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General monograph                                                                                         


Generalities                                           000                                          -------------  3


Philosophy & psychology                      100                                          ------------- 3


            Religion                                                200                                          ------------- 3


            Social sciences                                     300                                          ------------- 5


            Language                                              400                                          ------------- 17


            Natural sciences and mathematics         500                                          ------------- 20


            Technology (Applied sciences)  600                                          ------------- 22


            The arts                                                700                                          ------------- 25


            Literature and rhetoric                           800                                          ------------- 25


            Geography and history              900                                          ------------- 26




K Sequence (Law monographs)                                                                        ------------- 30


P Sequence (Periodicals)                                                                                  ------------- 31                                   


Call no.:                 Title/Author


VC JF Tua                              Wan sapraes blong mama/Tualasea Aukusitino; Uluinaceva Josefa, [Suva, Fiji]; IOE, USP, 1996



VC REF 016.9934                  Bibliography des Nouvelles-Hebrides / Patrick O’reilly.Paris: Musee de l’Homme

Ore                                          1958.


VC 016.995                             An annotated bibliography of Vanuatu languages / compiled by John Lynch. –

Lyn c.1                                   Suva, Fiji : Pacific Information Centre, USP, 1994.


VC 016.99595                           An annotated bibliography of the literature concerning Vanuatu / Miranda Forsyth, Anita Jowitt.  --

For 2006 c.2                           [Port Vila : University of the South Pacific], 2006.


VC 016.99595                           An index to Quarterly jottings from the New Hebrides, 1893-1966 (Nos 1-284) / edited by Robert

Ind. 1988                                  Langdon. - Canberra: Pacific Manuscripts Bureau, Research School of Pacific Studies, ANU, 1988.


VC 016.99595                         Bibliography of the Torres Islands, Southwest Pacific / N.C.H. Krauss-

Kra                                           Honolulu, Hawaii: Parker Place, 1971.


VC 016.99595                         Vanuatu: a bibliography of books, reports, theses, articles… / Miriam Bule. [1990]



VC 220                                      Bible. New Statement. Big Nambas. Turanien m'dah : the New Testament in the Big Nambas

Bib NTbn c.1                         language of North West Malakula, Vanuatu. - 1st ed. - Stranthpine North, [Qld.]: Covanter Press, 1986.


VC 220.59934                           Lait bilong rod bilong yumi  - Sydney, N.S.W. Stanmore Missionary Press n.d.



VC 220.5995                           Nam numpusok itevau eni Iesu Kristo novsuromon enugkos: Baibel Sosaieti Beretanea im lo su pela sai.

Nam                                        Sydney : William Brooks & Co., 1909, r 1979.


VC 220.50995                           Bible. New Testament. Nagkirien ruvani sumun savi savei Yerumanu saketaha ketir ramavahi umuru

Bib                                          ketaha : kavahi nagkirie Kris, kara pen ya nagkirien. Kamami Kwamera, Tana Ipare, Nyu Hebrides.

                                                / National Bible Society of Scotland -  Glasgow : National Bible Society of Scotland, 1923.


VC 220.5934                           Namnusin tavir itam mak tamite / Bible. New Testament. Mark.



VC 225                                      Nyutesteman wetem Ol Sam long Bislama  / Bible Society in the South Pacific  -- Suva : Baebel Sosaete

NYU 1988                                Blong Saot Pasifik, 1988.


VC 261.099595                         Gospel and culture in Vanuatu 2 : contemporary local perspectives / Edited by Randall Prior. 

GOS v.2 2001 C.1                  Wattle Park, Australia : Gospel Vanuatu Books , 2001. 


VC 261.099595                         Gospel and culture in Vanuatu 3 : the voice of the local church / Edited by Randall Prior. 

GOS v.3 2003 C.1                 Wattle Park, Australia : Gospel Vanuatu Books, 2003. 


VC 264.009                             Himbuk blong Ambrym Vol. 1 and 2.  [Ambrym Presbytery].

