Useful Internet Resources on EU Law

/ compiled by Katherina Schuilenburg, Lecturer in Law, University of the South Pacific


The number of websites containing information on EU law / EU policies appears to grow daily and it is a virtually impossible task to provide a comprehensive list. The following websites provide a good starting point for further study and research:



1.   EU site:

2.   Celex Database:

3.   ECJ & CFI Database (Case law):

4.   Dictionary of words related to the EU:

5.   EU News, Policy & Positions:

6.   European Navigator (European History):

7.   EPA Watch (EU-ACP Relations):

8.   ACP-EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly:

9.   European Centre for Development Policy Management (EDCPM):

10. ACP-EU Courier:

11. Bulletin of the EU:

12. Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat:

13. Pacific Islands Treaty Series: