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Selected hard copy law resources available from:
 Laucala Campus Library ; Fiji High Court Library

 Laucala Campus Library
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 Law dictionaries - located in Reference section on level 2
           *The classification number for all law materials begins with a ‘K’ eg.  Osborne’s Dictionary of Law is KD 313 .B57 .

 Legal encyclopedias – Located on level 1
            The essential legal encyclopedia Halsburys Laws of England is located in the Periodicals section on Level 1 of the Laucala Campus Library -  KD 310 .H34.  * Only up to date to 1997.

 Law text books – Located on Level 2
            See the shelf section beginning with ‘K’.  Use of the online library catalogue to locate texts is recommended.

 Law Reports – located on Level 1  - ‘K’ section
            Law Reports [UK]  - including Weekly Law Reports – up to date and complete
            All England Law Reports -  to 1996
            Revised Reports - complete  
            Australian Law Journal Reports – 1959 - 1999
            Criminal Appeal Reports  - current subscription
            Commonwealth Law Reports – 1911 - 2004

 Law Periodicals – located on Level 1. 
            Criminal Law Review – up to date and complete

 Pacific law materials – Located on level 3
            Published Law Reports and Legislation for Pacific jurisdictions are located in the Pacific Collection on level 3 of the library.

Fiji High Court Library

High Court librarian:  Kesa Tuikoro

*Materials below also available in Lautoka Court Library.

Reference materials 
            Halsburys Law of England 4th ed  - only up to date to 1990
            Current Law Case Citator 1977-1997
            ANZ Citator to UK Reports 1994 ed.
            Strouds Judicial Dictionary 5th ed.

 United Kingdom Legislation
            UK Statutes 1866 - 1994
            Halsburys Statutes of England  3 ed. (1970)

Law text books
            Good collection.

Law Reports –  
English Reports complete set
Argus Law Reports 1960-1973;  Australian Law Reports 1973-1978

 *Current subscriptions to the following law report series.

    Law Reports (UK)
    All England Law Reports
    Australian Law Journal Reports
    Federal Law Reports (Aust.)
    Dominion Law Reports (Canada)
    Commonwealth Law Reports (Australia)
    New Zealand Law Reports
    NSW Law Reports
    Victorian Law Reports   
Lloyds Law Reports
    Times Law Reports
    Criminal Appeal Reports

Pacific law materials
            Fiji Law Reports

 NB: Materials not able to be borrowed from the library.  Photocopy facilities available.  Payment is via the cashier in the Court Registry.

 Computer kiosk with 5 internet PC's soon to be installed.  Currently however internet access is only available in librarian’s PC in library staff room.


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