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-Astride the Equator: an account of the Gilbert Islands/ Sabatier, E.          996.81 Sab. 1977


-Awareness raising on court rules relating to domestic violence in Vanuatu/ Randell, Shirley                                                                                                          362.8292099595 Ran c.2


-The Big Death: Solomon Islanders remember World War II        993.5 Bik c.1


-A Cambridge Bible                                                                   REF220.5 Bib 1989


-The Cambridge history of the Pacific Islanders                          990 Cam c.2


-Cannibalism and human sacrifice/ Hogg, Garry                          PRES291.3 Hog 1958


-The Charter of the land: custom and colonisation in Fiji               333.3099 Fra


-Chiefs today: traditional Pacific leadership and the postcolonial state/ White & Lindstrom (eds.)                                                                                                    306.20995 Chi c.1


-Cinderellas of the Empire/ Macdonald, Barrie                            996.81 Mac


-A Comparative Study of Melanesian island languages/ Ray, Sidney Herbert        

                                                                                                Pres499.43 Her 1926



-The Concise Oxford Dictionary of current English/ Fowler, H.W. & Fowler, F.G.

                                                                                                REF423 Con. 1995 c.2


-Crime and custom in savage society/ Malinowski, B.                  572 Mal.


-Culture & democracy in the South Pacific                                 320.995 Cul. 1992


-Culture, Kastom, tradition: developing cultural policy in Melanesia/ Lindstrom & White (eds.)                                                                                                       350.850995 Cul. C.3


-Customary land tenure and sustainable development: complementarity or conflict?

                                                                                                333.30995 Cus 1995 c.3


-Cyclopedia of Fiji                                                                     996.110033 Cyc.


-Decentralisation in the South Pacific: local, provincial and state Government in twenty countries                                                                                                   354.9073 Dec c.1


-Development or dependence: the pattern of change in a Fijian village/ Ravuvu, Asesela D.                                                                                                           307.72099611 Rav


-Employment and Industrial Relations in the South Pacific: Samoa, Tonga, the Cook Islands, Kiribati, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu and the Fiji Islands/ Prasad, Satendra     

                                                                                                331.0995 Pra 2003


-Engineering drawing with worked examples/ Parker M.A.          604.2 Par


-Eton Statistical & Math Tables                                                  PRES 510.212 Eto


-Europe since Napoleon/ Thompson, David                                 940.28 Tho


-Falafala ana ano’i Kwara’ae = the tradition of land in Kwara’ae/ Burt, Ben

                                                                                                333.7309935 Bur


-The Family, law and population in the Pacific Islands/ Pulea, Mere         

                                                                                                306.8099 Pul c.1


-Fiji accounting standards: framework for the preparation and presentation for financial statements                                                                                    657.02 Fij 2001


-Fiji: future imperfect?/ Taylor, M. (ed.)                                      330.99611 Fij 1987


-Fiji: a short history                                                                    996.11 Sca.


-The Fijians: a study of the decay of custom/ Thomson, B.           390.099611 Tho.


-Foreign Forces in Pacific Politics                                               320.99 For c.2


-Fragments of Empire: a history of the Western Pacific High Commission 1877-1914/

Scarr, Deryck.                                                                          320.99 Sca.


-Governance and good government: policy and implementgation in the South Pacific

                                                                                                320.996 Gov. 1995


-Governance and reform in the South Pacific/ Larmour, Peter (ed.)320.995 Gov c.3


-Hazards in the chemical laboratory/ Bretherick, L. (ed.)             542.289 Haz.


-A History of the Pacific: from the Stone Age to the present day/ Barclay, Glen

                                                                                                990 Bar


-The History of the Pacific Islands: Kingdoms on the reefs/ Scarr, Deryck

990 Sca c.1


-A history of the Pacific Islands/ Campbell, I.C.                          990 Cam 1989  c.1


-Improving land tenure/ Crocombe, R.                                        333.320996 Cro. 1968 c.2


-Independence, dependence, interdependence/ Crocombe, R. (ed.)320.99593 Ind.


-Islands and empires: Western Impact on the Pacific and East Asia/ Dodge, Ernest S.

                                                                                                909.08 Isl 1976


-Kiribati: a changing atoll culture                                     996.81 Kir


-Kiribati: aspects of history                                                         996.81 Tal. 1979 c.1


-Labour in the South Pacific/ Moore, Clive (ed.)                          331.11099 Lab 1990 c.3


-Laef blong mi: from village to nation/ Regenvanu J. Sethy           995.95092 Reg c.3


-Land, custom and practice in the South Pacific/ Ward & Kingdon (eds.)                                                                                                                                      333.320995 Lan


-Land in the Solomon Islands                                                      333.3099593 Lan c.1


-Land issues in the Pacific/ Crocombe & Meleisea (eds)             333.30995 Lan c.1


-Land, people and government: public lands policy in the South Pacific

                                                                                                333.1099 Lan


-Land rights of Pacific women                                                   333.731099 Lan c.3


-Land tenure and agricultural development in the Pacific Islands/ Crocombe, R.G.

                                                                                                333.3099 Cro. C.2


-Land tenure and rural productivity in the Pacific Islands              333.3099 Lan c.2


-Land tenure in the Atolls: Cook Islands, Kiribati, Marshall Islands, Tokelau, Tuvalu/ Crocombe, R.G. (ed.)                                                                                    333.3099 Lan c.2


-Land tenure in the Cook Islands/ Crocombe, R.G.                      333.099623 Cro 1964


-Land tenure in the Pacific/ Crocombe, R. (ed.)                          333.3099 Lan


-Land tenure in the Pacific                                                         333.32099 Lan3 1987 c.1


-Land tenure in Niue/ Kalauni, S.                                                333.309962 Lan 1977 c.2


-Land tenure in Vanuatu                                                                        333.309934 Lan c.3


-Learning Microsoft Accress 2000/ Wix & Price                         005.7565 Wix


-Learning Microsoft Excel 2000/ Price & Wix                             005.369 Pri.


-Learning Excel 2000: the easy way- level 1                                005.369 Pri Level 1


-Learning Excel 2000: the easy way – level 2                              005.369 Pri level 2


-Learning Microsoft Office 2000/ Price & Wix                           005.369 Pri


-Learning Microsoft Word 2000/ Price & Wix                             652.55369 Pri


-The Making of Modern Samoa: traditional authority and colonial administration in the History of Western Samoa/ Meleisea, Malama                                                996.14 Mel. 1987 c.2


-Maori land tenure: studies of a changing institution/ Kawharu      333.323 Kaw.