Him v.1,2


VC 264.009                               Naresien em nupume ia nafwakien ia nagkierien kwamera = [Hymn book in Kwamera language].

NAR 1941                                Kyneton, Victoria : Armstron Bros, 1941.


VC 264.2                                 Netaiyi ra novum im netaiyi tagkeli im ovon narufo : = Catechism and hymnal, Erromango, New Hebrides,

Net8 1992                               1867 / Revised by Netaiyi Tagkeli Committee, Vila. -  [Port Vila : The Committee], 1992. 


VC 264.23 Nal                        Nalegaana maga ni nalotuana : the hymn book for Gnuna and Tongoa, New Hebrides. Christchurch,

1960                                        Presbyterian Bookshop, 1960.


VC 266.00934                         Cent ans de mission : l’eglise Catholique au Vanuatu, 1887-1987

Cen c.1


VC 266.00934                         Journal de Port-Sandwich / resume par le Père Monnier avant le cyclone de 1887.

Jou                                          - Port Vila : Maison Mariste, 1992.


VC 266.0099                              Beyound The Reefs (The life of John Williams, missionary) / John Gutch-

Wil                                        London : Macdonald, 1974.


VC 266.009934                       One hundred years of mission: the Catholic Church in Vanuatu,

One c.2                                   1887-1987.


VC 266.0099595                     Les lettres du Père Pierre Bochu / Père Monnier. – Port Vila : Maison Mariste, 1994.

Boc 1994


VC 266.0099595                     L’église catholique au Vanuatu : un siecle et demi d’histoire / Georges Delbos. – Suva, Fiji : CEPAC,

Del                                          2000.


VC 266.0099595                     Port Sandwich / Victor Doucere. – Port Vila : Maison Mariste, 1994.

Dou 1993


VC 266.0099595                     Victor Doucere et administratio generalis.



VC 266.0099595                     Journal de bord du Saint Joseph / Père Paul Monnier. – Port Vila : Maison Mariste,

Dur 1994                                1994.


VC 266.0099595                     Les lettres du Père Durand-Vaugaron (1879-1938) / Père Paul Monnier. – Port Vila

Dur 1994                                : Maison Mariste, 1994.


VC 266.0099595                     Jean-Baptiste Jamonds : mes souvenirs. – Port Vila : Maison Mariste, 1992.

Jam 1992


VC 266.0099595                     Apostres des Nouvelles Hebrides / Paul Monnier. – Port Vila : Maison Mariste, 1994.



VC 266.0099595                     L’église Catholique au Vanuatu / Paul Monnier. – Port Vila : Maison Mariste, 1990.

Mon v.1-20


VC 266.0099595                     L’église Catholique au Vanuatu : biographies / Paul Monnier. – Port Vila : Maison Mariste,

Mon 1991                              1991.


VC 266.0099595                     François-Xavier Guadet premier apôtre de Mallicolo / Paul Monnier. – Port Vila : Maison

Mon 1992                              Mariste, 1992.


VC 266.009595                         Missionary to the New Hebrides, First Part / John G. Paton. – London : Hodder and Stoughton,

Pat. V.1                                1889.


VC 266.009595                         Missionary to the New Hebrides, First Part / John G. Paton. – London : Hodder and Stoughton,

Pat. V.2                               1889.


VC 266.0099595                     Port Sandwich / Jean Pionnier. – Port Vila : Maison Mariste, 1994.



VC 266.0099595                     Curse of the cannibals / Virgil E. Robinson.  - Washington D.C. : Review Herald  Publishing Association,

Rob 1976.                               1976.


VC 266.0099595                     Les lettres du Père Emile Roux (1877-1926) / Père Paul Monnier. – Port Vila : Maison

Rou 1994                                Mariste, 1994.


VC 266.0099595                     Les lettres du Pere Suas / Paul Monnier. – Port Vila : Maison Mariste, 1991.

Sua 1991


VC 266.0099595                     Les lettres du Pere Didil / Paul Monnier. – Port Vila : Maison Mariste, 1990.

Vid 1990


VC 266.0099595                     Visiteurs.- Port Vila : Maison Mariste, 1993.

Vis 1993


VC 266.099595                    Lomai of Lenakel, (A HERO OF THE NEW HEBRIDES) / Paton Frank. – London

Pat.                                       Hodder and Stoughton, 1903.


VC 266.52995                           Won by blood : the story of Erromango, the martyr isle / by A. K. Langridge. - [Strathpine North, Qld.] :

Lan 1979                                  Covenanter Press, 1979. 


 VC 266.59595                        Gospel and culture in Vanuatu: the founding missionary and a missionary today / Randall.

Pri                                           Prior. – Wattle Park, Australia: Gospel Vanuatu Books, 1998.


VC 282.092                             Journal de Monseigneur Victor Doucere. – Port Vila : Maison Mariste, n.d.



VC 285.8                                 The Constitution of the Presbyterian Church of Vanuatu. - Port Vila: Constitution

Con                                         Committee, 1996.


VC 285.8099595                     Golden jubilee celebration anniversary: programme. – Port Vila: Presbyterian Church of       Vanuatu,

Pre                                          1998.


VC 286.7099595                     A mission among murderers: early Adventism in Vanuatu / by Milton Hook. : South Pacific Division,

Hoo c.1                                  Dept. of Education, [n.d.].


VC 289.99595                         The Church of Melanesia 1849-1999: 1999 Selwyn Lectures marking the 150th anniversary of the

Chu                                         founding …/ edited by Allan K. Davidson. – Auckland, New Zealand: College of Saint John the Evangelist, 2000.


VC291.1                                  Politik is poison: the politics of memory among the churches of Christ in the northern Vanuatu/

Mor. 2003                              Morgan, Michael G. Canberra, ACT: Australian National Univerity, 2003.


VC 291.99595                     John Frum He Come, (Cargo cults & Cargo Messiahs in the South Pacific) / Rice Edward. – Garden City,

Ric                                       New York: Doubleday & Company Inc, 1974.


VC 299.09934                                         Live: a history of church planting in the Republic of Vanuatu / J.Graham Miller

Mil v.1-7


VC 301.016                               The Anthropology and archeology of Vanuatu: a preliminary bibliography; David Roe and Ralph

Roe                                           Regenvanu . - Port Vila, Vanuatu  : The Vanuatu Cultural and Historical Sites Survey, 1994 .


VC 301.29934                           Peuples oublies des Nouvelles Hebrides / Louis Nedjar. - Montreal, Quebec : Editions Heritage, 1974.



VC 302                                     Report of the 3rd PIANGO Council Meeting 26-30 July 1999 Mele Village, Vanuatu.

Rep 1999


VC 302.2099595                     Critical literacy and awareness: case study from Melanesia / Joel Simo. – Port Vila:  Asia South Pacific

Sim c.1                                    Bureau of Adult Education, 2000.


VC 302.2244                           Literacy practices in a small Ni-Vanuatu village / Helen Masing



VC 304.60993                         Recent population trends in Vanuatu / Gerald Haberkorn. – Canberra: ANU, 1985



VC 305.09934                         A situation analysis of children and women in Vanuatu. – Port Vila: UNICEF, 1991.

Sit c.1


VC 305.09934                         A situation analysis of children and women in Vanuatu 1998. - Suva, Fiji: UNICEF, 1998.

Sit 1998 c.1


VC 305.09934                         Vanuatu: a situation analysis of children, women and youth. --  Suva, Fiji : The Government of Vanuatu

Sit 2005                                  with the assistance of UNICEF, 2005.


VC 305.23099                         Harem voes blong yangfala long Vila Taon …: ripot blong Vanuatu Yang Pipol’s Projek,

Mit c.1                                    Vanuatu Kaljoral Senta. / Jean Mitchell. – Port Vila: Vanuatu Yang Pipol’s Projek, Vanuatu

Kaljoral Senta, [1999].


