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This bibliography lists materials held in the University of Waikato Library which provide information on Maori customary law and legal issues concerning Maori. It is not an exhaustive list. You may be able to find additional material on the Online Catalogue. Please ask at the Law Library Desk if you want any further help.

See also:
Maori Customary Legal Dictionary. This is a searchable dictionary of Maori terms and phrases as they are used in customary legal and general legal contexts, made available on the LinxLaw site.

Acheson, Frank O. V. The ancient Maori system of land tenures (some few aspects of): being a thesis written for the Jacob Joseph Schaolarship, Victoria University College. 1913.
HD1120.5.A62 1913 New Zealand Collection O/S

Asher, G
Maori land.
Wellington: New Zealand Planning Council, 1987.
HC661.A1N575 no.29 New Zealand Collection O/S

Barlow, Cleve
Tikanga whakaaro: key concepts in Maori culture.
Auckland: Oxford University Press, 1991.
GN667.5.B37 New Zealand Collection

Barns, Mike
Resource management law reform: a Treaty based model, the principle of active protection.
Wellington: Ministry for the Environment, 1988.
HC663.5.W927 no.27 Law Library, New Zealand Collection O/S

Best, Elsdon, 1856-1931
Maori religion and mythology: being an account of the cosmogony, anthropogeny, religious beliefs and rites, magic and folk lore
Wellington: Govt.Print., 1982.
GN667.N9W5 no.11 New Zealand Collection

Best, Elsdon, 1856-1931
Tuhoe, the children of the mist; a sketch of the origin, history, myths and beliefs of the Tuhoe; tribe of the Maori of New Zealand
Wellington: Reed for the Polynesian Society, 1972.
GN667.N9B564 New Zealand Collection

Best, Elsdon, 1856-1931
The whare kohanga (the "nest house") and its lore: comprising data pertaining to procreation, baptism, and infant bethrothal
Wellington: Shearer Govt.Printer, 1975.
GN667.N9W5 no. 13 New Zealand Collection

Boast, Richard
Maori land law.
Butterworths, 1999
KUQ2565.M36 Law Library Desk

Brownlie, Ian
Treaties and indigenous peoples.
Oxford University Press, 1992
DU418.2.B76 Law Library

Buck, Peter H
The coming of the Maori, by Te Rangi Hiroa
(2nd ed.) Wellington: Maori Purposes Fund Board, 1950.
GN667.N9B83 New Zealand Collection

Cowan, James
The Maori yesterday and today.
Christchurch: Whitcombe & Tombs, 1930.
GN667.N9C63 NZC

Customary Maori land and sea tenure = Nga tikanga tiaki taonga o nehera. Wn.,Nga Kairangahau, Manatu Maori, 1991.
HD1120.5.Z7C87 1991 Law Library and NZC O/S

Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples: consultation with the Tangata Whenua.
Wellington: Ministry of External Relations and Trade, 1990.
K3242.D42 Law Library, New Zealand Collection

Durie, Edward Taihakurei Junior
Understanding the Treaty: Judge Durie's speech to the New Zealand Law Society, April 1989.
DU418.2.D962 New Zealand Collection O/S

Ehrhardt, Penny
Te Whanganui-a-Tara customary tenure, 1750-1850.
Wellington: Waitangi Tribunal Division, Dept. of Justice, 1993.
GN476.7.M3 1994 NZC

Elliott, Jacqueline D. (compiler) Pacific Law Bibliography.
Canberra, A.C.T.:1988/1990
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Economics of the New Zealand Maori.
(2nd.ed.) Wellington: Govt.Print., 1959.
GN420.F5 NZC

Fritz, Linda
Native law bibliography.
(2nd.ed.) Saskatoon: University of Saskatchewan, Native Law Centre, 1990.
KE7701.F75 Law Library Quick Reference

Hanson, F. Allan
Counterpoint in Maori culture
London: Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1983.
DU423.S63H36 New Zealand Collection

Jackson, Moana
The Maori and the criminal justice system: a new perspective = he Whaipaanga hou.
Wellington: Dept. of Justice, 1988.
HV7181.N411 no.18 Parts 1 & 2 Law Library, New Zealand Collection O/S

Journal of the Polynesian Society.
Auckland: The Society, 1879 -
GN2.P783 SERIALS, Level 1

Kawharu, Ian Hugh
Maori land tenure; studies of a changing institution.
Oxford/ New York: Clarendon Press, 1977.
HD1265 N4K3 Law Library, New Zealand Collection

Lore of the Whare-wananga, or Teachings of the Maori college on religion, cosmology and history; written down by H.T.Whatahoro from the teachings of Te Matorohanga and Nepia Pohuhu.
New York: AMS Press, 1978.
GR375.S661 1978 NZC

Mackay, Alexander
A compendium of official documents relative to native affairs in the South Island (microform).
Wellington: Alexander Turnbull Library, 1991.
DU412.C6 Microforms Room, Level 2

