search Engines

Search Engine Watch (Search engine reviews, how to search for best results plus much more)

Atlavista Advanced Search
Google see also Google Scholar Search Engine
Northern Light (see also Northern Light Power Search.   Recommended.)
Ask (*merged with Teoma) (highly recommended - the main competition to google!)
Vivisimo search engine (the best new search engine - recommended)

Voila (French search engine)
Yahoo! Search - recommended

Recommended Meta-Search Engines


Dictionaries, Encyclopedias and other General Reference Materials

Altapedia Online
Atlapedia Online contains full colour physical and political maps as well as key facts and statistics on countries of the world.
Outstanding free collection of encyclopedias, dictionaries and reference sources.  Highly recommended.

Biographical Dictionary
Brief entries on more than 28,000 important historical figures

Dictionaries and Language Resources
Gateway to search Websters Dictionary plus hundreds more.

Encarta Online
Excellent online encyclopedia. 
This online version of Microsoft's encyclopedia contains search engines and browsable indexes to help users learn and perform online research. Research tools include the encyclopedia, a dictionary, and an atlas.

Encyclopedia Brittanica Online
Search the world's most authoritative encyclopedia online.  Emalus Campus library has a full subscription to Brittanica Online.  Excellent resource.

Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems
A multidisciplinary encyclopedia incorporating 16 separate encyclopedias (over 200 volumes) examining
natural environmental systems as well as ancillary social systems required to foster societal harmony, safety, nutrition, medical care, economic standards, and the development of new technology.  Excellent online resource for science students, environmental and international law, and linguistics.  *Emalus Campus Library subscription.

Fast Facts: Almanacs/ Factbooks/ Statistical Reports & Related Reference Tools. A valuable addition to any reference links collection.

Internet Public Library
Includes directories of online texts, newspapers, magazines, reference materials; plus special sections for youth and teens. The comprehensive reference section includes almanacs, dictionaries, encyclopedias, and news coverage.

One World Organisation
Progressive international resource network examining global issues such as war, human rights, poverty, and other global social and environmental concerns. Gateway to many interesting and challenging articles. Includes keyword searchable archive by topic or country. Recommended.

Pacific Almanac [ 2006]
It seeks to provide you with the most recent available data and statistics, contacts and summaries of recent developments from islands in the Pacific regionPublished by Pacific magazine.  Excellent reference resource.

Third World Network
Excellent site giving access to materials on a range of topics and issues facing developing countries including trade, human rights, the environment, biodiversity, indigenous knowledge, conflict, and gender issues.

Virtual Facts on File
Gateway to a number of encyclopedia, dictionaries, thesaurus and other reference tools. Also has search facilities. Highly recommended.

Open access encyclopedia that is written, updated and edited by its users.  Has strengths (the number of entries and diversity of coverage as well as currency) and weaknesses (doubts remain over the level of scholarship of some entries).  Try it for yourself and compare with Britannica.

Internet Subject Guides

Academic Index
“Accessing tens of thousands of academic reference and research sites recommended by teachers and librarians”

Academic Info: your guide to quality educational resources
Simply laid out and easy to follow these well compiled subject directories are updated regularly and also searchable by keyword.

Best of History Web Sites
This site provides categorized links to hundreds of "history-related web sites that have been reviewed for quality, accuracy and usefulness. Sites with engaging content and useful multimedia technologies are most likely to be included. General resources and
research-oriented sites included." There are also links to information about Teaching with Technology.

Centre of Excellence for Early Childhood Education
This is an important resource that supports the sharing of current knowledge with educators, parents, and practitioners.

Educational hotlists
Excellent gateway site to educational sites on the internet.  Particularly strong in sciences this site is highly recommended for Extension students.

Educator's Reference Desk
This site gives access to "2,000+ lesson plans, 3,000+ links to online education information, and 200+ question archive responses. ... [It also] provides a search interface to the ERIC [Educational Resources Information Center] Database, providing access to over one million bibliographic records on educational research, theory, and practice." The database is updated monthly and includes citations from 1966 to the present. Searchable. From the Information Institute of Syracuse (IIS).

English as a Second Language
Education World's ESL/EFL Center provides tools, lesson plans, activities, articles, a message board, and links to a variety of resources for EFL/ESL teachers and students.

Everything PreSchool
Excellent site
For Preschool Resources. Recommended.

Intute [formerly known as SOSIG]
"Intute is a free online service providing you with access to the very best Web resources for education and research. The service is created by a network of UK universities and partners. Subject specialists select and evaluate the websites in our database and write high quality descriptions of the resources." Subject areas include science and technology, arts and humanities, social sciences, and health and life sciences. Searchable or browsable by subject.

Librarians' Index to the Internet
Well organised and well maintained subject guide. A minimum of graphics so quick to load. Sensible subject hierarchies and clear annotations describing the features of recommended databases. Recommended.

Modern History Sourcebook
The Internet Modern History Sourcebook is one of series of history primary sourcebooks. It is intended to serve the needs of teachers and students in modern European history and American history, as well as in  modern Western Civilization and World CulturesOther History Sourcebooks include Ancient History Sourcebook | Medieval SourcebookAfrican | East Asian | Indian | IslamicJewish | LGBT | Women's | Global | Science.  Excellent.

Moreover's search engine does a sweet and swift job of ferreting out the top stories on the world's news, research and business sites.

Excellent learning resource for students (incl. schools) for environment and nature.    Includes 'Nature explorer' pages for young children.  Colourful, interactive, fun and educational.

New Scientist Science Links
Excellent selection of online resources across all subject areas in both the sciences and social sciences.
Information for children and adults about physics.

Pre School Education
Terrific site for loads of ideas for making preschool fun and educational.

Resource Discovery Network  
A single entry point to five subject directories - BIOME (Health and Life Sciences), EEVL (Engineering, Mathematics and Computing), Humbul (Humanities), PSIgate (Physical Sciences) and SOSIG (Social Sciences, Business and Law)The RDN is a collaboration of over sixty educational and research organisations, including the Natural History Museum and the British Library.  In contrast to search engines, the RDN gathers resources which are carefully selected, indexed and described by specialists in our partner institutions. You can be confident that your search results and browsing will connect you to Web sites relevant to learning, teaching and research.

ScienceBlogs is the web's largest conversation about science. It features blogs from a wide array of scientific disciplines, with new voices coming on board regularly. It is a global, digital science salon.

A specialty search engine for journal articles and Web sites in all branches of science.

Sosig  Gateway - now known as Intute
The Social Science Information Gateway (SOSIG) is a freely available Internet service which aims to provide a trusted source of selected, high quality Internet information for students, academics, researchers and practitioners in the social sciences, business and law. The SOSIG Internet Catalogue is an online database of high quality Internet resources. It offers users the chance to read descriptions of resources available over the Internet and to access those resources directly. The Catalogue points to thousands of resources, and each one has been selected and described by a librarian or academic. The catalogue is browsable or searchable by subject area.  Recommended.

WebEc - WWW Resources in Economics  
WebEc is a subject listing which points to free information in economics on the WWW.

WWW Virtual Library
Pioneered by Stanford University the World Wide Web Virtual Library provides links to the best general resources on the Internet organised by subject. Use this site to find the best sites in your subject of interest.

Country Information

BBC News World Edition: Country Profiles
Country Profiles provide an "instant guide" to news, history, politics, event timelines, and economic background of world countries. Presents country overviews, basic facts, Web links, and details on leaders and media. Includes news stories and audio and video clips from the BBC archives.  see Vanuatu country profile.

Country Reports
Anthems, flags and maps to the nations of the world. Each nation is described by
economy, government, defence, geography and people. Very good current detail on the topics it covers for each country.

Facts on International Relations and Security Trends (FIRST)
Facts on International Relations and Security Trends (FIRST) is a free-of-charge service for politicians, journalists, researchers and the interested public.  The integrated database system contains clearly documented information from research institutes around the world. It covers areas in the field of international relations and security, such as hard facts on armed conflicts and peace keeping, arms production and trade, military expenditure, armed forces and conventional weapons holding, nuclear weapons, chronology, statistics and other reference data.  Of particular value is the ability to construct and view country profiles for countries drawing data from an extensive range of selectable databases - including economic and development indicators, and political and legal structures.  The ability to produce tailor made profiles on all countries is an outstanding resource.  Below are just two of the many database groups that can be used to create detailed automated country profiles.

Country indicators and statistics
WBG  World development indicators Information
NPSIA  Country indicators for foreign policy Information
UNSD  Population statistics Information
UNSD  Life expectancy, fertility and mortality statistics Information
UNSD  Health and nutrition statistics Information
UNSD  Economic activity and labour statistics Information
UNSD  Development and trade statistics Information
  Government, memberships and agreements
IPU  National parliament, electoral system and recent elections Information
IDEA  Voter turnout in parliamentary and presidential elections Information
ISN  Links to governmental and related establishments Internet sites Information
SIPRI  Membership of international organizations Information
SIPRI  Membership of weapons and technology export control regimes Information
SIPRI  Arms control and disarmament agreements Information
SIPRI  Chemical and biological weapons conventions Information

Governments on the World Wide Web
Comprehensive database of governmental institutions on the World Wide Web: parliaments, ministries, offices, law courts, embassies, city councils, public broadcasting corporations, central banks, multi-governmental institutions etc. Includes also political parties. . Contains more than 14000 entries from more than 220 countries and territories as of December 1999. Includes Oceanian governments.  Frequently updated.

Pacific Regional Information System (PRISM)
Developed by the Secretariat of the Pacific Community, PRISM is a regioanl clearinghouse for socio-economic statistical information on the countries of the South Pacific. 

UNEP Islands Website
Access to information on islands and small island developing States (SIDS)
especially from within the United Nations system.

World Bank Schools Page
Detailed information about the countries of the world (including Vanuatu) - facts and figures and heaps of useful resource materials for both students and teachers .

The World Factbook [CIA’s Country Profiles]
Very up to date profiles of all countries including detailed and accurate coverage of government and legal systems, politics and economy. The Appendices also list world organisations including membership details. Highly recommended for its detail and accuracy.

The World Guide
The World Guide offers comprehensive and up-to-date coverage of every country in the World.  The Guide covers geography, history, constitution and government, international relations, economy, communications, education and welfare.

Organisations (Gateways)

International Organisations
Over 5200 websites selected from the Yearbook of International Organisations.

International [Non Government] Organisations (searchable by subject and region)
The website for the ‘Progressive Communications Network’ – a website linking activists from around the world.  An interesting gateway.

Selected International Organisations

Amnesty International
Asian Development Bank
Human Rights Watch
International Center for Civil Society Law
International Labour Organisation (ILO)
International Maritime Organisation (IMO)
International Monetary Fund
Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development
World Bank
World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO)
World Trade Organisation (WTO) (see also WTO Documents Online)
United Nations
United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO)
United Nations Environment Programme 

Selected Pacific Regional Organisations

Council for Regional Organisations in the Pacific (CROP)
CROP is an ad-hoc committee composed of the heads of the following Pacific Island intergovernmental organisations, and permanently chaired by the Forum Secretariat. Its purpose, according to its charter,  is to discuss and coordinate the work-programmes and policies of the different regional agencies to avoid either duplication or gaps in the provision of services to member countries.

Forum Fisheries Agency
The Forum Fisheries Agency (FFA), aimed at enabling members to maximise sustained benefits from the conservation and sustainable use of their fisheries resources

Foundation of the Peoples of the South Pacific International [FSPI]
The main function of the FSPI Secretariat is to coordinate the planning and design of regional development projects, based on the needs identified by the members and their constituencies.  

Micronesian Seminar
nown popularly as MicSem, is a private non-profit, non-governmental organization that has been engaged in public education for thirty years.  Micronesian Seminar's purpose is to stimulate people to reflect on current issues in their societies.  Excellent source of articles about Micronesia.

Pacific Concerns Resource Centre (PCRC)
The mission of the PCRC is "t
o coordinate, articulate and disseminate information about the concerns and struggles of peoples of the Pacific in their desire to exist free from exploitation, from the threat of environmental degradation and from both foreign and internal forms of subjugation."  Includes access to full text resources in the following areas: Demilitarisation, ,     Decolonisation     • Environment     • Sustainable Human  Development     • Human Rights & Good       Governance

Pacific Community (formerly known as The South Pacific Commission)
The Pacific Community (formerly known as the South Pacific Commission), a non-political organisation delivering development assistance to the territories and countries of the region. The Pacific Community is serviced by the Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC).  Includes information on Pacific health, population, culture, technology, fisheries etc. 

Pacific Island Development Programme
The PIDP conducts a broad range of activities to enhance the quality of life in the Pacific islands.

Pacific Islands Association of Non-Government Organisations (PIANGO)

Pacific Islands Trade and Investment Commission
The Pacific Islands Trade and Investment Commission (PITIC) provides a range of business support services for all aspects of trade and investment between Australia and the 14 Pacific nations comprising the Forum Island Countries (FICs).

Pacific Regional Economic Integration Programme (PACREIP)
The negotiations of an Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) between Pacific Island Countries and the European Union (EU) will be assisted with the launch of a website containing information on the Pacific Regional Economic Integration Programme (PACREIP).  The overall objective of PACREIP is the sustainable development of Pacific ACP States as an economically integrated region. PACREIP assists in the Pacific region's preparations and conduct of negotiations of the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) with the European Union (EU), and provides support for the region in World Trade Organization talks.
This is the website of the CROP Marine Sector Working Group
("CROP" is the Council of Regional Organisations in the Pacific).  See the Pacific Islands Regional Ocean Forum bulletin for updates on regional issues.

South Pacific Applied GeoScience Commission (SOPAC)
The South Pacific Applied Geoscience Commission (SOPAC) which assists members to assess, explore and develop their mineral and other non-living resources. Includes access to a useful virtual library of reports and SOPAC publications.

South Pacific Forum
The South Pacific Forum, the region's principal political institution. The Forum brings together the independent and self-governing states of the Pacific in an annual leaders' summit. The South Pacific Forum is serviced by the Forum Secretariat (Forsec).

South Pacific Regional Environment Programme (SPREP)
The South Pacific Regional Environment Programme (SPREP), promoting regional cooperation in environmental matters.  Includes access to many full text reports on environmental issues.

South Pacific Stock Exchange
The South Pacific Stock Exchange (SPSE), formerly the Suva Stock Exchange, is currently the only licensed securities exchange in the Fiji Islands.  In November 2000, the Stock Exchange officially changed its name to the South Pacific Stock Exchange (SPSE). The change is in line with the SPSE's vision of being a regional exchange.  Site includes Stock Exchange Listing Rules and announcements.

SPC Pacific Women's Resource Bureau
The SPC Pacific Women's Resource Bureau is a new division of the Pacific Community. The Bureau aims to support national actions towards gender equity and the advancement of women in the Pacific.

South Pacific Tourism Organisation
The South Pacific Tourism Organisation (SPTO), formerly the Tourism Council of the South Pacific (TCSP), is dedicated to assisting any organisation, large or small, regional or international, involved in South Pacific travel and tourism.

UNDP’s Fiji Field Office (United Nations Development Programme)

UNESCAP: United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific
In addition to  information about the organisation and its activities, the site provides access to many full text documents, reports and journal articles

USP: University of the South Pacific

World Wildlife Fund South Pacific Programme

Pacific Websites - Gateways

Emaxia - South Pacific Directory and Search Engine
Nicely laid out and easy to use this new directory and search engine is a useful gateway to South Pacific sites.

Links to Selected Websites Related to the Pacific
Compiled and maintained by the Pacific collections librarian at the University of the South Pacific.  Includes the following sections:

bullet Colleges & Universities
bullet Libraries & Archives
bulletLibraries with Pacific Materials
bullet News Sources
bulletNews Sites
bullet Research Centres
bullet Statistical Information
bullet Civil Societies (or NGOs)
bullet Government Sites
bullet Regional Organizations
bullet Other Useful Sites
bullet Cook Islands
bullet Fiji
bullet Kiribati
bullet Marshall Isalnds
bullet Nauru
bullet Niue
bullet Samoa
bullet Solomon Islands
bullet Tokelau
bullet Tonga
bullet Tuvalu
bullet Vanuatu

'Office of Insular Affairs'
The homepage of the US Dept. of the Interior's 'Office of Insular Affairs' is an excellent source of historical and contemporary information on Micronesia and will be of considerable interest   to students from the Marshall Islands and FSM. 

Pacific Collection: Internet Resources [from the University of Hawaii]
Excellent internet links directory.  Links in the following categories:
Associations, Organizations, and Societies, Cultural Resources, Environmental Issues, Governments, Information Resources, Journals and Newsletters, Libraries, Archives, Publishers, News Sources, Other Sources, Regional Issues, Selected Full Text Documents & Digital Resources, Statistics.

Pacific Internet Sites
Well organised and annotated links to Pacific reference materials, current events, news sources, Pacific law sites, Pacific history, electronic journals etc.

Pacific Islands Resources
Links to Pacific information and websites on the internet. It includes links to books, Pacific media resources, document collections and resources, dictionaries and other miscellaneous language resources, academic institutions and centres, regional organisations, travel and travel information, usenet newsgroups and chat sites (including the renowned ‘kava bowl’). Sadly, a once excellent site is now a little out of date.

Pacific Islands Web Sites Directory
Directory of Pacific Islands web sites compliled by the National library of New Zealand.  The gateway is organised by country and is detailed and well annotated.

WWW Pacific Studies Virtual Library.  This Library includes links to both regional resources and those related to individual Pacific countries.  Also included at this site is a Calendar of Conferences related to the Pacific, a directory of SPIN members and a discussion forum, seminar documents, and the SPIN Doctor Pacific Internet magazine.   Also of interest is the new periodical 'WWW Pacific monitor' giving the latest details of new Pacific websites and online developments.

Pacific Websites (selected sites)

Centre for World Indigenous Studies Fourth World Documentation Project (FWDP) - Oceania Documents
This section of the FWDP site includes full-text documents from Melanesia, Polynesia and the Pacific, including essays, position papers, resolutions, treaties, UN documents, speeches and declarations, concerned with issues of relevance to indigenous people in these regions.

Cook Islands online
Government of the Cook Islands official website.  News, media releases, and information about the Cook Islands government.  Also worth having a look at Cook Islands Official Web Site and Webcentral - Cook Islands Online.

Credo - Centre for Research and Documentation on Oceania
CREDO is a cross-disciplinary research laboratory in socio-cultural anthropology, history and archaeology.

Current Issues in the Solomon Islands
Compilation of selected materials available online (USPNet only) examining current events in the Solomon Islands

Digital Micronesia
"In-depth and authoritative information about the people, culture, environment, arts, history, health, politics, and the economy of Micronesia."   Includes some historical legislative and treaty documents.

East-West Center
Established in 1960 "to promote better understanding between the United States and the peoples of Asia and the Pacific" the Centre contains useful materials including the 'Pacific Islands Development Series'.

 European Centre on Pacific Issues (ECSIEP)
ECSIEP was set up to improve the quantity and quality of the information flow from the Pacific to Europe. The Network and participating organisations have been active on such issues as the impact on the surrounding environment of the Ok Tedi copper mine in PNG, human rights abuses in Bougainville, the political situation in Belau and Kanaky/New Caledonia, support for the victims of past nuclear testing, driftnet fishing, the plans for dumping domestic, chemical and nuclear waste in the Pacific region and the transport of chemical weapons from Germany for incineration on Johnston Island. Has a very useful Pacific Links page and a links page to websites focussing on small island developing states.

