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*This collection excludes those articles on Pacific Law identified in the library's Pacific Law Journal Index.
** This collection excludes those materials identified in the Emalus Library's 'A History of Vanuatu - selected readings' and 'Vanuatu: an introduction".


Pacific Languages
Customary Law
Pacific Law


Adams, Ron  "Good stories": the epistemological status of oral traditions on Tanna, Vanuatu

ALP International Projects.  Political parties and groupings of Vanuatu.

Angleviel, Frederic  "Olfala pija blong Niuhebridis blong bifo": Old pictures of the early New Hebrides (Vanuatu)

Asian Development Outlook 2004: Economic trends and prospects: Vanuatu

Barcham, Manuhuia  South-south policy transfer: the case of the Vanuatu Ombudsman's office.

Bartlett, Tony  Prospects for sustainable forest management

Bolton, Lissant  Praying for the revival of "kastom": Women and christianity in the Vanuatu Cultural Centre

Bolton, Lissant  Classifying the material: food, textiles and status in North Vanuatu

Bolton, Lissant  Women, place and practice in Vanuatu: a view from Ambae

Bolton, Lissant  Chief Willie Bongmatur Maldo and the role of chiefs in Vanuatu

Bonnemaison, Joel  Social and cultural aspects of systems of land tenure in Vanuatu

Bonnemaison, Joel  Circular migration and uncontrolled migration in the New Hebrides: proposals for an effective urban migration policy

Bourdy, Genevieve and Walter, Annie  Notes sur quelque plantes tinctoriales de Vanuatu

British Western Pacific  [Timeline]

Brookfield, Harry  and Humphreys, Geoff  An ancient land management practice in Raga, North Pentecost, Vanuatu

Bush, Peter  Dying for the gospel: the Gordons of Erromango

Chand, Satish  Economic survey: Vanuatu - a case of mixed performance

Clausen, Lisa  Turning back the clock

Comprehensive Reform Program matrix 2004-2006

Crossland, K. J.  Interpretation of the Ombudsmans role by Vanuatu's first Ombudsman

Crowley, Terry What happened to Erromango's languages?

Currie, Jim  The dugong - gentle giant of Vanuatu's seas

Dalzell. Status of Statistical Reporting from Artisanal Fisheries in Vanuatu

Decentralization Review Commission Volume 1: Report

Decentralization Review Commission Volume 2: Findings and Recommendations

Decentralization Review Commission Volume 3: Detailed consultations: raw data and information

DFL Fieldtrip to Teoma Lapita Archaelogical Site

Donald, Isabelle  Slo Slo: increasing women's representation in parliament in Vanuatu

Douglas, Bronwen  Traditional individuals? Gendered negotiations of indentity, christianity and citizenship in Vanuatu

Dwyer, Terry  'Harmful' tax competition and the future of offshore financial centres, such as Vanuatu

Farran, Sue  Land in Vanuatu: moving forward, looking backward

Fasquel, Jean  Nouvelles-Hebrides, Vanuatu 1978-1981: la periode du kava mache

Feizkah, Elizabeth  Surfing all the way to the bank: Irked by high taxes, growing numbers of Australians are hiding cash in boltholes like Vanuatu - and the internet is helping them do it.

Field, Bob  Introduction to Vanuatu.  Arrival of the Europeans: Journal extracts of the first Europeans to visit Vanuatu: Pedro Fernandez de Quiros, 1606, to Vassily Golovnin, 1809.

