December 2007

The Library opened for half a day on Friday 7th ensuring library staff could join the Emalus Campus family for a half day Christmas picnic at Turtle Bay Beach.  It was a very beautiful day and all who went enjoyed the picnic immensely.

The Library was closed the whole of Monday 3rd.  There was a general library staff meeting then, followed by a big cleanup of the library staff work space.  A lot of junk was removed, irrelevant materials put aside for donation to other libraries and old broken equipment were removed, freeing up a lot of needed space.  The air felt much cleaner after that.

November 2007

Exams ended on Friday 30th and consequently, that meant the library commenced on shorter hours the following week. Friday 29th was a public holiday and the library staff enjoyed that day at a secluded area along the Pango Point with our children, families and friends.

October 2007

Work on the building of an extension to the Library began on the Monday 15th.  The building of the extension was made possible through funding the NZAid.  The extension would give the library much needed seating and shelving space which had been an issue for a while.

April 2007

New Library Staff Member - Di Thompson has joined the library staff as the new Law Librarian, replacing Peter Murgatroyd, who left USP in December.

The Pacific Law Blog has been updated!


October 2006

The library now has WIRELESS intranet network access.  Students with laptops should see ITS about connecting to the campus wireless network.

Access to all online resources including subscription databases is now available for enrolled students and staff from either home of office.  Use your student or staff login to access online library databases.


15 July 2005

Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems
The library has established a subscription with a multidisciplinary encyclopedia incorporating 16 separate encyclopedias (over 200 volumes) examining
natural environmental systems as well as ancillary social systems required to foster societal harmony, safety, nutrition, medical care, economic standards, and the development of new technology.  The EOLSS is an excellent online resource for science and social sciences, environmental and international law, and linguistics.  There are links to the Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems on the Resources pages of the library website. 


 Encyclopedia of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
Encyclopedia of Mathematical Sciences
 Encyclopedia of Biological, Physiological AND HEALTH sciences

 Encyclopedia of Social Sciences and Humanities
Encyclopedia of Physical Sciences, engineering and Technology Resources
Encyclopedia of Chemical Sciences, Engineering and Technology Resources
Encyclopedia of Water Sciences, Engineering and Technology Resources
Encyclopedia of Energy Sciences, Engineering and Technology Resources
Encyclopedia of Environmental and Ecological Sciences,  Engineering  and Technology  Resources
Encyclopedia of Food and Agricultural Sciences, Engineering and technology Resources
Encyclopedia of Human Resources Policy and Management
Encyclopedia of Natural Resources Policy and ManagemeNT
Encyclopedia of Development and Economic Sciences
Encyclopedia of Institutional and Infrastructural Resources
Encyclopedia of Technology, Information, and Systems Management Resources

11 July 2005

New photocopiers have been installed in the library.  Instructions for their use are posted adjacent to the copiers.  The same account system is operating with the new copiers and student accounts from last semester are still valid.

3 March 2005

As student numbers on campus continue to rise pressure on PC's and deskspace in the library has continued to grow. As a result the library requests that students do not use library PC's for personal email or chat use and that also students do not leave their books and materials unattended at desks for long periods.  If you are not using a desk allow someone else to .

Library staff have noticed that some students consistently misuse library PC's.  Library PC's are for study and research purposes only.  Any student who misuses library PC's runs the risk of facing campus disciplinary proceedings. 

18 June 2004

"In the break between semesters the Library has upgraded the athena library catalogue and added a number of new features and services to assist students in their research and also to help them keep track of overdue books and fines ...  "

Upgrade of Athena catalogue
The library has upgraded its library catalogue.  Students and staff can now identify if a book is out on loan and when it is due to be returned.  Students and staff can now also find out from the library catalogue which books they have on loan, when they are due back, and if any fines are owing.

The new look library Catalogue now also has a 'Home' button that takes you straight back to the library website homepage.


New Visual Search options for Early Childhood Education and enhancements to other visual search options
The library has created new 'visual search' buttons on the library catalogue for early childhood education to assist staff and students identify and locate books on child development, early childhood education, and education in the Pacific Islands.

The library has also added additional 'visual search' buttons to the Pacific and Vanuatu collections to assist users when browsing these collections.  'Pacific literature' and 'Pacific travel and exploration' have been added to the Pacific collection visual search options, whilst the vanuatu collection can now be browsed across 10 subject areas.

10 June 2004

Emalus Campus Library Virtual Reference Service
Following a successful trial period, the Emalus Campus Library has introduced a virtual reference service to its webservice.  The virtual reference service is targetted at those students who do not have physical access to the Emalus Campus Library.  The service consists of three components:

(i)    An "ask the librarian" facility whereby students can email the librarian a question

(ii)    A document request facility whereby students can email the librarian directly and request an article.

(iii)    A Virtual Reference Desk.  Making use of services freely available on the internet the library website links the students to an international online reference desk where a team of experts across all disciplines are avilable to assist students with their enquiries.

14 January 2004

Vanuatu Weekly Hebdomadaire: Index 1989-2001
The Emalus Campus Library has recently completed compiling a fully searchable index to the Vanuatu Weekly Hebdomadaire covering the period 1989-2001. 

A history of Vanuatu: selected readings
The Emalus Campus Library has recently completed compiling a selected online reading list for Vanuatu history. Includes the full text of selected book chapters and articles drawn from a range of sources .

11 March 2003

New Public Web Browser
The library has installed a new internet browser for use in the library.  The browser has been introduced to encourage greater use of resources and eliminate misuse of library PC's.  Introduction of the new web browser will also reduce telecom costs for the campus and reduce bandwidth congestion.  Whilst mail and 'chatroom' access has been disabled there have been no subject or keyword filters put in place.

Floppy Discs available for purchase from library issues desk
Floppy discs are now available for purchase from the library issues desk.  Cost is 50 vatu per disc.

30 JANUARY 2003

New library website
While you have been away we have revamped the library website making it more useful and improving access to key resources.  Each of the main teaching depts. on campus now have a library resources page dedicated to provide fast access to key library resources.

Library digital collection
We have also digitised a large number of articles on Vanuatu, pacific law and customary law and these are now able to be searched by keyword from the library search screen and downloaded in full text.  This is limited to USP only.

Pauline Kalo on leave
Pauline Kalo has taken maternity leave and will return to the issues desk in May.