Fiji Coup 2006 blog
A blog of news headlines, commentary and analysis, and recommended internet sites.

Fiji Government Online

Fiji Museum
The aim of this website is to encourage the understanding and accessibility of information on the history of Fiji and the surrounding South Pacific region.

Fiji Women's Crisis Centre website (unavailable as at Feb 2005)
Includes, in addition to contact and counselling details, informations on issues such as women's health, domestic violence and sexual assault.

FSM Government homepage
Official site of the government of the Federated States of Micronesia

Guam official government website
Includes a useful link to the Guam Justice Network.

Hawai'i Pacific Journal Index
Searchable index (author, title, keyword) of Pacific journals held by the University of Hawaii.  Essential access point for journal articles on the Pacific.  Highly recommended.

Hawaii State Government
Comprehensive gateway to the Hawaii state government.

The Kavabowl forum
Live chat and discussion forums on issues in Pacific communities worldwide.   Temporarily down with a promise of a relaunch soon .  A website  about the Cook Islands for current and former Cook Island residents, and those interested in the Cook Islands around the world

[Steve Trussel's] Kiribati website.

Literature of the Pacific Islands
An outstanding compilation of Pacific studies and Pacific literature resources.  Includes the following sections:

I.  Pacific Literature
II.  Pacific Journals
III.  Pacific Syllabi
IV.  Pacific Bibliographies
V.  Pacific Web Directories
VI.  Pacific Museums, Libraries, and Archives
VII.  Pacific Publishers and Book Distributors
VIII.  South Seas Literature Online
IX.  Pacific Studies in the Universities
X.  Pacific Language Dictionaries
XI.  Oceanian & Polynesian Voyagers
XII.  Pacific and Maori Visual Arts
XIII.  Nuclear Testing and the Pacific
XIV.  Maps and Images of Region
XV.  Pacific Newspapers and Other Online News Media
XVI.  Pacific Studies Conference
XVII.  Pacific Film
XVIII.  Legends, Stories, Religion, and Mythology
XIX.  Other Postcolonial and Pacific Studies Links

The Marshall Islands
"Contents include books, essays and other information about the people, culture, environment, history, politics and the economy of the Marshall Islands."

Marshall Islands: RMI Online
The official internet gateway to the Republic of the Marshall Islands.

Melanesia Interest Group
Maintained by the American Anthropological Association the website maintains bibliographies of research in Melanesia and also has useful links to current political events in Fiji, Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea.

Melanesian Studies Resource Centre
Excellent collection of materials on Melanesia from the University Of California.  Of particular interest are the indexes to the 'Patrol Reports' giving first hand accounts of all aspects of life in  Papua New Guinea prior to independance.

Moana: an online database of marine literature
Developed and maintained by USP's Pacific Islands Marine Research and Information Service [PIMRIS] and hosted by SPREP, Moana is an excellent gateway to pacific marine resources.

My Micronesia
"joining the dots in the western Pacific". Serving the islands of the Federated States of Micronesia, Palau, Guam, Northern Marianas and Marshall IslandsIncludes news and online forums.

National Integrity Studies of Pacific Island Countries (NISPAC)
As a part of Transparency International’s worldwide NIS project, TI Australia in collaboration with the Asia Pacific School of Economics and Government at the Australian National University (ANU) has carried out a further 12 National Integrity studies of Pacific Island Countries. The National Integrity Studies country surveys provide a standardized way of assessing anti corruption activity in particular countries.  The 12 individual country studies released during 2004 were Cook Islands, Federated States of Micronesia, Kiribati, Marshall Islands, Nauru, Niue, Palau, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Tonga, Tuvalu, and Vanuatu .

Steve Trussel's Nauru website is particularly useful for Nauru language materials.

Site hosted by Tourism Niue.

O.I.A Statistics Online
This website , maintained by the Office of insular Affairs, displays statistical data for the current and former US Insular Areas. These Areas are Guam, American Samoa, Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, United States Virgin Islands, Federated States of Micronesia, Republic of Marshall Islands, and Republic of Palau. The statistics fall into three general areas: (1) results of census, (2) results of intercensal surveys, and (3) administrative records, including yearbooks.

Oceanian Governments on the WWW
A very good gateway site to information on the governments of the Pacific Islands.

Pacific Aids Foundation
"The Pacific Islands AIDS Foundation (PIAF) is the first and sole regional non-governmental organisation focusing exclusively on HIV/AIDS in the Pacific Islands."

Pacific Arts Online
New and interesting site covering the arts - music, dance, arts and crafts, performance etc. in the Pacific.  Profiles the rich artistic diversity of Oceania and providing comprehensive web coverage of the 8th Festival of Pacific Arts direct from New Caledonia, October 23 ­ November 3.

Pacific Media and Communications Facility
About the PMCF.  The impetus for the establishment of the PMCF in mid-2004 rested in the recognition of the important contribution media and communications can make to good governance, the rule of law, development and national stability. The objective of the PMCF is to contribute to the sustainable strengthening of the media and communications capacity in the Pacific Region by supporting a selection of regional and sub-regional activities.

Pacific Media Watch online
An independent, non-profit, non-government organisation comprising journalists, editors, researchers, lawyers and other media workers, supporting media freedom, and examining issues of ethics, accountability, censorship, media freedom and media ownership in the Pacific region.

Hosted by the Palau Visitors Authority. 

research network that covers the two universities in West Papua as well as other teaching colleges and has information and articles of relevance to PNG and the region.

Pitcairn Island Web Site
Information on Pitcairn Island including a link to the Official Government site for Pitcairn Island.

PRISM -  Pacific Regional Information System.
This site is an "initiative of the National Statistics offices of the Pacific Islands" and includes extensive "statistical information about Pacific island countries and territories."

Samoa : the treasured islands of the South Pacific
A website sponsored by the Samoa Visitors Bureau.

Solomon Islands Peoples First Network
This is the web site of the Solomon Islands Development Administration and Participatory Planning Programme (SIDAPP). It will become the information backbone of a community information and communications network called the People First Network.  Also of interest are the sites maintained by the Central Bank of the Solomon Islands and the Ministry of Commerce.

South Pacific Island Web Atlas
Outstanding resource published by the GIS Unit at the University of the South Pacific. Contains detailed regional and individual country population and economic data, maps and graphs. Recommended.

South Pacific Organiser
Guidebooks and publications on the South Pacific.  Includes access to useful information for countries of the region. See the Vanuatu page.

Tidal Pools: Digitized Texts from Oceania for Samoan and Pacific Studies
Provides 0nline access to some useful resources on Pacific islands history, language, culture and politics.

Tonga Online
A gateway to sites on Tonga.  Tonga geography, news, sports etcetera.

Tonga on the Net.
A detailed source of information about Tonga including culture and custom.

Tropical Cyclone Centre
The Fiji Met Office's 'Tropical Cyclone Centre' has detailed weather forecasts and cyclone warnings for the region. (No tracking maps however).   If you need tracking maps, you can try the University of Hawaii's weather sitesee also the Joint Typhoon Warning Centre.

Tuvalu Online
Claims to be the most comprehensive website about the island nation of Tuvalu. 

USP Regional Knowledgebase
The University of the South Pacific is frequently asked for information concerning the region. Due to the vast geographic distances between our Island Nations and our different levels of socio-economic development, information gathering for research and other purposes can become a daunting exercise. This knowledgebase is an attempt to rectify this difficulty and to make your information gathering a more meaningful and successful experience".

Western Pacific Archive website
Details of the archive of the Western Pacific held at the University of Auckland

Vanuatu Websites and Online Resources

Annotated bibliography of Vanuatu languages

Asia Development Bank  - Vanuatu reports and documents
Detailed reports and information on Vanuatu's economy and related development issues.

CIA World Factbook Information on Vanuatu

Country Reports - Vanuatu

Ecole Francais [Vanuatu]
The website of Ecole Francais includes  interesting materials on Vanuatu's history, culture and geography.

Environment Vanuatu
Official site of the Vanuatu Environment Unit. 
The Environment Unit is the government agency responsible for providing technical advice on environmental matters to the government and peoples of Vanuatu.  Includes full text access to  a wide range of documents including legislation.

Finding Vanuatu
From the authors of the South Pacific Handbook. - furthering Vanuatu music, dance and culture
new Website to facilitate online shopping for Vanuatu Music and Cultural Products

Governments on the World Wide Web - Vanuatu
Useful information and a recommended gateway to some good websites about Vanuatu.

Guide to Law Online - Vanuatu
Constitution, legislation and case law of Vanuatu.  See in particular materials from the Emalus Campus Pacific Law Materials page

A History of Vanuatu: selected readings
A comprehensive written history of Vanuatu has yet to be published. It is hoped that this online compilation of selected chapters and articles will serve as a useful introduction to the history of the country formerly known as the New Hebrides for Ni-Vanuatu students.

Invest in Vanuatu
Official site of the Vanuatu Investment Promotion Authority.  Useful information for potential investors.

Judicial and legal news [in Vanuatu] - a regular column in the Port Vila Presse.

Legal Information for the Vanuatu community: a project of the USP Law Clinic
Practical legal guidelines and information about important legal topics that affect people in Vanuatu. see new site University of the South Pacific Community Legal Centre.

Nationmaster country profile - Vanuatu

Nguna-Pele Marine Protected Area
Includes information about Nguna (Vanuatu), photographs and travel essays.

Ombudsman of Vanuatu - Digest of Public Reports 1996 - 2000 / written by Edward R. Hill

Online articles (full text and free!) about Vanuatu
From the Emalus Campus Library online documents collection.

