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Fiji Coup 2006 Blog

a blog of events leading up to the Fiji Coup of December 5 of 2006

compiled by Peter Murgatroyd, Law Librarian, University of the South Pacific


[last updated 8 December 2006]

News  archive [ from Pacific Islands Report]
Critical Analysis relevant to the Fiji Coup 2006
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see also the 'Pacific Law Blog' for  further updated media coverage

News archive

Senilagakali sworn in as caretaker PM  Fijilve
Bainimarama Suspends Civil Rights
New Prime Minister: ‘I Had No Choice’
Chaudhry Offers Help To Restore Fiji Democracy
Elections Supervisor Sacked
New Police Chief Sworn In
Bainimarama Fate Hangs In Balance Of Coup
Rabuka Trial Winds Down In Fiji
Armed Soldiers Shut Down Parliament

Bainimarama Appoints Self Acting President
Fiji Times Newspaper Resumes Publication
Fiji President Orders Parliament Dissolved [December 5, 2006]
NZ Prime Minister: Fiji Facing Sanctions
Fiji Military Extends Ultimatum 48 Hours
Fiji Military Confiscates Police Weapons
Deadline Comes, Goes, Bainimarama At Football Game
Qarase Says Bainimarama ‘Completely Deranged’


Army Bans Police From Government House
Prime Minister, Army Chief Meet In New Zealand
United Nations’ Kofi Annan Gives Ultimatum
Fiji Military Gathers Troops
Fiji Military Chief: Don’t ‘Meddle’
Pacific Foreign Ministers To Huddle Over Fiji
Bainimarama: He’ll Throw Police Probe ‘Out Window’
Australia Wary Of Fiji Coup, Warns Travelers
Fiji Prime Minister Sets Deadline For Cabinet Resignations
Fiji Police Chief Responds To Army Commander Accusation
Fiji Police Chief Says Shadowy Figures Behind Threats
Fiji Army Set New Deadline For Government Action
Fiji Chiefs Seek To Resolve Government-Army Feud
Qarase Calls For Cabinet Resignations Over Budget
After Mistrial, Rabuka Faces New Mutiny Trial
Qarase And Chaudhry Discuss Rules For Cabinet
Fiji Military Avoiding Great Council Of Chiefs
No Need For Coup, Just "Clean-Up": Bainimarama
Labour Demands Partnership In Fiji Cabinet
Fiji Military Stands Down As Tension Eases
Former Fiji Official Gets Jail For $10 Million Scam
Fiji High Court Hears Coup Testimony
Qarase Seeks Advice From Fiji Council Of Chiefs
Bainimarama: Fiji Prime Minister Lied
Fiji Commander Shows Up At Council Of Chiefs
Australia: Soldiers Sent To Fiji To ‘Assist’ Envoy
Fiji Army Probes Attempt To Replace Bainimarama
Acting Fiji Army Leader Asks Police Chief To Resign
Qarase Cuts ‘Amnesty’ From Controversial Fiji Bill
Fiji Military Bristles At Arrival Of Aussie Police
Prime Minister Calms Fiji On Bainimarama’s Return
Fiji Police, Military Face Off As Tension Escalates
Fiji Military Warns Police Not To Arrest Commander
Fiji Prime Minister Addresses Nation, Won’t Resign
Fiji Army Chief Orders Police To Release Ammunition
Fiji Military Takes Confiscated Ammo At Warf
Fiji Military Rejects Order To Remove Commander

October [Headlines only - ]

A Fiji Police Chief Detains Bullet Shipment To Military
Fiji Leader To ‘Deal’ With Bainimarama Threats
Fiji Military Repeats Call For Qarase To Step Down
Fiji President Faulted For Neutral Stance On Military
Bainimarama Ultimatum Raises Concern In Fiji
Fiji Military Chief Demands Qarase Resignation
Fiji Military To Be ‘Watchdog’ Of Government
Fiji Hotel Operators Fight Fishing Rights Bill
Fiji Military Warns Against ‘Qoliqoli Bill’
Fiji Prime Minister Implicated In Fraud Case

September  [Headlines only - ]

Fiji Government Shelves Controversial Bills
Fiji Media Balk At ‘Misguided’ Bill
Qarase: Fiji Hotel Owners Don’t Get ‘Qoliqoli’ Bill
Chaudhry Says Fishing Rights Bill Threatens Tourism

August  [Headlines only - ]

Fiji Military Questions Appointment Of ‘Coup Perpetrator’
Qarase Defends Fiji Broadcast Licensing Bill
Fiji Landowners File For Injunction Against Resort
Fiji Media Bill Draws Censure
Fiji Media Gear Up To Fight Licensing Bill
Fiji Coup Investigation Tallies $2 Million
Qarase Rejects Police Call For Fiji Coup Inquiry
Fiji Police Chief Calls For Special Coup Inquiry
Fiji Newspaper Warns Against Broadcast Bill
Trial Set For Former Fiji Prime Minister
Qarase Loathe To Change Fiji’s Ethnic Voting
Fiji Soldiers Get Jail Time For Mutiny
Fiji Minister Calls Critics Of Bill "Selfish"
Fishing Rights Bill Opposed By Fiji Hotels
Chaudhry Says Controversial Bills Need His Support
Fijian Fishing Rights Bill Questioned In Parliament
Bill Codifying Fijian Fishing Rights On The Table
Fiji Soldiers Found Guilty Of Mutiny
Court Orders Fiji Landowners To End Blockade