-New politics in the South Pacific                                               320.995 New c.2


-The New Jacaranda Atlas                                                        REF912 Jar3 1987


-The Oceanic languages/ Lynch, John                                         499 Lyn c.2


-Of Cargoes, colonies and kings: diplomatic and administrative service from Africa to the Pacific/ Stuart, Andrew.                                                                         325.341092 Stu 2001 c.1


-Oxford dictionary of Geography/ Mayhew, Susan                       REF910.3 May 1997


-The Pacific Islands/ Oliver, Douglas                                          990 Oli. 1961 c.1


-The Pacific war: Japan versus the allies/ Levine, Alan J.            940.5426 Lev. 1995


-Politics in Micronesia                                                                320.9965 Pol.


-Politics in Polynesia. (volume 2)                                                320.996 Pol c.3


-The politics of Melanesia/ edited by Marion W. Ward                 320.995 Pol.     


-Port Vila: transit station or final stop?/ Haberkon, Gerald            307.24099595 Hab. c.2


-Les pouvoirs de la coutume a Vanuatu: traditionalisma et edification nationale/ Tabani, M. Kurt                                                                                                    995.95 Tab 2002


-Problem of choice: land in Papua New Guinea’s future/ Sack, Peter G.

                                                                                                333.320995 Pro


-Rabuka of Fiji: the authorized biography…/ Sharpham, J.            996.11092 Sha 2000


-Rugby coaching manual for the South Pacific Islands                 796.33320995 Boi


-The Southwest Pacific since 1900/ Grattan Hartley C.                990 Gra c.2


-Samoa: mapping the diversity/ Ward & Ashcroft                        333.73099614 War


-Samoa mo Samoa: the emergence of the Independent States of Western Samoa/ Davidson, J.W.

                                                                                                996.14 Dav.


-Sinner and sandalwood/ Short F.G.                                            398.232995 Sho


-Strategies for sustainable development: experiences from the Pacific/ Overton & Scheyvens (eds.)                                                                                              338.995 Str.


-Tides of history: the pacific islands in the twentieth century/ Howe, Kiste & Lal (eds.)                                                                                                                 995 Tid c.2


-Time to act: the pacific response to HIV and AIDS                    614.59930995 Tim c.2


-Time: Pacific journey                                                                990 Tim c.2 & c.3


-To Kill a bird with two stones/ MacClancy, Jeremy                    993.4 Mac 2002 c.2


-Tradition and change in the Fijian village/ Nayacakalou, R.R.      330.99611 Nay 1978 c2


-Tufala gavman: reminiscences from the Anglo-French Condominium of the New Hebrides/ Bresnihan & Woodward                                                                     995.95 Tuf 2002


-Tuvalu: a History                                                                      996.8 Fa’a


-Under the ivi tree: society and economic growth in rural Fiji/ Belshaw, Cyril S.

                                                                                                330.99611 Bel


-Urban poverty and the environment in the South Pacific/ Bryant, Jenny J.

                                                                                                307.7609 Bry. 1993


-Wealth of the Solomons: a history of a Pacific archipelago, 1800-1978/ Bennett, Judith A.

                                                                                                993.5 Ben 1987 c.3


-Western Pacific Islands/ Coates                                                            990 Coa 1970


-Where the waves fall: a new South Sea Islands history from first settlement to colonial rule/ Howe, K.R.                                                                          990.19 How c.1



Les Biens: généralités- biens personels/ Snow, G.                                    FR KN50 Sno. 1998c.1


Code Civil                                                                                             Pres PLaw Leg.V11 Laws 1979-80


Code de Commerce                                                                               Pres PLAW Leg.V11 Laws 1979-80


Code Penal                                                                                           Pres PLAW Leg V11 Laws 1979-80


Code de Procedure Penale: code de justice militaire                                 PRes PLAW Leg. V11 Laws 1979-80


Code de Procedure Civile (Nouveau)                                                      Pres PLAW Leg V11 Laws 1979


Common Law d’un siècle à l’autre                                                         FR KL1 Com. 1992 c.1


Les Contracts/ Manwaring, J.                                                                FR KN10 Man 1999 c.1


Dictionnaire Canadien de la Common Law: Droit des Biens et Droit Succesoral = Canadian Common Law Dictionary: Law of Property and Estates                             FR KL21 Dic. 1997 c.1


Dictionnaire de droit privé et lexiques bilingues                                        FR KL21 Dic2 1991 c.1


Droit Administratif/ Foucher, P.                                                              FR KM300 Fou 1997c1


Droit anglais/ Jolowicz, J.A.                                                                   FR Kl1.A1 Dro.


Droit Constitutionnel/ Foucher, P.                                                           FR KM30 Fou.1996 c.1


Droit Pénal Général/ Giroux, M.                                                             FR KM500 Gir 1997 c1


Eléments de Common Law et aperçu comparatif du Droit Québécois       FR KL1.F1 Ele 1997 c1


La Famille/ Poirier, D.                                                                           FR KN170 Poi. 1998c1


Les Fiducies/ Grenon, A.                                                                       FR KN210 Gre. 1997c1


Les Grands arrêts de la Common Law: les Contrats                                FR KN10.Z2 Con.

1998 c.1


Les Grands arrêts de la Common Law: les fiducies, les personnes physiques et les incapacités

                                                                                                            FR KN210.Z2 Les

1998 c.1


Histoire de la Common Law/ Vanderlinden, J.                                         FR KA19 Van 1996 c1


Introduction générale à la Common Law/ Poirier, D.                                FR KL1 Poi. 1994 c.1


Lexique de la responasabilite civile delictuelle = Glossary of tort law         FR KL21 Lex. 1992 c.1


Lexique des lois et des règlements de l’Ontario = Lexicon of Ontario Statutes and regulations

                                                                                                            FR KL21 Lex2 1993 c.1


Lexique législative de droit pénal = Criminal law legislation lexicon           FR KM500.F1 Lex

1995 c.1


Les personnes physiques et les incapacités/ Poirier, D.                            FR KN180 Poi 1997 c1


La Preuve/ Rousselle, S.                                                                                    FR KN390 Rou. 1997c1


Les Professions Juridiques/ Pallard, H.                                                   FR KL50 Pal 1999 c1


Les Sociétés par actions/ LeBlanc, R.                                                     FR KN260 LeB.

1998 c.1


Sources de la Common Law/ Poirier, D.                                                 FR KL1 Pou 1996 c.1



-American law: an introduction/ Friedman, Lawrence M.                         KL22 Fri 1984


-Approaches to child custody in the Pacific Region/ Sue Farran                PRES PK116 Far 2003


-The Big Seven: Human Rights Conventions & Judicial Declarations        PRes KP81 Pac

                                                                                                             2005 c.2


-Chief Legislation Report/ Garu Selwyn                                                  PRES KP62.V11 Gar


-    Civil procedures of the South Pacific; Jennifer Corrin Care                 KP144 Cor 1998 c.4


-Civil Prodedure and Courts in the South Pacific/ Jennifer Corrin Care     KP144 Cor2 2004 c.1


- Civil Procedure Rules: no.49 of 2000/ Republic of Vanuatu                    KP144.V11 Rep 2002


-    Code of Federated States of Micronesia: title 6: Judicial Procedure      FSM Box


-    Code of Federated States of Micronesia: title 11: Crimes                    FSM Box


-          Code of Federated States of Micronesia: title 25: Environmental Protection



-Commercial Law and practice in the South Pacific/ Ahmadu L.              KP127 Ahm 2006 c.4   


-    Company Law in the South Pacific; Hughes, Robert & Ahmadu M.L. KP128 Hug 2001 c.1


-   The Conservation and management of the coastal & marine resources in the South Pacific/

     Cordonnery, L. (occasional paper no.4)                                              KP107.2 Cor 2000 c.1


-The Constitution of the Marshall Islands: its drafting and current operations/ De Jonge, Alice.


-   Contract codes, Coral Atolls and the Kiwi Connection                         KP97.T55 Ang.


- Contract Law in the South Pacific/ Jennifer Corrin Care                        KP97 Cor 2001 c.1


- Criminal laws of the South Pacific/ Findlay, M.                                     KP90 Fin2 2000 c.1


-Custom and customary law: SEC16 Reader                                           KP62 Sec 1994


- Custom and the Law/ De Deckker, Paul (ed.)                                       KP62 Cus 2001


- Custom at the crossroads/ Aleck, J. (ed.)                                              KP62.P34 Cus 1995 c.1


-Customary land tenure : registration and decentralization in Papua New Guinea/ Larmour, Peter

                                                                                                            KP105.P34 1991


- Disability law and policy: issues affecting the delivery of services and access to facilities for people with disabilities: Fiji report                                                            KP81.7.F44 Dis 1998


-Environmental law in the South Pacific: consolidated report of the Reviews of Environmental law in the Cook Islands, Federated States of Micronesia, Kingdom of Tonga, Republic of the Marshall Islands and Solomon Islands/ Boer, Ben (ed.)                                    KP107.2 Env 1996 c.4


-Essential Principles of Contract and Sales Law in the Northern Pacific: Federated States of Micronesia, the Republics of Palau and the Marshall Islands, and United States Territories/ Ryan, Daniel P.                                                                                       PRes KP97.F25 Dan

                                                                                                            2005 C.2


- Evolution of customary land administration: the case of Solomon Islands before, during and after British rule/ Foukona, J.D.                                                                        KP105.S53 Fou 2001


- External trade and investment law in the South Pacific/ Ahmadu, M.L.   KP127 Ahm.2000 c.1


-The Evolution of Traditional Governance in Tuvalu/ Seluka, Albert          KP83.T98 Sel 2002


- Fiji income tax law/ Fulcher, Peter, N.                                                  KP84.5.F46 Ful1999 c2


-Foreign direct investment and the Law in a Case of Solomon Islands: evolution, Challenges and Prospects/ Tagini, Philip                                                                332.6730995 Tag 2001


- French Law in the New Hebrides/ Marcin Antoni Pruss                                    KP75.V11 Pru 2001


-   Gender discrimination: a review of legislation & considerations for reform in Vanuatu

KP81.V11 Far 2000c.1


-    The High Court Rules: 1988                                                  KP144.F44.Z72 Hig 1988 c.3


-International encyclopedia of laws                                                         KP109 Far 2003 c.1


-International Procurement and Electronic Commerce in the South Pacific: Law and Practice/ Mohammed L. Ahmadou                                                                 PRes KP98 Ahm 2007


- Introduction au Statut Juridique de la Polynesie Francaise/ Sem, G.        KP61.F82 Sem 1996


- Introduction to South Pacific Law/ Corrin Care, Jennifer                       KP61 Cor. 1999 c.2


-    Island court in Vanuatu/ Jowitt, A. (occasional paper no.2)                 KP145.V11Jow.2000c.1


-    Judicial Review Applications in Fiji: principles and materials; Ahmadu, M.L.

            KP82.F44 Ahm 2001 c.1


-A kind of mending: restorative justice in the Pacific Islands/ Dinnen, Sinclair (ed.)

                                                                                                            KP90 Kin 2003 c.1


-Land Law and policy in Papua New Guinea/ James, R.W.          KP104.P34 Jam 1985 c.2


-Land policies and issues in the South Pacific/ R.V. Cole                         KP105 Lan 1986


-Land reform in Fiji Islands : a commentary on the reforms relating to rape and to HIV/AIDS /   

     Jowitt, Anita & Newton, Tess                                                           KP91.F44 Jow 2001 c.1


-Law for Pacific Women: a legal rights handbook/ Jalal, Imrana               KP61 Jal 1998 c.1


-The Law of Banking in Fiji/ Ahmadu, Mohammed                                  KP134.F44

                                                                                                            Ahm. 1998 c.3


-Law of Torts in the South Pacific/ Offei, Atephen                                  KN30 Off. 1997 c.3


- Legal developments in the Pacific Island region: proceedings of the inaugural conference held July 27th & 28th 1998 at the USP Emalus Campus, Port Vila, Vanuatu.          KP61 Leg 1999 c.1


- Legal developments in the Pacific Island region: proceedings of the 1999 conference, Port Vila, 6th & 7th September/ Newton, Tess (ed.)                                                         KP61.004 Leg 1999 c.1


- Legal developments in the Pacific Island Region: proceedings of the 3rd annual conference, October 19th & 20th, 2000.                                                                 KP61 Leg 2000 c.1


- Marriage and separation: discussion paper no. 1 1997/ Fiji Law Reform Commission. Family Law Reform                                                                                   LRC (Fij/Fam-DP No. 1 1997.