POPACA [Producers Organization Project for the Associative Trading]
The POPACA is an Agricultural Development Project implemented by the Vanuatu Ministry of AgriculturePOPACA’s aim is poverty alleviation and the improvement of rural livelihoods through increasing small scale producers ’ agricultural incomes.  Includes information about Vanuatu's agriculture sector and up to date newsletters on agricultural production and programmes in Vanuatu.

Reserve Bank of Vanuatu
With the website, the Bank aims to facilitate the accessibility of information in relation to the Bank’s main objectives.  Of particular interest are the Quarterly Economic Review, the monthly economic briefs and the summary tables covering the economy, the monetary and external sectors.

Resources for Vanuatu Secondary Schools
Annotated wed directory of useful online resources for Vanuatu secondary school students.

University of the South Pacific Community Legal Centre
The University of the South Pacific Community Legal Centre provides free legal assistance to the public through its Port Vila office.  The Legal Centre also produces brochures in Bislama, French and English on important legal topics, which can be accessed through this website.

US State Dept. 'Background Notes on Vanuatu'
An excellent and up to date summary of useful information.

US State Dept. Report on human rights in Vanuatu

Socio-economic statistics available from the Pacific Regional Information System (PRISM).

Vanuatu [Government of the Republic of Vanuatu]
Official website of the government of Vanuatu.  The site also includes a very good Directory of Internet Sites Related to Vanuatu.

Vanuata [World Bank]
Facts, figures and learning resources.  Educational site.
    see also  for more information.

Vanuatu A to Z touts itself as the simple guide to what Vanuatu has to offer the visitor – attractions, information, history, and little known facts about Vanuatu.  Written by expatriots who have lived in Vanuatu who "love Vanuatu and ... want visitors to return home with wonderful memories and spread the word about this safe, friendly and rewarding destination."

Vanuatu Cultural Centre
The new Vanuatu Cultural Centre website i
ncludes information about the Vanuatu Cultural Centre and current projects, news and forthcoming events.  Also includes a digital online art gallery of Vanuatu Arts.

The Environment Unit is the government agency responsible for providing technical advice on environmental matters to the government and peoples of Vanuatu. It is responsible to the Minister of Lands, Natural Resources, Geology, Energy and Environment.   The website of the Vanuatu Environment Unit  is an excellent resource site for information relating to Vanuatu's environment.  Includes the full text of Vanuatu's fisheries legislation in bislama .

Vanuatu Financial Services Commission

Vanuatu: an Introduction
A compilation of resources about Vanuatu - politics and government, economy, geography, history and customs.

Vanuatu Library Association
Official website of the Vanuatu Library Association.

Vanuatu Maritime Services
Includes maritime law relevant to Vanuatu including the full text of the Maritime Act and Regulations.

Vanuatu Web Directory (TVL)

Vanuatu Weekly Hebdomadaire index 1989-2001
An index being compiled by the Emalus Campus library to the Vanuatu Weekly Hebdomadaire from 1989 - 2001.  Searchable by keyword and browsable by month and year.  Headlines in English, French and Bislama as published.

Vanuatu's colonial past
an archive of newspaper clippings from 1883 to independence.

Wan Smolbag Theatre
Working with communities through drama to provide a greater understanding of development issues in the South Pacific".

Pacific Media and Newspapers

USP Journalist School Hot Pacific Media Links
Highly recommended gateway to Pacific media, newspapers, listservs, tv and radio.

Selected Pacific Media and Newspapers

Asia Times Oceania page

Cook Islands News

The Fiji Times

FijiLive News Service
Up-to-date Fiji news media site. Describes itself as Fiji's biggest online news service. Access to Review, Fiji Daily Post and Bula network.

Good coverage of breaking news including radio and press releases.

Matangi Tonga Magazine
Tongan news.  Includes coverage of Court cases and parliamentary proceedings.

The National Online (Papua New Guinea daily newspaper)

Newspad Pacific Info
Available in English and French, this new Pacific news website has a strong focus on French Polynesia and New Caledonia.

Les Nouvelles Caledoniennes (Noumea newspaper)

Oceania Flash
Latest news as it happens from around the South Pacific. Browsable by topic and also available in a weekly digest form. Strong focus on events in New Caledonia and French Polynesia.  [In French and English].
Featuring Pacific Magazine with Islands Business and PINA Nius Online.

Pacific Beat
Pacific news from Radio Australia.

Pacific Islands Report
Very well organised news and current affairs from around the Pacific Islands. Updated daily. Includes a searchable archive of stories. Highly recommended.

Pacific Journalism Online
Current Pacific news from the student journalists at the University of the South Pacific

Pacific News
Pacific News from Radio New Zealand International.

Pipol Fastaem
News and views from the Solomon Islands

Planet Tonga

Port Vila Presse

Post Courier (PNG)

Samoa News Online

Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation  News (*Although a subscription is required to access the news, the Analysis section is freely available and contains some interesting commentary on political events in the Solomon Islands)

Solomon Star  [Solomon Islands newspaper]

Taimi 'o Tonga news archive on Planet Tonga
see also the Newswire from the same site.  The News section is a collection of news articles from around the world that involves Tonga or the Tongan people. The news links are kept here from the previous 45 days and then removed.

Vanuatu Daily Post

Wansolwara (USP Student newspaper)

International Media and Newspapers

Gateway site to newspaper, magazine, radio and tv sites from around the globe grouped by country. Includes a keyword search facility. Recommended.

'Google' News
Powered by the google search engine.  This site allows you to search and browse 4000 continuously updated news sites.  Homepage gives comprehensive worldwide news coverage from a variety of courses.  Simply the best news site on the web!

Gateway site to newspaper, magazine, radio and tv sites from around the globe grouped by country.

Online Newspapers
Quick access to newspapers without providing publication details and information

The site brings together national and international newspapers and magazines. The site is easy to use with effective drop down menus.

Yahoo's Daily News
Materials from Reuters, AP, CNN etc.  Archive searching is available for up to 30 days of archives.

Selected International Media and Newspapers

ABC Online News (Aust.)
Arts and Letters Daily  
Asia Times (Asia)
The Australian (Aust.)
BBC News (UK)
Dominion Post [merged Dominion & Evening Post] (NZ)
Figaro (Fr)
Guardian (UK)
Le Monde (Fr)
Le Monde Diplomatique (Fr) Login = march; Password = 695889
*(From 1 May =; 16110)

Melbourne Age (Aust.)
Middle East Times
New York Times (USA)
New Zealand Herald (NZ)
Reuters News Service (Asia)
SciTech Daily  Review (Outstanding selection of links to fulltext articles from the worlds foremost online newspapers and scientific publications.  Fast to download.   Very highly recommended) (US.  Intelligent coverage and analysis of current global events)
Sydney Morning Herald (Aust.)
The Times (incl. Sunday Times) (UK)
Washington Post (USA)

Gateway to Over 2300 Online Journals and Magazines

Directory of Open Access Journals
This service covers free, full text, quality controlled scientific and scholarly journals. We aim to cover all subjects and languages. There are now 1149 journals in the directory.

Electronic Journals Library
A service to facilitate the use of scholarly journals on the internet. It offers a fast, structured and unified interface to access full text articles online.
This site offers free access to the full-text of articles published in over 350 magazines and journals dating from 1998.

Hawai'i Pacific Journal Index
Searchable index (author, title, keyword) of Pacific journals held by the University of Hawaii.  Essential access point for journal articles on the Pacific.  Highly recommended.

Humanities Ejournals
here are a growing number of online, freely available, peer-reviewed electronic journals for a wide range of humanities subjects. This page brings together over 100 ejournals which have been catalogued by Humbul. Each journal makes all, or a substantial amount, of its content freely available.

The IPL Reading Room
The Internet Public Library Reading Room Serials collection contains over 2300 titles that can be  searched or browsed by subject or by title.
" helps you find individual magazine articles on the web". Articles are arranged in a variety of "categories" including Law, easy to browse through the 'categories' and find relevant articles. Results displayed in reverse chronological order. The search engine looks for frequency of words used, repeating your critical term can increase the chance of meaningful results.

Selected Magazines and Journals (Full text and free)

Ariadne - Journal discussing developments in electronic libraries. [UK]
Australian Journal of Disaster and Trauma Studies 
Australian Journal of Management (Includes a searchable archive of articles)
BioUpdates (Engaging summaries of current biological news items with hyperlinks to additional information available on the Internet)
Business Week Online (Complete contents of current issue, both domestic [US] and international editions)
Canadian Journal of Nursing Leadership
Central Europe Review (In-depth articles focussing on Central and Eastern Europe)
Chronicle of Higher Education (Articles and commentary on contemporary education issues [US])
Computer User (Online journal looking at the latest developments in computing and cyberspace)
Contemporary Pacific (Abstracts of articles for all issues 2000 - )                                                                                       
Critical Social Work   (An interdisciplinary journal that offers
the opportunity for constructive dialogue in the interest of achieving social justice)
CYD Journal (promotes youth and adults working together in partnership to create just, safe, and healthy communities)
D-Lib Magazine (digital library developments)
ECRP Early Childhood Education and Practice

The Earth Times (A leading international publication on the environment and sustainable development)
The Economist (Latest issue in full text)
Electronic Journal of Academic and Special Librarianship
Families in Society (Note : please leave the windows blank and click Cancel when username and password is requested)