McCan, Cindy
Water: towards a bicultural perspective.
Lincoln, NZ: Centre for Resource Management, 1990.
HN930.5.A4143 no.23 New Zealand Collection O/S

McHugh, Paul Gerard
The aboriginal rights of the New Zealand Maori at common law.
Cambridge, UK: University of Cambridge Press, 1987.
JQ5820.M5M151 Law Library

McHugh, Paul Gerard
The fragmentation of Maori Land.
Legal Research Foundation, 1980.
KUQ74.L441 no.18 Law Library

McHugh, Paul Gerard
The Maori Magna Carta: New Zealand law and the Treaty of Waitangi.
Auckland: Oxford University Press, 1991.
DU418.2.M151 Law Library, New Zealand Collection

McHugh, Paul Gerard
Maori land laws of New Zealand: two essays.
Saskatoon: University of Saskatchewan Native Law Centre, 1983.
KUQ2553.M3453 1983 Law Library

Maori customary use of native birds, plants and other traditional materials: discussion paper.
Wellington: NZ Conrvation Authority, [1994]
GN476.7.M3 1994 Law Library, New Zealand Collection O/s

Marsden, Maori
Resource management law reform: Part A: The natural world and natural resources, Maori value systems & perspectives
Part B: Water resources and the Kai Tahu claim.
Wellington: Ministry for the Environment, 1989.
HC663.5.W927 no.29 Law Library, New Zealand Collection O/S.

Mead, Sidney Moko (compiler)
Customary concepts of the Maori: a source book for Maori Studies students
(2nd rev. ed) Wellington: Dept. of Maori Studies, Victoria University 1984.
DU423.S63C87 1984 New Zealand Collection O/S

Minhinnick, Nganeko Kaihau
Establishing Kaitiaki: a paper.
Auckland: N K Minhinnick, 1989.
HD1120.5.Z7M56 Law Library, New Zealand Collection O/S.

Mitchell, Robin
The Treaty and the Act : the Treaty of Waitangi, 1840 and the Treaty of Waitangi Act, 1975.
Cadsonbury: c1990. DU418.2.M682 Law Library, NZC

National Archives of New Zealand
Raupatu Document Bank. Wellington, Waitangi Tribunal, 1989 - 1990.
Documents held by National Archives of New Zealand relating to land claims in New Zealand from the 1870s to 1960s together with statutes relating to confiscated land.
HD1120.5.Z7N35 New Zealand Collection Government Documents

New Zealand. Interdepartmental Committee on Maori Fishing Rights.
First report: "He kakano i ruia mai i Rangiatea e kore e ngaro": the treasures brought from Rangiatea (the heavens) will not be lost
Wellington: Dept. of Justice, 1985.
GN407.35.N45 New Zealand Collection

Nga Kai o te moana: kaupapa tiakina: customary fisheries: philosophy and practices, legislation and change
Wellington: Ministry of Maori Development,1993
SH318.5.K13 1993 Law Library, New Zealand Collection O/S,

O'Connor, Martin
Honour the treaty? : property right and symbolic exchange.
Auckland: University of Auckland, Dept of Economics, 1991.
HB34.P766 no.11. Law Library, New Zealand Collection

Orange, Claudia
The Treaty of Waitangi.
Wellington: Briget Williams Books, 1987.
DU418.2.O63. Law Library, New Zealand Collection

Robertson, C J R
Questions on the harvesting of toroa in the Chatham Islands
Wellington: Dept. of Conservation, c1991.
S934.N45S425 no.35 New Zealand Collection O/S

Patterson, John
Exploring Maori values
Palmerston North: Dunmore Press, 1992
HN930.5.Z9E8P37 Law Library, New Zealand Collection

Shortland, Edward
Maori religion and mythology: illustrated by translations of traditions, karakia...,to which are added notes on Maori tenure of land.
London: Longmans Green, 1882.
BL2615.S5 New Zealand Collection

Smith, Norman
Maori land corporations
Wellington: Reed, 1962.
HD1055.S75 New Zealand Collection

Smith, Norman
Maori land law
Wellington: Reed, 1960.
HD1055.S74 New Zealand Collection

Smith, Norman
Native custom and law affecting native land
Wellington: Maori Purposes Fund Board, 1942
HD1052.S6 New Zealand Collection

Stafford, Don
Te Arawa; a history of the Arawa people
Wellington: Reed, [1967].
GN492.A663S67 NZC

Taylor, Richard
Te Ika a Maui: or New Zealand and its inhabitants: illustrating the origin, manners, customs, mythology, religion, rites, songs
Wellington: Reed, 1974
DU420.T24 NZC

Te Whakamarama: the Maori Law Bulletin
Wellington: Nga Kaiwhakamarama i Nga Ture, 1989 -
KUQ519.I64W552 Law Library

Ward, Alan Dudley
A show of justice: racial 'amalgamation' in nineteenth century New Zealand.
Auckland: Auckland University Press, 1973.
HT1595.M3W38 Law Library, New Zealand Collection


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