-    Migration, unemployment and crime in Vanuatu / Jowitt, Anita            KP90.V11 Jow 2001 c.1


-Mini Nuke Strikes, ICJ Advisory Opinion and Unilateral Undertakings/ Mynt Zan

PRES KC1392 Zan 2003


-          Nangol jumping should return to Pentecost: a conspectus of the French English and Custom

      Law of Vanuatu                                                                              KP62.V11 Ang 1998


-Pacific Constitutions/ Sack, Peter (ed.)                                                  KP77 Pac 1982 c.4



-    Pacific contract Law/ Roebuck, Derek                                              KP97.Roe 1987


-    Pacific Constitutions, Vol 2: the Independent States of Melanesia and Micronesia

                                                                                                            KP14 Pac. 1983 v.2 c.2


- Pacific Courts and Legal Systems/ Guy Powles (ed.)                            KP61 Pac2 1988 c.1


-Pacific Human Rights Law Digest Volume 1                                         Pres KP81 Pac 2005 c.2


-          Paramount Chiefs Malvatumauri: Kastom Polisi blong Malvatumauri = Custom Policy of the Malvatumauri National Council of Custom Chiefs of the Republic of Vanuatu

KP62.V11 Mal. 1983


-          Passage of change: law, society and governance in the Pacific/ Jowitt & Cain (eds.)

KP61 Pas 2003


-The persistence of chiefly power and its implications for law and political organization in Western Polynesia/ Powles, Charles Guy                                          KP62 Pow 1979


-Policing in the South Pacific Region/ Newton, T. (occasional paper no. 1)

KP92.2 New. 2000 c.1


-    The Politics of legal pluralism/ Hughes, B. (occasional paper no.7)      KB140 Hug. 2000 c.1



-Proving customary law in the common law courts of the South Pacific; Zorn, Jean G. & 

      Corrin Care, Jennifer                                                                       KP144 Zor 2002 c.1


-Reconciling Customary Law and Received Law in Melanesia: the Post-Independence Experience in Solomon Islands and Vanuatu/ Brown, K.                                                      KP62 Bro 2005 c.3


-          Report of the Gilbert Islands Constitutional Conference, London, Nov. Dec. 1978

KP177.K66 Gil1 1979


- Report of the Juvenile Justice project a resource on Juvenile Justice and Kastom Law in Vanuatu/ edited by Benedicta Rousseau                                                          KP90.V11 Rep 2003 c.2


-          Report of the Solomon Island Constitutional Conference London, September 1977

KP77.S53 Sol. 1977


-          Report of Special Lands Commission on Customary Land Tenure in the British Solomon

      Islands Protectorate.                                                                                    KP105.S53 All 1957


-          Report of the Tuvalu Constitutional Conference, London, February 1978

KP177.T98 Tuv 1978


-    A Report on the findings of the judicial training needs feasibility study for the chief justices of

     the South West Pacific; Grime, Richard                                             KP69.5 Gri1987 c.3


-   Researching customary law : a collection of papers : some papers written in

     Customary Law LA322 Second Semester 2001                                  KP62 Res 2001 c.1


- Samoa Faamatai and the Rule of Law/ Vaai, Saleimoa                          KP61.W68 Vaa 1999 c2


- Samoa: the making of the constitution/ Meti, Lauofo                              KP14.W68 Met 2002c1


- Selected Constitutions of the South Pacific/ Paterson, D.                       KP14 Pat 2000 c.1


- Selected Laws of Papua New Guinea                                                  KP15.P34 Sel. 2000


- Selected Regulations pf Papua New Guinea                                          KP15.P34 Sel. 2001


-The Solomon Islands Townsville Peace Agreement: Trading Human Rights for Peace?/ John Selwyn Taupongi…[et al.]                                                   PRES KP81.S53 Sol 2003


- Solomon Safari 1953-58/ Allan, Colin H.                                               KP105.S53 All. 1990


-   Sources of criminal law in the South Pacific Region/ Newton, T. (occasional paper no.6)

KP90 New. 2000 c.1


-  Sources of Law in the South Pacific ; JPS v.21,1997                            KP61 Sou 1997 c.2


-South Pacific property law/ Sue Farran & Don Paterson                                    KP103 Far 2004 c.1


-State recognition of customary law in the Pacific/ McLachlan, Campbell A.        

                                                                                                            Pres KP62 McL 1988                                                                                                                v1 & 2


-  State, Society and Governance in Melanesia, Discussion Paper Series, v.1996-1997 & v.1998 (bounded volumes). 320.995 Sta (located in…)                                              State , Society &

Governance… Box.      


-A study on international public procurement in some South Pacific Island countries: a thesis submitted in fulfillment for the requirements of the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy

                                                                                                            Pres KP98 Ahm. 2004.


-   Succession Law in the South Pacific; Hughes Robert A.                     KP110 Hug 1999 c.2



-   Teaching comparative law: lessons from experience/ Farran, S. (occasional paper no. 3)

KL149.4 Far. 2000 c.1


-   Towards a United Future: Report of the Fiji Constitution Review Commission; Reeves, Paul

                                                                                                            KP77.F44 Fij 1996 c.2


-   Trust law in the South Pacific; Hughes Robert A.                               KP126 Hug 1999 c.2


- Understanding law in Micronesia/ Brian Z. Tamanaha                           KP61.F25 Tam 1993


-   Vanuatu Law reports, volumes 1 & 2 + Index                                     PLAW Repts V.1 &

                                                                                                            V.2 + Index


-   Western Pacific High Court (Civil Procedure) Rules.                          KP144 Gre 1964


-  Women, custom and international law in the South Pacific/ Zorn, J.G. (occasional paper no.5)

KP81 Zor. 2000 c.1



-Chimie 1re S                                                                           FR PRes 540 Chi 2005


-Enseignement scientifique 1re L                                               FR PRes 500 Ens 2001 c.1


-Francais literature 2e                                                               FR PRes 840 Fra 2004


-Francais: Methodes & activites                                                FR PRes 440.07 Fra 2004


-Geographie 1re S – L’Europe, la France                                 FR PRes 914.4 Geo 2003


-Geographie Term S                                                                 FR PRes 550 Geo 2004


-Geographie 2e                                                                        FR PRes 910 Geo 2005


-Histoire: le monde contemporain (1850-1945) 1re S    FR PRes 944.083 His 2003


-Histoire 1re: le monde de 1850a 1939                         FR Pres 909 His 1997 c.1