Fijian Studies - a Journal of Contemporary Fiji
Global Cooperation Newsletter (An online journal that aims to provide a greater way to connect and cooperate to promote social development)
Global Social Policy Digest
Google Librarian Newsletter
Informed Librarian Online
International Review of Research in Open and Distance Learning
Island Studies Journal (full text multi-disciplinary journal - articles of relevance to the South Pacific)
Journal of Biological Chemistry (Full text access to Stanford University's outstanding journal)
Journal of Information Technology Education
Journal of Social Change and Critical Enquiry (First issue takes a look at  the legal process)
Journal of Social Work Values and Ethics (
addresses ethical and value issues that encompass the full range of social problems and issues)
Journal of Southern Academic and Special Librarianship
Learned Publishing (Focusses on academic publishing issues)
Library Journal (Online version of the pre-eminent journal in librarianship (US))
Library Philosophy and Practice (Refereed electronic journal on library philosophy)
Libres (International refereed journal devoted to new research in library and information science)
Micronesian Counselor (Full text articles  addressing social and development issues)
The Micronesian Journal of the Humanities and Social Sciences
National Geographic (Excerpts and interactive features from the world famous magazine)
New Scientist (One of the worlds leading general science magazines. Highly recommended)
Newsweek (Contains the full text of current articles)
Oceania Newsletter (short articles on topical issues concerning the Pacific)
Online Journal of Distance Learning Administration
Pacific Journalism Review (South Pacific news, media and communication issues)
Pacific Islands Regional Ocean Forum Bulletin (SPC)
Pacific Magazine (News and current issues from around the region)
Pidgins and Creoles in Education (PACE) Newsletter (A general magazine covering everything from politics to entertainment - a good read!)
Scientific American (Current issue, back issues, plus an excellent search facility. Recommended)
SciTech Daily  Review (Outstanding selection of links to fulltext articles from the worlds foremost online scientific publications.  Fast to download.   Very highly recommended)
Slate (Widely read electronic magazine. Focus is on  politics and culture.)
Social Work and Society (
focused on scientific issues in the fields of social work and social policy)
Social Work Now (
reliable access to articles about social work practice and theory as they relate to children, young people, families and the community)
Speigel International English version of the prominent German magazine.)
The New Social Worker Devoted to helping professionals and recent graduates find the perfect job in social work.                 
The South Pacific Journal of Natural Science
Time Magazine (Contains the full text of articles) /  Time Archives index.
Trout (an electronic journal of New Zealand and Pacific Island literature in full text)
UTNE magazine (selected articles from the worlds leading alternative periodicals)
Young Children: Journal of the National Association of the Education of Young Children

Electronic texts and 'classic' books online

Classic Reader
Over 600 books and 900 short stories presented in unabridged versions that one can "can read, search, and annotate." The collection is mostly fiction, short stories, and poetry and includes children's literature. Browsable by author, title, or type of work. All works are in the public domain and may be read online or downloaded. Free registration is required for downloading and annotating.

Great Books Online  Nearly all the classics (well, according to Time magazine anyway!)

The Online Books page
Links to thousands of online books accessible by author, title, subject etc.  Excellent. site.

Online Texts
Sites that host online books as recommended by the Internet Public Library.

Philosophy  Links to the full text of selected classic philosophical texts (Hume,Kant, Plato etc.)
Project Gutenberg   Search for books available online via Project Gutenberg. Search by author, title, or subject area. 

Selected International Library Catalogues

Libraries of Asia-Pacific Directory

Australian National Library (Aust.)
British Library (UK)
Secretariat of the Pacific Community Library
Melbourne University (Aust.)
Monash University (Aust.)
National Library of New Zealand (NZ)
Pacific Collection at University of Hawaii (US)
Universite de la Nouvelle-Caledonie
University of the South Pacific


Study in Australia
The official Australian Government web site for international students

Universities Worldwide
Links to 5708 universities in 162 countries.  Arranged by country.


Law Links

Law Gateways and Search Engines

Academic Info Law and Legal Research: Digital Library
Clear and well organised directory to law sites.  Whilst the homepage is predominantly US materials , it does also contain links to very good subject directories of non US materials, particularly Australia, United Kingdom and Canada.

Actualité et Droit International
Legal analysis of current international issues (On Réseau Internet pour le Droit International)

Extensive list of databases of legislation and cases across all Australian federal
jurisdictions as well as New Zealand and Pacific materials. Includes also a highly recommended gateway to world legal resources including caselaw and legislation at .
It also maintains an excellent gateway to online law journals at

British and Irish Legal Information Institute.  Excellent gateway site to British and Irish legislation and judgments.  Modelled on AustLII.

Canadian Virtual Law Library
Good gateway to Canadian law materials hosted by the University of Montreal.  In English and French.

Canadian legal information institute.  Excellent gateway site to Canadian legislation and judgments.  Modelled on AustLII.

Catalaw – catalogue of law on the internet
Catalaw is the catalog of catalogs of law on the Internet. It helps speed research by arranging all legal and government indexes into a unique, uniform and universal meta-index. Very simple to use.

Commonwealth Legal Information Institute (CommonLII)
Like other LIIs, CommonLII is free access and non-profit.  CommonLII already allows browsing and searching of 464 databases from 50 Commonwealth and common law countries and territories.

Foreign Law: Legal Research Resources on the Internet
Lyonette Louis-Jacques' excellent University of Chicago collection of links to non US law materials.  Recommended.

Global legal Information Network [GLIN]
The Global Legal Information Network (GLIN) is a public database of laws, regulations, judicial decisions, and other complementary legal sources contributed by governmental agencies and international organizations. These GLIN members contribute the official full texts of published documents to the database in their original language. Each document is accompanied by a summary in English and subject terms selected from the multilingual index to GLIN. All summaries are available to the public, and public access to full texts is also available in participating jurisdictions.

Globalex: Hauser Global Law School Program [NYU]
Excellent collection of research guides on international and comparative law.  Includes 'South Pacific :
Introduction to Researching South Pacific Law'.

Guide to the Law Online
 The Guide to Law Online, prepared by the U.S. Law Library of Congress for the Global Legal Information Network (GLIN), is an annotated hypertext guide to sources of information worldwide on government and law available online without charge. It includes links only to the most useful and reliable sites for legal information available for each of the world's nations.

Intute: Law
Intute: Law provides guidance and access to global legal information resources on the Internet. The service aims to identify and evaluate legal resource sites offering primary and secondary materials and other items of legal interest. Descriptive records and links are created for legal service sites and specific documents.

JURIST UK is a clearinghouse of academically-authored and other quality-controlled UK legal resources provided for the convenience of law teachers, law students, lawyers and members of the public in Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Recommended.

Law and Politics: Institutions Guide
Well annotated collection of links to law resources on the internet.

Law Library Resource Exchange
Gateway to information useful for legal research.  Of particular value is the 'Features archive' that contains many in depth articles on legal research and how to find and use resources accessable via the Internet.

Lawcrawler Search Engine
Using 'google' technology, Lawcrawler is the best law search engine currently on the web.

Legal Information Institute (Hosted by Cornell University)
The LII collection of world legal materials gathers, country by country, continent by continent, the Internet-accessible sources of the constitutions, statutes, judicial opinions, and related legal material from around the globe (excluding the U.S. material held in the LII's other collections). It also holds resources and document collections of International law.

New Zealand Legal Information Institute (NZLII)
The New Zealand Information Institute (NZLII) is a prototype system developed by the University of Otago Faculty of Law, the Victoria University of Wellington Faculty of Law and AustLII. It currently contains decisions from the Court of Appeal of New Zealand, New Zealand Commerce Commission, New Zealand Privacy Commissioner, Human Rights Review Tribunal of New Zealand, publications of the New Zealand Law Commission, the Otago Law Review and the Victoria University of Wellington Law Review.

Sosig Law Gateway - now known as Intute Law
Web based database of legal information sources on the internet.  Focus on sites that can support academic and professional work and is designed to help legal educators, law students, and the legal profession with their research needs.

A co-operative indexing project from Australian Law Librarians.  An excellent annotated directory of  internet sites by topic.  

World Justice Information Network
The WJIN is a participant-driven news and research network on international justice. WJIN is more than just a document repository. Via a system of interconnected web-logs (blogs), WJIN members can create and interact with valuable content, contribute original research, create photo-essays, report related news, and participate in ongoing research collaborations.

The World Legal Information Institute (WorldLII) <>  was officially launched on 25 November 2002. It is a free, independent and non-profit global legal research facility developed collaboratively by the following Legal Information Institutes (LIIs) and Law Schools:

- Australasian Legal Information Institute (AustLII)
- British and Irish Legal Information Institute (BAILII)
- Canadian Legal Information Institute (CanLII)
- Hong Kong Legal Information Institute (HKLII)
- Legal Information Institute (Cornell) (LII (Cornell))
- Pacific Islands Legal Information Institute (PacLII) - yes that's us here at Emalus Campus!
- Wits University School of Law


Additional Gateways

WWW Virtual Law Library
Hieros Gamos
Internet Legal Resource Guide


Lexis is the most comprehensive site for online legal research.  Lexis provides access to full text cases from the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the United States.  It also includes access to legislation, full text law review articles (click here for listing), indexes to journals and much more.  A good example of its usefulness is its holdings of all UK  reported caselaw since 1936 and the facility to keyword search this body of judgments.  Lexis also has extensive holdings of unreported judgments.   Please refer to the Emalus 'Guide to Library Computer Network'   and read the 'Quick Guide to Using Lexis' for assistance in searching.

Logging on

All law students and faculty at USP are able to access Lexis from any PC on any campus.  No password is required.  Just click here


Westlaw is a premier online legal research service which includes:

United States material, featuring cases from all 50 states, all federal courts, the US code annotated and state statutes with annotations, cross references and legislative updating.  United Kingdom and European law collections published by Sweet & Maxwell, the United Kingdoms oldest and most authoritative legal publisher.  Canadian law collections from Carswell, Canada's leading legal publisher, and Hong Kong case law by Sweet & Maxwell Asia Pacific.  Access to over 700 journals

No password is needed if accessing from a USP campus or Centre.  see Westlaw   .

See the Emalus Library Guide to Using Westlaw (and become an instant legal research expert!!)

Selected Law Sites by Topic

A shortcut to searching legal resources on the Internet by topic

Aboriginal Law   Very extensive site detailing law and legislation relating to aboriginal law from Canada, United States, New Zealand and Australia.  Includes case summaries of important cases and links to full text cases, legislation and treaties.

