Custom Stories from Epi, Vanuatu

[for Alicia Rose]


1.    Origin of marriage ~ The country of women / told by Sapabo,  Nikaura
2.    The origin of the sun and moon
3.    The story of Tepete / told by Leluo-marua, Nikaura
4.    Why we live in reed-thatched houses
5.    Explanation of coral rock on the hills / told by Supabo, Nikaura
5A.  Origin of bush and saltwater peoples / told by Lemanu,  Nikaura
6.    Origin of the coconut and the banana / told by Supabo, Nikaura
7.    Origin of burukuruki (island chestnut) / told by Supabo, Epi
8.    Origin of death / told by Erewo, Nikaura
9.    Why birds are of no use ~ the story of Morapia and her husband Burupa
10.  Explains the origin of edible things on the reef
11.  How the man married the teleriko
12.  Origin of domestic and wild fowls
13.  The origin of counting
14.  The origin of tapu things / told by Erewo, Nikaura
15.  The story of the taro pudding
16.  The leriko and the fowls
17.  The leriko child who stole food (explains the magic power of the kirasimevia bush)
18.  A-supue Na Mali's escape from the lerikos / told by Leluo Marua and Erewo, Nikaura
19.  The man on the banana tree and the leriko / told by Lemano, Nikaura
20.  How the teleriko ate up the taro pudding
21.  An explanation of the landslips on the steep hills at the back of Nikaura

22. The growing stone and the young girl
23. The old woman and the bananas

more stories in bislama (not yet available online) ...

24.  Storei blong tu waet man mo tu gel
25.  Storei blong namarae
26.  Storei we ston i karem man i go long Australia
27.  Storei blong mamafaol wetem ol pikinini blong hem

See also  'Ol Storian Blong Lewo, Epi Aelan' / compiled by Maki Lewi, Joel Lemay and Michael Young.  Port Vila: USP Centre, 1988.

This is a collection of stories from Epi, Vanuatu, compiled by Peter Murgatroyd, Librarian at the Emalus Campus of the University of the South Pacific. 

Stories 1 - 21 were copied from the Journal of the Polynesian Society Vols. XXIV and XXV (1915 and 1916) [Some myths and folk stories from Epi, New Hebrides / by Rev. T E Riddle, communicated by Robert M Laing.]

*Stories 22 - 27 were told by Joseph Yona of Mabfilau, Epi during 2002 and  translated into English by his grand-daughter Nancy Yona.



2004 Peter Murgatroyd, USP.

Last updated 3 May 2004 2004