-Histoire 2e                                                                              FR PRes 944 His 2005


-Histoire Term S                                                                       FR PRes 909 His 2004


-Le Francais en 3e: technologie, professionnelle, insertion          FR PRes 440.07 Bie 2003


-Lexique economique et juridique/ Janet, Alain                          FR PRes 330.99597 Jan 2002 c.1


-Litteratures francophones d’Asie et du Pacifique                      FR PRes 848 Lit c.4


-Math 1re S                                                                             FR Pres 510 Mat 2001 c.1


-Mathematiques 1re L                                                              FR PRes 511 Mis 2003


-Mathematiques 2de                                                                 FR PRes 510 Mat 2004 c.1


-Orthographe: Zero faute!                                                         FR PRes 448 Bic 1992 c.2


-Physique 1re S                                                                        FR PRes 530 Phy 2005


-Physique chimie 2de                                                                FR PRes 541 Phy 2005


-Physique chimie 3e                                                                  FR PRes 541 Phy 2003


-La Nouvelle methode de francais (3e)                          FR PRes 440.07 Nou 1998 c1


-Science de la vie et de la Terre 1re S                                       FR PRes 570 Sci1re 2004


-Science de la vie et de la Terre 3e                                           FR PRes 570 Sci2d 2004


-Science de la vie et de la Terre 3e                                           FR PRes 570 Sci 2003

School of Law VCD/CDs Collection


-“A Contract Code for the Countries of the Pacific”/ Tony Angelo (x 2)  

                                                                                                CD Box 1 # 6

-“Domestic Jurisdiction under UN Practice: Brief Glimpse”/ Myint Zan (x 2)

                                                                                                CD Box 1 # 8

-Essay/Thesis writing and presentation/ Pamela O’Connore (x 2) CD Box 1 #3

-Introduction to online resources video (x 3)                                CD Box 1 # 23

-“Napoleon’s Code 200yrs on”/ Tony Angelo (x 2)                      CD Box 1 # 4

-“Pacific Telecommunications”/ Tony Angleo (x 2)                     CD Box 1 # 5

-“Sources of Law”/ Robert Hughes (x 2)                                                CD Box 1 #2

-“Unconscionability in Contract Law”/ Myint Zan (x 2)                CD Box 1 # 7

-“Unreasonableness in administrative law: answering parts of an exam question”/ Myint Zan (x 2)

                                                                                                CD Box 1 # 9

-“What is Law?”/ Robert Hughes (x 2)                                       CD Box 1 # 1



-Contract: discharge by frustration                                              CD Box 1 # 15


-Non-customary estates in the South Pacific                               CD Box 1 # 16


-Legal drafting: drafting of deeds: Lecture # 1 (x 3)                     CD Box 1 # 17

-Legal drafting: drafting of deeds: Lecture # 2 (x 3)                     CD Box 1# 18

-Legal drafting: drafting of deeds: Lecture #3 (x.3)                      CD Box 1 # 19


-Legal drafting – drafting of wills: lecture # 1 (x 3)                      CD Box 1 # 25

-Legal drafting – drafting of wills: lecture # 2 (x 3)                      CD Box 1# 26

-Legal drafting – drafting of wills: lecture # 3 (x 3)                      CD Box 1 # 24


-Labour Law – Overview: Topic # 1 & # 2/ Anita Jowitt             CD Box 1 # 10

-Labour Law: Topics 3-9/ Anita Jowitt                                        CD Box 1 # 11


-Law for the Internet: Part 1/ Mohammed Ahmadu                     CD Box 1 # 12

-Law for the Internet: Part 2/ Mohammed Ahmadu                     CD Box 1 # 13

-Law for the Internet: Part 4/ Mohammed Ahmadu                     CD Box 1 # 14


-Contract: Discharge by agreement                                            CD Box 1 # 20

-Legal Ethics: Obligations owed to the court – part 1                   CD Box 1 # 21

-Legal Ethics: Obligations owed to the court – part 2                   CD Box 1 # 22

General VCD/CDs Collection



-A Guide to Beekeeping in the Tropics                                        PRes638.1 MCK DVD

(3 DVDs in 1 box)


-Eniwan I Luk Rose? (DVD)                                                     PRes392.5 Wan DVD


-A Passage to India (DVD)                                                       PRes823.91221 Lea DVD


-Religious movements in Melanesia (part 2)                                PRes200.9093 Rel CD-ROM


-Solid Sitas: documentary (DVD)                                               PRes792 Wan DVD


-Tau te Mauri = Breath of Peace (DVD)                                                PRes 327.172 Tau DVD


-The Color Purple (DVD)                                                          PRES823.0973 Spi DVD


-The Land Has Eyes (DVD)                                                      PRes996.11 Her DVD


-The Mystics Masseur (DVD)                                                   PRes823.914 Mer DVD


-The Power of the Sun (DVD)               `                                   PRes 333.792 Ind DVD            


-True Love (DVD)                                                                    PRes823.085 Tru DVD


-Tuvalu Campus 2005 Open Day Activities (DVD)                     PRes 378.99682 Tuv DVD


-Vera Drake (DVD)                                                                 PRes363.4 Lei DVD


-Whale Rider (2 VCDs )                                                            PRes306.850930 Car VCD


-Yumi Winim Fridom (DVD)                                                     PRes394.2 Yum DVD



Video Cassette


*No More Master Slack (x 2)                                                                370.109 Nom AV

(include video discussion guide)


*The Friendly Face of the Pacific = Le Sourire du Pacifique (x 20)          919.595 Fri AV

(Copy 2 in French Version.)

 Staff Use Only



-Code of Trust Territory of Pacific Island, 1980 (TTPI) v.1(F7/7)-v.2 (F7/7)Microfiche Box


-Trust Territory Reports v.1-v.8, 1951-1988                                            Microfiche Box



- The Constitution of the Federated States of Micronesia                    Constitution Box 1


- The Constitution of the Independent State of Samoa                          Constitution Box 1


- Constitution (Amendment) Act 1997 of the Republic of

   Fiji: 25 July 1997.                                                                              Constitution Box 1


- Constitution of the Republic of Fiji Islands: 27th July 1998                   Constitution Box 1


- Constitution for the Republic of Fiji: Draft                                          Constitution Box 1


- Constitution of the Republic of the Marshall Islands                         Constitution Box 1


- The Constitution of the Sovereign Democratic Republic of Fiji,

   1990(x 2)                                                                                           Constitution Box 1




- Fiji Case Index / Adsett Neil (comp.)                                                    Index Box 1


- General Index-Acts & subsidiary Legislation of the Fiji Islands               Index Box 1


- General Index to Laws of Solomon Islands                                           Index Box 1


- Index to the Laws of Fiji’s 14 Volumes: Revised Edition 1978                Index Box 1


- Laws of Fiji general index: 1985 revised edition                         Index Box 1


- Vanuatu Acts Index 1988-1995                                                            Index Box 1




-Fiji Telephone Directory 2004 

-Vanuatu Telephone Directry

-USP Internal Telephone Directory                                  







-          First Special Report of Multilingualism to Parliament (x 2)

-          First Annual Report 1995 to Parliament (x 2)

-          Report on Nambawan Bottle Shop Case




-          Second Special Report on the Observance of Multilingualism 1996

-          Public Report – Vanuatu Commodities Marketing Board Utilization of the VT.1.3 Billion, 1986-1987 Stabex Funds Subsidy

-          The Provision of Bank Guarantees Given in the Sum of US$ 100,000,000.00 in Breach of the Leadership Code and Section 14 of the Ombudsman Act and Related Matters Thereto (x 2)

-          Public Report Complain – Alleged Misappropriation of Funds by the President of Shefa Province and Maladministration of Shefa Province Council (23rd July 1996) (x 3)

-          Report on the Nambawan Bottle Shop Case (20th August 1996)

-          Public Report on the Conduct of Hon. Amos Bangabiti, Hon. Maxime Carlot Korman, Mr. Irene Bongnaim on the Granting of the Contract to Clean the Bauerfield Airport to FX & BM Cleaning Services (25 October 1996)

-          Public Report on the Conduct of the Hon. BT Sope and the VNPF Board in a Proposed      Investment in the Internet Bank, “Cybank’ Venture” (16 October 1996)

-          Public Report into Multiple Breaches of Leadership Code and Other Unlawful Conduct by Hon. Barak Sope. (10th December 1996)

-          Public Report on the Appointment of the Deputy General Manager of the Vanuatu National Provident Fund. (15th November 1996)

-          Second Annual General Report to Parliament 1996 (25 November 1996)

-          Further Public Report on the US$100,000,000.00 Bank Guarantees (22nd October 1996)

-          Third Public Report on the Conduct of Hon. Barak Tame Sope Concerning a Further Request of Scotland Yard on 18/10/96 to Release US$100,000,000.00 Bank Guarantees (28 November 1996)

-          Public Report on the Sale of M.V. Yasur (23 September 1996)

-          Second Annual General Report to Parliament 1996 (25 November 1996)

-          Public Report Into Multiple Breaches of Leadership Code and Other Unlawful Conduct by Hon. Barak T.Sope (10th December 1996)

-          Public Report – Complain Against the Immigration Department Concerning a Woman whom the Immigration Department Attempted to Prevent Leaving the Country (10th October 1996)




-          Report on the Payment of “Compensation” to Hon. Maxime Carlot Korman, Willie Jimmy, and Hon. Barak Sope in Breach of the Leadership Code and Compensation Act 1994 (3rd July 1997) (x 2).

-          Public Report on the Illegal Hospitals Panel Signs Contract Entered into by Yves Niowenmal, the Former Director of Health Dept. (1st October 1997)

-          Third Annual Report 1997 to Parliament (x 2)

-          Public Report on the Premature Birth and Death of Newborn Twins at Vila Central Hospital (28th May 1997) (x 2)

-          Third Specials Report on the Observance of Multilingualism (x 2)

-          Public Report on the Improper Interference with a Land Lease by the Former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr Amos Bangabiti (17th July 1997) (also available in Bislama)

-          Public Report on Illegal Ex. Gratia Payments to 23 1988 Former MPS (4th June 1997) (also available in Bislama)

-          Public Report on Appointment of RESORT LAS VEGAS GROUP as Agent for “Immigration Scheme for Vanuatu” and on the Conduct of Prime Minister RT Hon. Serge Vohor and Foreign Affairs Minister Hon. Vidal Soksok in assisting the grant of citizenship and issue of Ordinary and Official Passports to Mr Jae Yong (Richard) Jung. (3rd December 1997) (also available in Bislama)

-          Public Report on the Conduct of Hon. Willie Jimmy, Hon Amos Bangabiti and Mr Aime Malere in the Sale of the M.V. Savin Fana

-          Public Report on the Abuse of VNPF Tendering Procedures by VNPF Board Management (19th June 1997)

-          Public Report on the National Bank of Vanuatu – Former Board Members’ Trip to Fiji on 17th-24th October 1995 (10 September 1995)

-          Public Report on the Appointment of Maurice Michel to the Public Service and the Position of Auditor General (6 March 1997)

-          Ripot igo long Pablik (folem atikol 63 (3) blong Konstitiusen) we I tokbaot fasin we oli givim mane blong “Pemaot Trabol” I go long Onrobol Maxime Carlot Korman. Onrobol Willie Jimmy mo Onrobol Barak Sope we I brekem lidasip kod mo loa long saed blong fasin blong givim mane blong pemaot trabol (x 2)

-    Ripot I go long Pablik (folem atikol namba 63 (3) blong Konstitusen) long saed blong lon we VNPF I givim blong man I pemoat haos (17 Disemba 1997)




-          Public report on the Conduct of 19 Members of Parliament Including the Prime Minister, Minister for Justice, Minister of Public Works, Minister of Tourism and Telecommunications, Minister of Home Affairs in seeking a pardon for a fugitive from Justice. (30 January 1998) (also available in Bislama)

-          Public Report on the Misconduct of Minster Demis Lango (3rd February 1998)

-          Public Report on Breaches of Leadership Code by Sato Kilman Minister of Lanbs (24 Feb. 1998)

-          Public Report on Breaches of Leadership Code and Misuse of Cyclone Betsy Account by the Former Prime Minister of Vanuatu Mr Maxime Carlot Korman (26 February 1998) (also available in Bislama)

-          Public Report on the Improper Sale of Government Houses by the Office of the Prime Minister under the former Prime Minister Carlot Korman (3 March 1998)

-          Public Report on the illegal creation of CVDC Holdings SA and the People of Vanuatu Trust and Breach of the Leadership Code by Hon Vicent Boulekone Minister of Finance (24 March 1998) (also available in Bislama)