Comparative law see Transnational Law Digest and Bibliography
The Database contains thousands of comparative law references (arbitral awards, articles, statutes, restatements, conventions etc.), many of them in full text format.  see also
Institute of Global Law

The setting up of the Institute acknowledges the impact of law across national boundaries and the need to deepen inquiry into comparative approaches to law and legal study.  Includes a  database of translated German and French judicial decisions in the fields of constitutional, administrative, contract and tort law .

ASIL Guide to Electronic Resources for International Law
The study and practice of international law can be a tough area to get a handle on, and with numerous online resources available for both areas, it can be difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff. Since 1997, The American Society of International Law (ASIL) has been continuously updating and revising their Guide to Electronic Resources for International Law, under the able direction of Marci Hoffman and Jill Watson. Within each of its eight primary sections, users can read about various high-quality online resources for each topical area (such as international organizations and human rights), and then read brief summaries of what each online resource features in terms of its content and scope. As might be expected, the site also contains information on relevant and helpful weblogs that deal with international law.

Competition Law  APEC Competition policy and law database

Criminal justice and criminology
The following sites are useful resource sites : World Criminal Justice Library Network international linksGlobal Report on Crime and Justice, United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, Australian Institute of Criminology links, Criminology 'webliography'

ECOLEX: a gateway to environmental law - from the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and IUCN -- The World Conservation Union. A collection of databases of treaties, national legislation, court decisions and more. Access via subject area, key word and date.

Fisheries Law  Internet Guide to International Fisheries Law.  This site is designed to be a comprehensive resource centre for information on international fisheries law and management. It is designed for academics, students and practitioners. It includes a considerable collection of international agreements and other documents relating to international fisheries, information on international fisheries organizations, a glossary of fisheries terms and a large collection of links to other sites and information of interest on the Internet.

Human Rights
Interights: The International Centre for Legal Protection of Human Rights

Excellent site.  INTERIGHTS, the International Centre for the Legal Protection of Human Rights, is an international human rights law centre established in 1982 to support and promote the development of legal protection for human rights and freedoms worldwide through the effective use of international and comparative human rights law.   Of particular interest is the Commonwealth Human Rights Case law Database - searchable by keyword and country and including decisions from Pacific Islands jurisdictions.

Human Rights Internet

Human Rights Library (University of Minnesota)
Currently containing more than 14,450 documents and materials, this full text online collection of human rights treaties and secondary resources is well organised and includes an excellent search facility.

    see also Pacific Islands Chart of Ratification of International Human Rights Instruments.

Indigenous Peoples and the Law
An online institute of law affecting indigenous peoples hosted by Victoria University of Wellington.  Outstanding site covering New Zealand and international materials relating to indigenous peoples.  Materials relating to customary law, land tenure, intellectual and cultural property, and environmental concerns are just some of the   topics covered.  The site also has an excellent links list to other indigenous sites on the web. See also information regarding the recent UN resolution regarding the establishment of a UN Permanent Forum for Indigenous Issues.

Indigenous Peoples and Intellectual Property
Resource site for full text materials on indigenous intellectual property.  One of the links of particular note is the WIPO site on Traditional Knowledge

Intellectual Property
World Intellectual Property Organisation site.

Intellectual Property Guide
Series of guides to Intellectual Property.  Although there are links to many full text materials there are many links that are no longer active unfortunately.

Intellectual Property Law Review Articles (various via Lexis)

Intellectual Property in the South Pacific Region (chapter written by Sue Farran)

IPRIA (Intellectual Property Research Institute of Australia)
"A national centre for multi-disciplinary research on the law, economics and management of intellectual property". (University of Melbourne). Publications, such as working papers are available for download [pdf]. Of particular interest is the section on International developments in IP

IPRsonline is an internet portal on Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) and Sustainable Development. It contains a selection of relevant online documents and resources related to IPRs and sustainable development including a guide to IPRs, proposals submitted to the WTO, discussion papers classified by topics, a calendar of IPRs related events, latest news on IPRs, and links to listservs and relevant institutions working on IPRs.

International Commercial Law and E-Commerce Gateway [].

International Maritime Organisation (IMO)
Excellent site for marine law research.  Includes details of maritime conventions. see also Status of Conventions.

Mooting.  Excellent guide to moots and mooting. 

Native title The AIATSIS's [Australia]  Native Title Research Unit includes access to many articles and issues papers relating to native title in both Australia and internationally.

Oceans and Law of the Sea ; International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea

[War Crimes] - The Frederick K. Cox International Law Center War Crimes Research Portal
his site features "over a thousand links to websites related to international humanitarian law." It also contain the text of research memoranda on issues pending before the International Criminal Tribunal and the International Criminal Court, a research guide, articles by members of the American Branch of the International Association of Penal Law, and a bibliography. Links and memoranda are searchable. From the Case Western Reserve University School of Law.

WHO International Digest of Health Legislation (IDHL)
This electronic database replaces the printed version of the IDHL, produced by the World Health Organization (WHO) from 1948 to 1999. The electronic version allows users to search for the text of legislation via country, subject, volume, issue, or keyword. Results produce a summary of the legislation in English or a title, sometimes with a link to the full text. Users engaged with world health issues or international law will want to bookmark this page.

Wildlife Law.  Full text of international wildlife law, including many treaties relevant to the Pacific region.

Womenwatch - the UN Division for the advancement of women
Includes links to information on the Convention on the  Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW).

World Legal Systems
Six systems examined are: civil law; common law; customary law; muslim law; talmudic law; and "mixed legal systems".  In french.

Law Journals and Reviews

Austlii's Law Journals page
Excellent gateway to page to online law journals.

Australasian Law Journals Project (AustLII)

Current Law Journal Content
The CLJC covers 1109 law journals (including many from Australia and New Zealand). Scanned copies of journal contents pages are supplied by the University of Texas Tarlton Law Library (685), W&L (79), other libraries (22), and additional contents pages are received electronically at W&L via e-mail, web-sites, or RSS feeds.

E-Journals and Journals on the Web Relating to the Field of Law
A large and up-to-date list of online journals compiled by the Staff of the Robert Crown Law Library at Stanford Law School for the Association of American Law Schools and the AALS Committee on Libraries and Technology.

Law Reviews Project
A subject index and searchable interface to  law journals on the internet. 

Tarltons Law Reviews Index
This service provides an online version of the contents pages from more than 750 law reviews and other scholarly journals related to the law published in the United States and abroad. There is extensive coverage of non US publications. The contents pages can be browsed and the site also has keyword searching across all titles. The contents pages remain on the site for three months.

USC’s Index of Law Journals
University of Southern California’s hosts an excellent site providing brief descriptions and links to online law reviews. Highly recommended.

Selected Law Journals (full text and free)

Alternative Law Journal  (Aust.)
Asian-Pacific Law & Policy Journal (Hawaii, USA)
Australian Indigenous Law Reporter 1996- (AUS)
Australian Journal of Human Rights 1994- (AUS)
Australian Journal of Legal History (AustLII)
Berkeley Technology Law Journal (US)
Commission on Folk Law and Legal Pluralism Newsletter
Consilio - Online journal for students of English law

Duke Environmental Law and Policy Forum (USA)
Duke Journal of Comparative and International Law (USA)
Duke Journal of Gender Law and Policy (USA)
E-Journal of Tax Research (AustLII)
E-Law – Murdoch University Electronic Journal of Law (Aust.)
ELSA Selected Papers on European Law
Emery International Law Review (USA)
European Journal of International Law
Fiji Law Society newsletter
German Law Journal
Harvard Journal of Law and Technology
Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies (USA)
Indigenous Law Bulletin  (AUS)
Information rights journal
International Journal Center for Civil Society Law (IJCSL) see also Newsletter
International Commentary on Evidence (UK)
International Journal of Communications Law and Policy (EU)
International Journal of Not-For-Profit Law
International Journal of the Center for Civil Society Law (IJCSL) see also Newsletter
The International Prosecutor

Journal of International Wildlife Law and Policy (US)
Journal of Law and Financial Management
The Journal of Philosophy, Science & Law
Journal of South Pacific Law (USP)
Law, Social Justice and Global Development Journal (LGD) 
Law and Contemporary Problems (USA)
Legal Ethics (UK) - full text via USPNet
Macquarie Journal of International and Comparative Environmental Law  (AustLII)
Maori Law Review (NZ)
Melbourne Journal of International Law  (AUS)
Melbourne University Law Review 1999- (AUS)
New England International and Comparative Law Journal (USA)
Online Journal of Law and Popular Culture (USA)
Otago Law Review 2003- (NZ)

Pacific Legal Network Newsletter
Queensland University of Technology Law and Justice Journal (AUS)
Reform: the journal of the Australian Law Reform Commission

Revue Juridique Polynesienne (PF)
Richmond Journal of Law and Technology (US)
Themis Review of Law (La Revue Juridique Themis) (Canada)
Uniform Law Review = Revue de Droit Uniforme (English / French)
University of New England Law Journal (AustLII)
University of Technology, Sydney Law Review 1999- (AUS)
Victoria University of Wellington Law Review 1998- (NZ)
Virginia Journal of Law and Technology (US)

Web Journal of Current Legal Issues (UK)
Waikato Law Review (NZ)
Yale Human Rights and Development Law Journal

Law Books Online

Law Books Online gateway
Links to over 145 full text law titles online

Pacific Law Sites

American Samoa Bar Association
The American Samoa Bar Association now has a website with bar information and legal resources for American Samoa--AS code, court rules. Site includes all published volumes of the American Samoa Reports, first and second series, going back to l901. We have also uploaded an improved version of the American Samoa Code Annotated which includes an annotated territorial constitution, the U.S. Constitution and historic territorial organic documents.

Association of Pacific Island Legislatures
APIL, formed in 1981, is comprised of legislative representatives from 12 island governments. These are: American Samoa Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas Island of Guam FSM State of Chuuk FSM State of Kosrae FSM State of Pohnpei FSM State of Yap Republican of the Marshall Islands Republic of Palau State of Hawaii Republic of Nauru Republic of Kiribati APIL is a regional organization committed to working together on matters of mutual concern and interest. APIL meet regularly to consider matters in areas where regional cooperation, coordination, exchange and assistance may help governments achieve their goals through collective action.

The Compacts of Free Association Renegotiations website
The FSM and the Republic of the Marshall Islands are currently negotiating the terms under which their Compact of Free Association with the United States will be extended.  This website, from the Pacific Islands Development Program/East-West Center in Hawaii, collects links to the current text of the Compact, statements and proposals by the negotiating teams, news articles on the negotiations, U.S. General Accounting Office reports relevant to the negotiations, and other sources.  Much of this information is not easily obtainable elsewhere.

Fiji Human Rights Commission
Includes information about the Commission, educational materials and complaints procedures.

Fiji Human Rights Commission Digest

The Fiji Law Librarians’ Group
Hosted by the Fiji Human Rights Commission website, the Fiji Law Librarians now have their own web page. 

Fiji Law Reform Commission

Fiji Law Society

Fiji - Parliament of Fiji Islands website
Includes access to the full text of Hansard and Bills before Parliament.

Foundation of the Peoples of the South Pacific International [FSPI] Governance Programme
The FSPI Governance Program evolved from efforts to address the critical governance issues facing the Pacific community and promote the development of good governance from community level in the region.  Includes full text reports on governance in Fiji, Vanuatu, Solomon Islands and Kiribati.

Government of Papua New Guinea Law and Justice Sector website
The Law and Justice Sector website has been developed to provide easy access to information and services provided by the agencies and partners within the sector. The sector strategy focuses on the implementation of positive change associated with the many aspects of law and justice within PNG.

Guam Justice Network
A  gateway to  justice related government agencies and Departments in Guam, including the Superior Court, as well as other useful and interesting justice related materials.

Human Rights and Democracy Movement in Tonga
Full text articles, commentary and analysis.  Includes full text of the Basic Proposal for an Alternative Structure of Government for Tonga (Draft 4).

Institute of Justice and Applied Legal Studies
New website for IJALS detailing the history, staff and current programmes of the Institute of Justice and Applied Legal Studies.

Introduction to the legal structure of Tokelau
A collection of primary materials, commentary, and online materials compiled by Peter Murgatroyd, Law Librarian, at the Emalus Campus Library.

Island Law
Site focussing on the legal and political relationships between islands and the rest of the world, with a particular focus on Micronesia and other islands of the Pacific.  Site includes primary legal materials, articles, and useful links to Pacific law sites, particularly relating to the islands of the Western Pacific.

Judicial and legal news [in Vanuatu] - a regular column in the Port Vila Presse

JurisPacific [Guam]
JurisPacific was developed to enable legal professionals to conduct research on Guam case law with ease.

Laws of Fiji
Lists of Acts, Regulations, Decrees, Legal Notices and Amendments. Many available in full text. Official govt. website.

Legal Information for the Vanuatu community: a project of the USP Law Clinic
Practical legal guidelines and information about important legal topics that affect people in Vanuatu. see new website University of the South Pacific Community Legal Centre .

Legal Information System of the Federated States of Micronesia
The Legal Information System (LIS) of the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM) seeks to improve public access to the laws and other legal authority of the FSM and its four states.  This LIS Project strives to do so by increasing accessibility to the constitutions, statutes, selected court rules and decisions, and selected rules and regulations of the FSM National Government and the four state governments of Chuuk, Kosrae, Pohnpei, and Yap

Maritime Legal Advisory
Published by the
Secretariat of the Pacific Community Regional Maritime Programme.

Marshall Islands
Resource page on the politics and economy of the Marshall Islands with full text links to Treaties, Legislation and Cases.

Movement towards independence in the South Pacific
A digital archive of legislation, orders, Treaties, and related documents.

Native Land Trust Board (Fiji)
Includes information about the NLTB as well as excellent resource materials.

Nouvelle-Caledonie Documentation Juridique
Full text access to the law that applies in New Caledonia. Includes full text access to the Codes, Le Journal Officiel NC and Les Debats du Congres. Work is proceeding on a full text archive of codes that applied in French territories dating back to 1980.

Office of the Attorney General of Fiji
This website contains information about the Office of the Attorney-General, its roles and functions, organisation, along with various other important information and particulars about the services provided by the individual divisions of the Office. Includes access to the full text of archived issues of the Legal Lali: the Law Journal of the Office of the Attorney General.

Ombudsman of Vanuatu - Digest of Public Reports 1996 - 2000 / written by Edward R. Hill

Pacific Law Blog
The Pacific Law Blog , maintained by the law librarian at the University of the South Pacific, will include the latest books on Pacific law received in the library, the most recent legislation received and the latest articles added to the Pacific Law Journal Index.  The weblog will also include links to media items relating to Pacific law drawn from Pacific Islands Report and PINA in addition to linking to the latest developments on PacLII.

Pacific Legal Network
An Australian law firm with a network of law offices throughout the Pacific and PNG specialising in Pacific law.  The Legal News pages are most useful, providing updates of legal issues around the region.  Quarterly newsletters include useful summaries of topical issues.

PacLII, hosted by the Emalus campus of the University of the South Pacific, is the largest online repository of Pacific primary materials.  PacLII includes full text access to judgments and legislation from throughout the Pacific as well as including access to indices of Pacific legal materials.  A major undertaking, PacLII has received international recognition and is revolutionising access to Pacific materials both at a regional level and internationally.

Pacific Islands Treaty Series (PITS)
The Pacific Islands Treaty Series focuses on publishing, in both French and English, the bilateral and multilateral treaties and Conventions that 21 Pacific Island states have entered into, in a wide-range of categories. The project also identifies the ratification (domesticating) legislation passed by those countries. 

The agreements (treaties) contained on the website include, amongst others, environmental treaties, fisheries agreement, human rights, peacekeeping treaties and the international Conventions these Pacific Island states have entered into.

The Pacific Islands Treaty Series displays the international rights and obligations of the Pacific Island states from the late 19th century to date, thus showing the evolving priorities and commitments at international level of each Pacific Island state.

Pacific Law Journal Index
Compilation of articles on Pacific law.  Browsable by jurisdiction, date and searchable by keyword.

Pacific Regional Human Rights Education Resource Team
British Aid Programme devoted to improving legal literacy in the Pacific Region.  Here you will find information about the law and its implications for women, children, families and individuals as well as  related information and links from other sites.

Parliament of Samoa - Legislations
Full text of legislation in Samoan is free.  English versions can be ordered from the site.  Includes current lists of legislation arranged alphabetically and by year.

PNG Inlaw – The Papua New Guinea Legal Information Network
The Papua New Guinea Legal Information Network provides up to date access to
Papua New Guinea legislation, judgments and other legal materials.

State, Society and Governance in Melanesia
Includes access to full text discussion and working papers on governance issues in Melanesia.

Samoa Offshore Finance Centre
Includes a background to Samoa history, government and legal system.  Detailed  summaries of offshore banking legislation and the regulatory framework.

Solomon Islands Government website
Includes access to both gazette and legal notices in addition to government reports and papers.

South Pacific Civil Society Library
A collection of documents and resources promoting an enabling environment for civil society and public participation in the South Pacific.

Supreme and National Court of Papua New Guinea
Official website of the Supreme and National Courts of Papua New Guinea.  Includes information on Court services, procedures and practices .

Supreme Court of Guam Compiler of Laws
The Compiler of Laws is responsible for officially publishing the Session Laws of the Guam Legislature, the Guam Code Annotated and updates thereto, the Guam Administrative Rules and Regulations, Supreme Court of Guam Opinions, Executive Orders and Attorney General Opinions.

Tokelau Caouncil of Ongoing Government
Official site of the Tokelau Council of Ongoing Government. Includes full text materials on the government structure of Tokelau and Tokelau's constitutional relationship with New Zealand .  Also includes full text access to legislation of Tokelau.

Tongan - Legislation of Tonga Online
This website contains English and Tongan versions of the legislation of Tonga, in force as at the 31st December 2005 (plus some 2006 laws that became available and subject to the note about omissions etc). This website is not the official source of the law of Tonga – it is a useful resource only, and is expected to form the basis for a new official revised edition of the laws of Tonga, now under preparation.

University Book Centre - Law
Books on Pacific law available from the University of the South Pacific

University of the South Pacific Community Legal Centre
The University of the South Pacific Community Legal Centre provides free legal assistance to the public through its Port Vila office.  The Legal Centre also produces brochures in Bislama, French and English on important legal topics, which can be accessed through this website.

USP School of Law Web Site
Information about the USP School of law, course materials, Pacific law materials, the Journal of South Pacific Law, and useful links to law related sites on the Internet.

Vanuatu government
Selected legislation and explanatory documents relating to new internet and investment laws in Vanuatu.

International Law and Treaties

EISIL - Electronic Information System for International Law
Developed by the American Society of International Law (ASIL) , EISIL is a searchable gateway to the highest quality primary materials, authoritative web sites and helpful research guides to international law on the Internet. To this end, EISIL has been designed as an open database of authenticated primary and other materials across the breadth of international law, which until now have been scattered in libraries, archives and specialized web sites.

EU Law
The number of websites containing information on EU law / EU policies appears to grow daily and it is a virtually impossible task to provide a comprehensive list. This directory of online resources  provide a good starting point for further study and research.