Field, Michael  From a field in Vanuatu, ancient Lapita clues

Forster, Peter  Psychology in Vanuatu

Forsyth, Miranda  & Jowitt, Anita  An annotated bibliography of the literature concerning Vanuatu

Forsyth, Miranda Sorcery and the criminal law in Vanuatu

Forsyth, Miranda  Report on the Vanuatu Judiciary Conference 2006: the relationship between the kastom and state justice systems

Galipaud, Jean-Christophe  Settlement history and landscape use in Santo, Vanuatu

Gay, Daniel  The emperor's tailor: an assessment of Vanuatu's Comprehensive Reform Programme

Geismar, Haidy  The materiality of contemporary art in Vanuatu

Groves, Ken  The current state of wood preservative treatments in Vanuatu and training needs [1997]

Hayashi, Michiko  Arrested development: Vanuatu's suspended accession to the World Trade Organisation: case study prepared for the International Commercial Diplomacy Project

Hickey, Francis M.  Traditional marine resource management in Vanuatu: World views in transformations: sacred and profane

Hililan, Michael  25 Years of monetary policy development

Hililan, Michael  The formulation of monetary policy in Vanuatu

Hince, Kevin  The emergence of trade unionism in the New Hebrides

Huffer, Elise  Governance and Vanuatu

Huffman, Kirk  Traditional 'arts' in Vanuatu

Hughes, Helen  Annals of Aid: Vanuatu and the United States Millenium Challenge Corporation

Hume, Lynn Church and custom on Maewo, Vanuatu

In Vanuatu, tamanu oil is being extracted for export: it could become a big revenue earner

Jay, Mike  The last cargo cult

Jayaraman, T. K.  Reforms in exchange rate arrangements: is there a case for a currency board in Vanuatu?

Jayaraman, T.K. & Ward, B.D. Economic growth in a vulnerable island nation : an empirical study of the aid-growth nexus in Vanuatu

Jimmy, Robert & Moses Amos. Vanuatu's Progress Report on the Integration of Broodstock Replenishment

Johannes, R. E.  Government-supported, village-based management of marine resources in Vanuatu

Johannes, R. E.  Perspectives: the case for data-less marine resource management: examples from tropical nearshore finfisheries

Jowitt, Anita  Economic growth, urban disorder and unemployment: a case study from Vanuatu

Jowitt, Anita and Binihi, Jenny  The commercialisation of kava in Vanuatu

Jowitt, Anita  Unemployment in Vanuatu

Kanas, Jane and Gideon, John  Vanuatu

Kasasa, Aya  Vanuatu

Keith-Reid, Robert  Uncertainty prevails after Vanuatu polls [2002]

Keith-Reid, Robert  Preserving paradise, Vanuatu style [2002]

Keith-Reid, Robert  Articles published in Islands Business in 2002 : A nation ready for growth; Banking on millions through finance center; the challenges of Linda Kalpoi; Reshaping the coconut industry; The urgent need to beef up international markets; Why they're sinking money into forestry; The trouble with the "big man" politicians; Edward Natapei - the man who could be Prime Minister

Kingston, P. A.  Surveillance of drinking water quality in the Pacific Islands: situations analysis and needs assessment:  Vanuatu 2004

Laing, J. K.  The development of medical and herbal services in New Hebrides and Vanuatu

Lane, Marcus B.  Evaluating the governance of coastal resources and environments in Vanuatu: moving towards integrated coastal management

Lindstrom, Lamont   A body of postcards from Vanuatu

Lindstrom, Lamont  Chiefs in Vanuatu today

Longmore, Chloe  An overview of economic development in Vanuatu

Llewell, Donna  The integration of customary law and formal laws of Vanuatu to enhance environmental protection [LLM Thesis]

Mariasua, Noel  A traditional land owner's view from Vanuatu

McLeod, Abby  Women, peace and security: an examination of the role of women in the prevention and resolution of conflict in Vanuatu

Miles, William  Pigs, politics and social change in Vanuatu

Mitchell, Jean  "Killing time" in a postcolonial town: young people and settlements in Port Vila, Vanuatu

Moldofsky, Leora  A place in the sun: despite the lingering power of kastom  women in Vanuatu are recognising their worth and taling strides towards equality.

Moldofsky, Leora  Gift of God or demons long circumscribed by ritual, java is breaking out of traditional contstraints and becoming an everyday escape - and problem.

Montgomery, H. H.  The light of Melanesia: a record of fifty year's mission work in the south seas

Morgan, Michael  Political fragmentation and the policy environment in Vanuatu, 1980-2004

Morgan, Michael  Vanuatu 1995-1998.