-          Public Report on Improper Granting of Land Lease Title 11/OE22/016 by the Former Minister Paul Telukluk and Former Director of Lands Roger Tary (9 April 1998)

-          Public Report-Improper appointments and Promotions of Health Workers in November 1995 (17 April 1998)

-          Public Report on the Improper conduct by Hilton Tarileo – Deputy Director of Cooperative Dept. and lack of disciplinary Action against Mr Tarileo (7th May 1998)

-     Pablik Ripot long saed blong kruket fasin blong givim diuti eksemsen we Hon. Willie Jimmy mo Kastoms Dipatmen I mekem

(23 September 1998)

-    Pablik Ripot aboat kruket fasin blong wok long saed blong tenda prosija we foma Daerekta blong Lan, Roger Tary mo forma Minista blong Lan, Paul Telukluk I bin mekem agensem Loa taem tufala I bin stap dil wetem wota suplae projek blong Canal du Second II mo Pepsi Eria long Lunganville (25 Novemba 1998)

-          Pablik ripot abaot rong fasin blong apoentem man nes Peter Yunak (11 Jun 1998)

-          Namba Fo Annual Report 1998 blong Ombujman blong Ripablik blong Vanuatu I go long Palemen (Folem Atikol 63(5) blong Konstitutsen) (5 November 1998)




-          Public Report on the Ethics and Legality on the Trade-in of the Ministry of Finance Car –G188 MOF (10 February 1999)

-          Rapport Public-Nomination incorrecte de Mme Coulon dans la fonction publique et paiement illegal d’indemnites par son frere l’ancien Premier Ministre Maxime Carlot Korman (19 February 1999)

-          Public Report on the maladministration relating to a permanent appointment in the Forestry Department (x 2) (25th February 1999)

-          Public Report on the Improper Appointment of Senior Public Works Department Staff

(11 March 1999).

-          Public Report on the Illegal Payments to Staff of Prime Minister’s Office and Finance Department (16 April 1999).

-          Public Report on the Granting of Leases by the Former Minister of Lands Mr Paul Barthelemy Telukluluk to Himself, Family Members and Wantoks (22 April 1999).

-     Pablik Ripot aboat foma Praem Minista Maxime Carlot Korman we I bin yusum ol ofisol paoa blong hem llong kruket fasin blong benefitim sista blong hem

Misis Antoinette Coulon             (19 Feb. 1999)

-    Public Report on the mismanagement of the tender sale of ten (10) deportees’ properties by    the former minister of Lands, Mr Paul Telukluk (28 May 1999)

-    Public Report on the illegal and unconstitutional Discrimination in the Citizenship Act                            (19 May 1999)

-          Public Report on the Vanuatu Fire Service Failure to put out the fire on 6 May 1998 at Paris Shopping, Snoopy’s, Au Peche Mignon and Frank King Tours (12 May 1999) (also available in Bislama)

-          Public Report on the Improper procedures used to extend the employment contract of Dr. Trinata A. Manandhar a dental officer at Vila Central Hospital (24th  June 1999)

-          Public Report on the mismanagement of the Vanuatu Livestock Development Ltd. By the Former Manager Selwyn Leodoro in 1992-1993 and illegal conduct of the former chairman of the Board, Tom Kalorib (23rd July 1999)

-          Public Report on the Maladministration and political interference in the granting of loans by the Development Bank of Vanuatu (13th September 1999)

-          Public Report on the Discriminatory criteria of the Vanuatu National Examination Board for admission to year 7 (13th September 1999)

-          Fifth Annual Report to Parliament by the O(mbudsman of The Republic of Vanuatu/cinquieme Rapport Annuel au Parlement par le Mediateur de la Republique de Vanuatu (Septembre 1998 a Aout 1999) (also available in Bislama)

-          5th Special Report on the Observance of Multingualism 1999 (in accordance with Article 64(3) of the Constitution)

-          5e Rapport Special sur le Respect du Pluralisme Linguistique 1999

-          Rapport Public sur la Conversion en Ecole Anglophone de L’ecole Primaire Publique Francophone Raou de Mangaliliu (Efate Nord – Quest) (09 Septembre 1999)

-          Public Report on Prison Conditions and Mismanagement of the Prisons Budget (16 September 1999)

-          Public Report on the Delayed Appointment of a Gynaecologist/Obsterician at Vila Central Hospital ( 09 December 1999)

-          Public Report of the Loss of Properties at Santo Police Station (14th December 1999)

-          Public Report on the Misuse of Government Vechicles (21st December 1999)

-          Public Report on the Alledged Leadership Code Breaches by John William Timakata (Former Public Prosecutor) (29th December 1999)




-          Public Report on the the improper concessions given by the former Minister of Public Works Mr. Amos Andeng to Mr. Li Zhong Heng (25th February 2000)

-          Public Report on the Failure of some leaders to file annual returns to the clerk of Parliament (29th February 2000)

-          Public Report on the Unlawful Solitary confinement of three prisoners by prsion authorities (13th March 2000)

-          Rapport Public sur les retards au sein du service de l’inspection du travail (6th May 2000)

-          Public Report on Delay within the Labour Department (16th May 2000)

-          Public Report on Unlawful Suspension of a secondary School teacher by Mr Antoine Thyna

And the Teaching Service Commission. (26th June 2000)

-          Public Report on the Alleged threatening, intentional assault, damage to property & breach of

The Leadership Code by Hon. Stanley Reginald Deputy Prime Minister & Minister of Public Utilities (10th October 2000)

-          Public Report on the Alleged Misappropriation of the Community Development Fund by

Maxim Carlot Korman (25th October 2000)

-          Public Report on the Unlawful Termination of a Secondary Teacher by the Teaching Service

Commission (6th December 2000)




-          Public Report on the Management of Northern Islands Stevedoring Company Limited (NISCOL) (20 April 2001) – 8496/2001/ 01

-          Public Report on the Fraudulent use of Public Funds for Personal Gain in the Reserve Bank of Vanuatu by Former Managing Director, Mr. Augustine Garae (14 May 2001) – 8526/ 2001/ 02

-          The Public Report on the Illegal Appointment of a Chief Representative to the Penama Council (13th June 2001) – 8011/ 2001/ 03

-          Public Report of the Severance Payment and three Months Salary in Lieu of Notice to the 1996 Sanma Provincial Councilors (20th July 2001) – 7122/ 2001/ 04