EUR-Lex: The Portal to European Union Law 
The EUR-Lex website is in fact the "single entry point to the complete collections of EU legal texts in all the official languages." The homepage for the site contains several helpful thematic collections of documents (in a variety of file formats for convenience), such as case-law, parliamentary questions, treaties, and several other categories.  Also available from the is site is the CELEX database.  see the Celex Reference Manual for assistance in using CELEX.

Hauser Global Law School Programme
Site includes full text access to articles and working papers in human rights, international and comparative law.

International Court of Justice

International Law and Treaties on Findlaw

International Law Commission
Includes full text access to international law conventions, texts, Commission reports and other documentation.

The Multilaterals Project : A Collection of Foreign Law Materials and International Treaties

Peace Palace Library
A treasure trove for international law researchers

United Nations [Main site]  
Includes direct links to :

Daily BriefingRadio, TV and PhotoDocumentation, MapsPublications, stamps and databasesThe UN Works
Peace and SecurityEconomic and Social DevelopmentHuman RightsHumanitarian AffairsInternational Law

See also United Nations Treaty Collections.   Username: DL390 (enter in one word)  Password: 2T9J7S (enter without spaces). See also Status of Multilateral Treaties Deposited with the Secretary-General(ID and Password also apply).  A guide to using UN documents can be browsed at United Nations Documentation:   Research Guide.

see also Official Document System of the United Nations
The United Nations has
announced the availability of its Official  Document System (ODS), the premier full-text web resource  for official United Nations documentation, to the general public via, as of 31 December 2004. The ODS covers all types of official United Nations documentation originating from duty stations worldwide, including selective documents of the regional  commissions: Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia  (ESCWA), Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP), Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) and Economic Commission for Europe (ECE).

Includes links to international organisations, country information and treaties.

Selected International Treaty Sites by Subject

Cultural Protection
Environmental Treaties and Resource Indicators (Recommended)
Flora and Fauna - Biodiversity
Human Rights
Marine and Coastal
Trade and Commercial Relations

Law Reform Sites

The Law Reform Database
Hosted by the British Columbia Law Institute, the Law Reform Database, current to June 15, 2005, indexes more than 7000 law reform materials from common law jurisdictions around the world.  Keyword searchable across jurisdictions.

Australian Law Commission
Law Commission of Canada
England and Wales, Law Reform Commission for
Fiji Law Reform Commission
New South Wales Law Reform Commission
New Zealand Law Commission
Queensland Law Reform Commission
Scottish Law Commission
South Africa Law Commission

Selected Legislation on the Internet

Asian legislation
Asian Legal Information Institute (AsianLII)

Australian legislation
Australia (Commonwealth and Federal)

Canadian legislation
Canadian statutes and regulationsGerman Constitutions and Legal Documents : Primary Documents

LegiFrance [Constitution; Codes etc.] see also Codes in English

German Constitutions and Legal Documents : Primary Documents
German Law Archive (
cases, statutes, literature and bibliographies on German law in English)

New Zealand legislation
New Zealand

Pacific legislation

see also FSM Code  ; Laws of Fiji ; Parliament of Samoa - Legislations Tongan Legislation Online

Papua New Guinea legislation
Papua New Guinea

South Africa
Legislation via SA Parliamentary website

United Kingdom legislation
UK Statute Law Database
The UK Statute Law Database (SLD) is the official revised edition of the primary legislation of the United Kingdom made available online. see also

BaiLII access to United Kingdom legislation 1988 -
HMSO  access to United Kingdom Statutory Instruments 1988 -

United States legislation
United States of America

Selected Caselaw on the Internet

Asian Caselaw
Asian Legal Information Institute (AsianLII)

Australian caselaw
Commonwealth, Federal and Administrative case law
    click here to search across jurisdictions

Canadian caselaw
National and Federal Courts

European caselaw
European Court of Human Rights
International Court of Justice
EUR-Lex: The Portal to European Union Law 

French caselaw
Jurifrance : le droit francais en ligne
Index thématique des Grandes décisions du Conseil constitutionnel
CONSEIL CONSTITUTIONNEL DECISIONS Listes exhaustives et annuelles

German case law
German Law Archive (cases, statutes, literature and bibliographies on German law in English)

Japanese case law
Selected prominent Japanese Supreme Court judgments translated into English (1950 -)

New Zealand case law
New Zealand Case Law via NZLII
Judicial Decisions Online

New Zealand Case law

bulletSupreme Court of New Zealand Decisions 2004-
bulletCourt of Appeal of New Zealand Decisions 1999-
bulletCopyright Tribunal of New Zealand Decisions 1977-
bulletHuman Rights Review Tribunal of New Zealand Decisions 2004-
bulletNew Zealand Commerce Commission Decisions 1997-
bulletNew Zealand Privacy Commissioner Cases 1996-

New Zealand Supreme Court website ( Includes access to case summaries and also the full text of the judgments of the Supreme Court.)

Pacific case law

Papua New Guinea case law
PNG judgments database

Scottish case law
Scottish Council of Law Reporting

United Kingdom case law
BaiLII access to Courts of Great Britain and Ireland
    Click here to search across databases
Incorporated Council of Law Reporting (access to summaries of reportable cases within 24 hours of judgment).

United States of America case law
US Supreme Court Decisions 1893-

New Sites of Interest -  December / January see also New Sites This Week, Archive of 'New Sites'


he Citizendium, a "citizens' compendium of everything," will be an experimental new wiki project that combines public participation with gentle expert guidance.  From the guy who came up with the wikipedia  - the Citizendium is described by him as a "fork" The website states that a fork is necessary, and justified, both to allow regular people a place to work under the direction of experts, and in which personal accountability--including the use of real names--is expected.  "In short, we want to create a responsible community and a good global citizen."

Climate Change: The Environment Network
Established as part of the United Nations Environment Network, this area of their site serves as a portal for resources that deal specifically with climate change. First-time visitors will want to cast a glance on the left-hand side of the homepage, as the whole topic of climate change and global warming can be a bit daunting, to say the least. Here they will find a “Key Issues” area which offers a set of resources that provide introductions to the topic, along with sections on the overall environmental, social, and economic implications of climate change. The “Featured Resources” area of the site will be of great interest to educators, as it includes a “do-it-yourself” climate model program that could be used in the classroom and a series of greenhouse gas emission graphs.

Encyclopedia of Earth
he Encyclopedia of Earth is a new electronic reference about the Earth, its natural environments, and their interaction with society. The Encyclopedia is a free, fully searchable collection of articles written by scholars, professionals, educators, and experts who collaborate and review each other's work. The articles are written in non-technical language and will be useful to students, educators, scholars, professionals, as well as to the general public."

Internet Resources for the Mathematics Students
Back in the late 1990s, the Scout Report first reported on this site, which was a collection of useful mathematics resources intended to serve both students interested in college-level mathematics and their teachers. Since that time, the site has grown substantially, and they have redesigned their site with an emphasis of graphical economy and simplicity of use. The resources were compiled by Langara College in British Columbia, and they remain responsible for the maintenance of the site. The database contains over 800 different educational tools, and visitors can browse through them by topical headings which include statistics, calculus, and the history of mathematics.

Library Support Staff Resource Center
Librarian professionals and support staff are more important than ever, and there are a number of helpful websites that bring together web-based materials designed for just such persons. One such site is the online Library Support Staff Resource Center, created and maintained by the American Library Association. Organized as an extended set of links and in-house resources, visitors can scroll through the materials, which are divided into such topics that offer insights into the future of these professions and even more “hands-on” resources, such as a link to online journals designed specifically for library support staff members. Other pragmatic resources offered here include lists of key competencies and training techniques for those who might be leading professional development seminars or continuing education sessions in this field.

With endorsements from such respectable institutions as the New York Times and the BBC, NationMaster presents a formidable amount of data for the general public in a way that is both accessible and at times, downright addictive. The website brings together data from such sources as the CIA World Factbook, the United Nations, as well as other such organizations. On the left-hand side of the page, visitors can peruse areas such as “Top Stats”, “What’s New” and “Stats in the News”. The “Top Stats” presents information on the countries with the greatest life expectancy, the highest median income, and so on. Journalists may find the “Stats in the News” area particularly helpful as it presents data on topical areas of interest such as statistics on bird flu infection rates and oil consumption. Additionally, users can offer comments on some of the data sets, and at any given time, there tends to be a great deal of commentary on almost all of the items featured on the site.

Online Opinion - Australia's e-journal of social and political debate
On Line Opinion is a not-for-profit e-journal that aims to provide a forum for public social and political debate about current Australian issues. We publish articles to stimulate a public discourse on a range of topics."


Asian Legal Information Institute (AsianLII)
AsianLII includes at launch 101 databases from 22 of the 27 Asian countries, including 14 from HKLII, and 9 Papua-New Guinea databases from PacLII. There are somewhere over 150,000 full text cases, and over 15,000 items of legislation, plus other materials.  Some of the largest collections are from the Philippines, India, and (for legislation) Vietnam.

International Law Video Library 
The School of Law and the Human Rights Centre, Queen's University of Belfast, today officially launched the International Law Video Library, a free, internet-based teaching tool, allowing viewers to see interviews with leading scholars and practitioners in the domain of international law as well as 'visit' locations relevant to international law.

New Zealand Postgraduate E-Law Journal
he New Zealand Postgraduate Law e-Journal (NZPGLeJ) was established in 2004 and is New Zealand¡¯s first legal publication dedicated to the promotion of the country's postgraduate law research online.

Tongan - Legislation of Tonga Online
This website contains English and Tongan versions of the legislation of Tonga, in force as at the 31st December 2005 (plus some 2006 laws that became available and subject to the note about omissions etc). This website is not the official source of the law of Tonga – it is a useful resource only, and is expected to form the basis for a new official revised edition of the laws of Tonga, now under preparation.

UK Statute Law Database
The UK Statute Law Database (SLD) is the official revised edition of the primary legislation of the United Kingdom made available online.



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