July  [Headlines only - ]

Fiji Military Pledges Support For Government
Fiji Mutiny Trial Winds Down
Fiji Official: Labor Party No Longer Opposition
New Fiji Cabinet To Face Controversial Bills
Rabuka Pleads Not Guilty In Fiji Mutiny
Qarase Defends Fiji Affirmative Action Program

June  [Headlines only - ]

Fiji Affirmative Action Program ‘Unconstitutional’
Fiji Court Trims Former Speaker’s Jail Sentence
Former Fiji Vice President Defends Prison Release
Chaudhry Forfeits Fiji Government Office
Qarase Urges Multiparty Cooperation
Fiji ‘White Paper’ Suggests Major Military Cut

May  [Headlines only - ]

Fiji President To Choose Opposition Party Leader
Fiji Labor Party Cites Election Blunders
PNG Court Finds Duo Guilty Of Sorcery
Cool Qarase And Chaudhry Absent After Oaths
Fiji Lawmaker Seeks Party Harmony In Cabinet
Chauhdry Declines Fiji Cabinet Portfolio
Fiji Labour Party Members Sworn Into Cabinet
Chaudhry: Bloated Fiji Government Irresponsible
Fiji Labor Party Accepts Qarase Portfolios
Chaudhry Unhappy With Fiji Cabinet Shuffle
Fiji Labor Party To Boycott Cabinet Ceremony
Stop Quibbling, Chaudhry Told
Chaudhry Accepts Fiji Cabinet Post
Qarase Hopeful Of Mixed Cabinet, Fiji Unity
Another Fiji Coup Convict Released From Jail
Qarase Mulls Discipline For Fiji Military Chief
Qarase Offers 7 Cabinet Positions To Rival Party
Qarase Seeks To Quiet Fiji Military Chief
Fiji Military Chief Vows To Fight Qarase Policies
Analyst Sees Instability In Qarase’s Close Fiji Win
Qarase To Return As Fiji’s Prime Minister
Fiji’s Qarase Claims Win, Chaudhry Says Not Yet
Fiji Election Hinges On Laucala Island Recount
Fiji Officials Reject 120 Ballot Boxes
Qarase Close To Victory In Fiji Election
Fiji Elections Draw 64 Percent Voter Turnout
Fiji Candidates Question Missing Voter Names
Observers Content With Fiji Elections
Former Fiji Commander Charged With Inciting Mutiny
Five Protesters Unable To Vote, Arrested In Fiji
EU Observers Raise Concern On Fiji Elections
Fiji Election Marred By Ballot Confusion
60,000 Votes Cast In First Two Days Of Fiji Elections
Two Fiji Election Officials Face Criminal Charges
Fiji Poll Observers Report Ballot Complaints
Fiji Voters Turn Election Into Feast
Chaudhry Willing To Return As Fiji Prime Minister
Fiji Official Cleared In Planned Military Ouster
Fiji Election Official Waves Off Military
Fiji Court To Review Release Of Ratu Jope

April  [Headlines only - ]

Fiji Electoral System Blamed For Ethnic Divide
Qarase: Only Fijian Should Lead Fijians

March  [Headlines only - ]

Human Rights Official Riles Fiji Government
Fiji Court Rejects Bid To Delay Elections
Fiji Army Marches In Streets Of Suva
Fiji Parliament Dissolves As Election Nears
Fiji Elections To Be Monitored By 100 Observers
Fiji Labor Party Sues To Delay Election
Letter Reveals Methodist Support For 2000 Fiji Coup
Fiji Opposition Cries Foul On Election Rolls
Fiji Chiefs To Mull Constitutional Amendment
U.S. Report: Fiji Human Rights Concerns Remain
Fiji Council Of Chiefs Reappoints President Iloilo
Four Fiji Coup Prisoners Lose Bid For Release
Qarase Schedules Fiji Elections For May

February  [Headlines only - ]

Fiji Chiefs To Gather Over Land Rights
Qarase Mulls Early Fiji Elections
Qarase Pushes Early Vote On Fiji ‘Unity Bill’
Fiji Military Renews Warning Against ‘Unity Bill’
Fiji Police Seek Advice On Coup Charges
Madraiwiwi Calls For Fiji Electoral Changes
Fiji Court Martial Goes Easy On Mutineers
Fiji Government Shelves Controversial ‘Unity Bill’
International Group Warns Against Fiji Unity Bill
Fiji Military Eludes Court Order On Records
Fijians Dominate Voter Registration Rolls

January  [Headlines only - ]

Fiji Elections Expected In Summer
Fiji Military Chief Wants Minister Removed
Chaudhry Defends Fiji Commander’s Actions
Fiji Military Probes Insurrection Attempt
Qarase, Bainimarama To Open Dialogue
Fiji Prime Minister, Army Chief Meet
Qarase Eyes Charges Against Fiji Party Leader
Fiji Military Chief Ousts Top Aide
Fiji President To Convene Meeting With PM/Commander
Fiji Military Commander Warns Government
Fiji Police Reopen Coup Probe

Critical Analysis relevant to the Fiji Coup 2006

Pacific democracy: dilemmas of intervention by  Jon Fraenkel
Fiji ‘Qoliqoli Bill’ Would Right Historical Wrong  By Dr. Tupeni Baba
Fiji - democracy by the gun and other articles by Graham Davis
Melanesia in Review: Issues and Events, 2005 from Contemporary Pacific

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