-          Report on the Improper Acquisition of 16 Vehicles for the Sanma Provincial Games in 1997 (26th July 2001) – 7312/ 2001/ 05

-          Public Report on the Improper Conduct by Government Officials in Dealing with the Mondragon’s Proposed Free Trade Zone in Big Bay, Santo (16th September, 2001) –

      0205/ 2001/ 06

-          Public Report on the failure of 53 Leaders to File Annual Returns to the Clerk of Parliament by 1st March 2000. (20th September, 2001) – 0170/ 2001/ 07

-          Public Report on the Deportation of the Publisher of the Trading Post MarcNeil Jones from Vanuatu (31st October 2001) – 1106/ 2001/ 08



-          Public Report on the arrest of Mr Zachias Bila by Corporal Ron Temakon Tamtam on North Pentecost (31 January 2002) Ref no. 7231/2002/01

-          Public Report on the Maladministration at the Vila Central Hospital (18 February 2002) Ref no. 0012/2002/02

-          Confidential Report on Inspector Tom Laicha (18 February 2002) …/03

-          Public Report on the Misuse of MP Allocation Fund by MP Vincent Bulekone (19 February 2002) Ref no. 0011/2002/04

-          Public Report on the Lavusvatu Water Project – Luganville (26 April 2002) Ref no. 0038/2002/05

-          Public Report on the delay in gazetting leaders 2001 Annual Returns by Mr Lino Bulekuli dit Sacsac clerk of Parliament (7 June 2002) Ref no. 1143/2002/06

-          Public Report on the Misappropriaiton of Land Fees and the reimbursing excess of land fees by Lands Officer in Santo (1 August 2002) Ref no. 1015/2002/07

-          Public Report on the use of Government Office for personal gain by Mr Noel Faionalave (5 August 2002) Ref no. 9466/2002/08

-          Public Report on the purchase of Luganville Lord Mayor’s Vehicle (12 August 2002) Ref no. 9390/2002/09

-          Public Report on the Government Contract to Ifira Wharf & Stevedoring (1994) Ltd (26 August 2002) Ref no. 0197/2002/10

-          Public report on the alleged bribery by Mr Iarris Naunun to obtain residency status for Mr Patrick Jenny (14 October 2002) Ref no. 8516/2002/12

-          Public Report on the Unlawful arrest, assault and detention of Mrs Aspin Jack (16 December 2002) Ref no. 9158/2002/14



-          Public Report on the appointment of Deputy Town Clerk - Luganville Municipal Council (7 January 2003) Ref no. 1031/2003/02

-          Public Report on the Detention of a 12-year-old child in Santo Prison (24 February 2003) Re f no. 00114/2003/02

-          Public Report on the Failure of Luganville Municipality to comply with Tender Requirements (12 March 2003) Ref no. 9606/2003/03

-          Public Report on the Loss of Occurrence Book used during Police Operation Klinim Not 2000 (21 March 2003) Ref no. 1072/2003/04

-          Public Report on the misuse of MP allocation fund by former member of Parliament for Banks & Torres, Mr Stanley Reginald (8 April 2003) Ref no. 1183/2003/05

-          Confidential Report on the Administration of the Island Courts (15 April 2003) Ref no. …/06

-          Public Report on the alleged Mis-allocation of a Land lease in Luganville (2 May 2003) Ref no. 8210/2003/07

-          Confidential Report on the delay in Reinstating PC Kevin Jimmy to duty after disciplinary proceedings (20 May 2003) Ref no. 1151/2003/08

-          Public Report on the Loss of case file in public prosecutor’s office, Luganville (26 May 2003) Ref no. 0221/2003/09

-          Public Report on the Aleged misappropriation of Police Officers mess Fund (3 June 2003) Ref no. 9095/2003/10

-          Public Report on the False Annual return Declaration made by (Former) MP Barak Sope Maautamate on 1 March 2001 (6th June 2003) Ref no. 1155/2003/11

-          Public Report on the Failure of the Port Vila Municipal Council to enforce its By-Laws (16 June 2003) Ref no. 6137/2003/12

-          Public Report on the Aleged Misuse of Community Development Fund (19 June 2003) Ref no. 8103/2003/13

-          Public Report on the Alleged Improper Issuance of Diplomatic and official passports by Hon. Rialuth Serge Vohor, former Minister of Foreign Affairs & External Trade (1999-2001) (20 June 2003) Ref no. 1173/2003/14

-          Public Report on the Improper Termination of Mrs Estella Gihiala at the Penama Provincial Council (26 June 2003) Ref no. 9371/2003/15

-          Public Report on the Establishment and operation of “Ol Fren Blong Northern District Hospital” (30 June 2003) Ref no. 2145/2003/16

-         Public Report on the Saratamata Police Inaction in connection with the destruction of gardens at North Ambae (2 July 2003) Ref no. 9104/2003/17


-         Public Report on Government Agency Christmas Expenses 2001-2002 (28 July 2003) Ref no. 3003/2002/19




N0. 01 of 2004. - Confidential


7034/2004/02. 22nd January 2004:

-          Public Report on the Alleged Unreasonable Delay by the Public Works and Finance Departments to Recover Debt from Union of Moderate Party


8332/2004/03. 24th February 2004:

-          Public Report on the Ordinary Passports Numbered A004302 to A004305


2080/2004/04. 15th March 2004:

-          Public Report on the Improper Suspension and Non – Payment of Salary to Nurse Practitioner Mr. Philip Tanake


1185/2004/05. 3rd August 2004:

-          Public Report on the Alleged Breach of the Leadership Code by Mr. Barak Tame Sope Maautamate


N0.06 of 2004. - Confidential


9236/2004/07. 13th August 2004:

- Public Report on the Alleged Delay and Inaction in Investigating Motor Vehicle by Police and the Public prosecutor




7348/2005/01. 18th January 2005:

-          Public Report on the Alleged unlawful Re – Appointment of some Dismissed Police Officers


9231/2005/02. 28th February 2005:

-          Public Report on the Alleged Delay of Investigation by Police


9590/2005/03. 11th April 2005:

-          Public Report on the Breach of Article 64 of the Constitution by the Ministry and Department of Education


3091/2005/04. 1st June 2005:

-          Public Report on the Improper Appointment of the Principal V.I.T.E.


8597/2005/05. 10th June 2005:

- Public Report on the Improper Action of the Public Service Commission in Appointing Mr. George Andrew as the Director General of Education






-          For the period ended 5 November 1962

-          For the sixth months ended 31 March 1963