Muller, Kam  Tanna awaits the coming of John Frum

Nako, Abel  Conference on management and use of land: challenges and issues

Nalo, Caroline. Vanuatu Maritime College - a busy year and an exciting future

Nari, Russell  Comprehensive reform programme in the Republic of Vanuatu: a major challenge through the eyes of a Ni-Vanuatu

Natapei, Edward Quel bilan tirez-vous de votre recent sejour en Nouvelle Caledonie?

Naviti. Vanuatu Tuna Fisheries Report 2004

Naviti. Vanuatu Tuna Fisheries Report 2005

Nelson, Carol  Grace Molissa's death

Netine, Enikelen  A literacy programme for women in Vanuatu

New Hebrides: a Condominium administered jointly by Great Britain and France [from the Pacific Islands Yearbook 1963]

New Hebrides: entry about the New Hebrides in the Britannica Encyclopedia (1911)

Newbury, C. W.  Aspects of French policy in the Pacific, 1853-1906

O'Callaghan, Mary Louise  Voice of Vanuatu's women: obituary for Mrs Grace Mera Molissa

Obituary of Mrs Grace Mera Molissa

Olowu, Dejo  Role of the media in curbing corruption and promoting human rights in Vanuatu

Pachiolli, David  Pigs in paradise

Patterson, Marie-Noelle Ferrieux  Corruption in the South Pacific

Patterson, Mary  Moving histories: an analysis of the dynamics of place in North Ambrym

Pickering, Richard  An annotated checklist of the birds of Vanuatu

Pierre, Jean-Marc  Vanuatu: new directions in land development policies

Proctor, J. H.  Scottish missionaries and the governance of the New Hebrides

Rakau, Fiama  A modern Futuna marriage

Rambaramps of South Malekula

Randell, Shirley  Elections Observer Group for the Vanuatu 2002 National Elections: the common interest in ethical politics

Regenvanu, Ralph  “Indigenous and Local Communities’ Concerns and Experiences in Protecting their Traditional Knowledge and Cultural Expressions”

Regenvanu, Sethy  Integrity of the Vanuatu Electoral Roll

Reilly, Benjamin  Social choice in the South Seas: Electoral Innovation and the Borda Count in the Pacific Island Countries

Riddle of the bones

Rio, Knut  The sorcerer as an absented third person: formations of fear and anger in Vanuatu

Rodman, Margaret  Copra and fish in rural Vanuatu

Rodman, Margaret  'My only weapon being a pencil': inscribing the prison in the New Hebrides

Rousseau, Benedicta  'The achievement of simultaneity: Kastom in contemporary Vanuatu [thesis]

Ryman, Anders  The sacred root: drinking root on Vanuatu

Saul, David Willie  Vanuatu Elections Observer Group for the 2002 National Elections

Schnell, Robert M.  Rebel radio in Espiritu Santo: Radio Vemerama

Shineberg, Dorothy  'Noumea no good, Noumea no pay': New Hebridean indentured labour in New Caledonia, 1865-1925.

Siba, Water  The vinveveo dance of Pentecost

Slatter, Claire  The Con / Dominion of Vanuatu? Paying the price of investment and land liberalisation - a case study of Vanuatu's tourism industry.

Spriggs, Matthew  Landscape, land use and political transformation in southern Malekula

Spriggs, Matthew and Mumford, Winifred   Southern Vanuatu rock art

Stewart, David  The dayspring

Storey, Dononvan  Managing urban decline?  Urban governance in the context of Port Vila, Vanuatu

Strachan, Jane  Gender and the formal education sector in Vanuatu

Sugden, David  Vanuatu's search for growth

Sutherland, Angus  Communion tokens of the New Hebrides

Tapisuwe, Abel   A review of key environmental sectors with priority projects recommended for International Waters Project consideration

Tarisesei, Jean  Today is not the same as yesterday, and tomorrow it will be different again: kastom on Ambae, Vanuatu

Tepahae, Philip  Chiefly power in southern Vanuatu

Tiwok, Simon  Development in banking supervision

Tonkinson, Robert  Sorcery and social change in SouthEast Ambrym, Vanuatu

Tor, Roselyn  Gender, kastom and domestic violence: a research on the historical trend, extent and impact of domestic violence in Vanuatu

Transparency International Global Report 2005: Vanuatu

Tributes to Grace Molissa

Troost, J. Maartyn  A mythic South Pacific

United States. Department of State Human Rights Reports for 2000: Vanuatu

van de Walle, Ferdie Official reserves policy

van Fossen, Anthony B.  Offshore gambling in Pacific Islands tax havens

Van Trease, Howard  The operation of the single non-transferable vote system in Vanuatu

Vanuatu Department of Forests: Report of a Staff Policy and Planning Workshop [2000]

Vanuatu Government Update: Governance and disincentives to investments

Vanuatu: no safe place for prisoners

Vanuatu's preschool revolution: a partner's perspective

Worsley, Peter. The trumpet shall sound : a study of 'cargo' cults in Melanesia. Chapter 8 - The movements in the New Hebrides

Yeeting. The Management Challenges of Vanuatu's Developing Marine Aquarium Fish Trade


Pacific Languages

Charpentier, Jean-Michel  The future of the languages of Vanuatu and New Caledonia

Crowley, Terry  Genesis of a preposition system in bislama

Crowley, Terry  English in Vanuatu

Crowley, Terry  The verb se and complement constructions in bislama

Crowley, Terry  The emergence of transitive verbal morphology in bislama

Crowley, Terry  Stories from Paama in Paamese and English

Crowley, Terry What happened to Erromango's languages?

Francois, Alexandre  Unraveling the history of the vowels of seventeen northern Vanuatu languages

Geraghty, Paul  Possession in the Fijian languages

Lynch, John  The apicolabial shift in Nese

Lynch, John  Final consonants in remote Oceanic

Lynch, John and Mugler, France  English in the South Pacific

Lynch, John  The French legacy in bislama

Lynch, John  In memorium, Terry Crowley 1953-2005

Lynch, John  Kava-drinking in southern Vanuatu: Melanesian drinkers, Polynesian roots

Lynch, John [Review of Terry Crowley's 'Beach-la-mer to bislama: the emergence of a national language in Vanuatu']

Lynch, John  Melanesian sailors on a Polynesian sea: maritime vocabulary in southern Vanuatu

Lynch, John and Crowley, Terry  Squib: more reflexes of Proto-Oceanic *q in Vanuatu languages

Lynch, John  Bilabial reflexes of Proto-Oceanic *q in southern Vanuatu languages

Lynch, John  "For my part ...": the grammar and semantics of part possession in the languages of Tanna

Lynch, John  An annotated bibliography of Vanuatu languages

Mael, Joshua  and Crowley, Terry  Tunuen telamun tenout voum

Meyerhoff, Miriam  Formal and cultural constraints on optional objects in Bislama

The regulation of marriage in Epi and Nguna

Sakiyama, Osamu  Endangered languages of the Pacific Ocean

Slone T. H.  A bibliography of Melanesian pidgin english dictionaries, phrase books and study guides

Spence, Alex  [Article about Vanuatu languages and work being undertaken by Terry Crowley in Malekula]

Topping, Donald M.  Language planning in Vanuatu

Tryon, Darrell  Language endangerment and globalisation in the Pacific

Vanuatu - Language and languages [from Ethnologue]

Willie, Royson  Vanuatu bislama dictionary author dies [obituary for Terry Crowley]

Customary Law

*This collection excludes those articles on Pacific Customary Law identified in the library's Pacific Law Journal Index.

Adams, Tui  Te Matapunenga: compendium of references to concepts of Maori customary law

Armitage, Lynne  Land tenure in Papua New Guinea: custom amd commerce at the interface - a case study of the Ahi People's land, Morobe Province, PNG

Ballara, Angela  Who owns Maori tribal tradition?

Bambgbose, Oluyemisi  Customary law practices and violence against women: the position under the Nigerian legal system

Bennett, T. W.  Customary law in theory

Boast, R. P.  Early work on Maori customary law: F. O. V. Acheson

Brookfied, F. M. (Jock)  Maori customary title to foreshore and seabed

Bulun Bulun & Anor v R & T Textiles Pty Ltd : Casestudy

Crisologo-Mendoza, Lorelei  Population growth and customary law on land: the case of Cordillera villages in the Phillipines

The dilemna of local courts in Zambia: a question of colonial legal continuity or deliberate customary law marginalisation?

Durie, E. T.  Ethics and values

Eddy, Lisa  Consent as a defence to bodily harm: indigenous customary law punishment is not necessarily against 'the law'

Formal recognition of customary law - an analysis of the South African experience in passing legislation recognising custom marriages

Intellectual property needs and expectations of traditional knowledge holders: WIPO Report on Fact-Finding Missions on Intellectual Property and Traditional Knowledge (1998-1999)
    Part II: FFM to the South Pacific

Frame, Alex and Meredith, Paul  Performance and maori customary legal process

Garkawe, Sam  The impact of the doctine of cultural relativism on the Australian legal system

Haffajee, Ferial  South Africa: blending tradition and change

Holzknecht, Hartmut  Past, present and future: building on Papua New Guinea's customary strengths in resource management

Jones, Craig  The conflict resolution domain: a mediation model for the resolution of cross-cultural, multi-party resource-based conflict

Kingi, Tanira  Individualisation of Maori customary tenure and Maori agricultural development

Lal, Padma et al.  Can information from integration of different sets of data reduce land conflict

Maltz, Tamir  Customary law and power in internet communities

Manau, David  Land reform initiatives for indigenous participation: a Papua New Guinean perspective in the petroleum industry

Maori customary law [bibliography]

Marru, Ian  Contemporary challenges on the use of customary corporations in petroleum development projects in Papua New Guinea

Mokgoro, Yvonne  The customary law question in the South African constitution

New Zealand.  Law Commission.  Justice: the experiences of Maori women

New Zealand.  Law Commission.  Maori custom and values in New Zealand law

Northern Territory Law Reform Commission.  Report of the Committee of Inquiry into aboriginal customary law

Northern Territory Law Reform Commission.  Background paper 1.  Aboriginal communities and aboriginal law in the Northern Territories

Northern Territory Law Reform Commission.  Background paper 2.  The recognition of aboriginal law as law

Northern Territory Law Reform Commission.  Background paper 3.  Legal recognition of aboriginal customary law

Northern Territory Law Reform Commission.  Background paper 4.  International law, human rights and aboriginal customary law

Ottley, Bruce  Looking back to the future" the colonial origins of current attitudes toward customary law

Parisi, Francesco  The formation of customary law

The recognition of aboriginal customary laws [ALRC 31]

Rumbles, Wayne  Africa: co-existence of customary and received law

Sarre, Rick  Aboriginal customary law

Seng, Michael P.  In a conflict between equal rights for women and customary law, the Botswana Court of Appeal chooses equality

Small, Garrick  A realistic case study in land rights integration

South African Law Commission.  Discussion Paper no.93:  Customary law

South African Law Commission.  Customary law: report on traditional courts and the judicial function of traditional leaders

South African Law Commission.  Harmonisation of the common law and the indigenous law (draft issue paper on succession)

Walsh, Denise  Public debate and the limits of customary law reform in South Africa

Watson, Alan  An approach to customary law

Weiner, James  Adverse possession: some observations on the relation between land and land-based knowledge in Papua New Guinea

Wicliffe, Caren  Access to customary law: New Zealand issues

Williams, Joe  The Maori land Court - a separate legal system?

Woodman, Gordon R.  Customary law in common law systems

Wuerffel, Kristin  Discriminating among rights?: a nation's legislating a hierarchy of human rights in the context of international human rights customary law

Younkins, Edward  Customary law as an evolved good shortcut

Zaloumis, Francis  Approaches to gender equality under customary law

Zone, Seydou  Customary law and traditional water management

Pacific Law

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