VC 305.23099                         Young people speak: a report on the Vanuatu Young People’s Project, Vanuatu Cultural Centre, April

Mit c.1                                    1997 to June 1998 / Jean Mitchell. – Port Vila: Vanuatu Young People’s Project, Vanuatu Cultural

Centre, [1999].


VC305.23509595                    Des Societes dans l’etat: anthropologie et situations postcoloniales en Melanesie/ Eric Wittersheim. –

Ado 2006 c.1                         La Courneuve : Aux Lieux d’Etres, 2006.


VC 305.2399595               National programme of action on children: ol pikinini oli fiuja blong yumi = children, our future/              

Van 1994. c.2                     Port Vila: National planning office, 1994.


VC 305.3099595                     Gender and conflict : the relationship between women and men on Tanna [Thesis] / Ingvill Kristiansen. 

KRI 2005                                Norway : University of Tromso, 2005. 


VC 305.32099595                  Nimangki: wokshop blong ol filwoka blong Vanuatu Kaljorol Senta 1994 / edita Darrell

Nim 1996 c.1                          Tryon. – Port Vila: Vanuatu Kaljorol Senta, 1996.


VC 305.32099595  National programme of action on children: ol pikinini oli fiuja blong yumi = children our

Van 1994 c.1, c.3 (Fr)            future. – Port Vila: National Planning Office, 1994.


VC 305.4016                                           Women in Vanuatu: a bibliography / compiled and edited by Sonja Boersma. – Port Vila:

Boe 1991 c.1                                          Vanuatu National Council of Women, 1991.


VC 305.4016                                           Les femmes au Vanuatu peuvent tout faire / edite par Shirley Randell et Jeannette Bolenga - Port Vila,

FEM 2004                                              Vanuatu : Edition Blackstone, 2004.


VC 305.4016                            I stret nomo: girls in Vanuatu can do anything! / Shirley Randell mo Jeannette Bolenga i bin editim

IST c.3                                      Port Vila, Vanuatu: Blackstone Publishing, 2003.


VC 305.4016                                           Women’s appointments file: a directory of experienced and qualified Ni-Vanuatu women /

Mol c.1                                                   Grace Mera Molisa. – Port Vila: Blackstone Publishing, 1998.


VC 305.4016                     Vanuatu role models Part One: successful women in their own rights / Edited by Shirley Randell..

N.V.                                                        Port Vila:  Blackstone Publishing, 2002. 


VC 305.4016                                           Rejistri blong ol woman lida blong V.N.K.W. / Henlyn Saul. – Port Vila: Festivol

Sau                                         Infomesen mo Pablikesen Komiti, 1990.


VC 305.409934                       Ripot blong Nambatu Trening Woksop Blong Olgeta Woman Lida Blong VNKW 12-23 Mei, 1986.

Rip 1986                 - Port Vila: VNKW, 1986.


VC 305.4099595                     Women of the place: kastom, colonialism and gender in Vanuatu / Margaret Jolly. – Chur, Switzerland

Jol 1994 c.1                            :  Harwood Academic Publishers, 1994.


VC 305.420601                      Combined initial, first and second report on the Convention on the Elimination of all forms of

Van                                        Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) / [compiled by Andonia Piau-Lynch]. - Port Vila, Vanuatu :            Office of the Prime Minister and Department of Women's Affairs, 2004.


VC 305.42099595   Living with weaving : Ni-Vanuatu women's contemporary perspectives on development [Thesis] / Kathi

MCC 2003                             Lee Corowa McCulloch. 


VC 305.42099595   Vanuatu Women’s Centre: program against violence against women: 1997 annual report. / written by

Tah                                         Merilyn Tahi – Port Vila,  Vanuatu Women’s  Centre, 1997.


VC 305.8993                                           Ethnology of Vanuatu: an early twentieth century study / Felix Speiser.



VC305.8995                            Report on Aoba/ Allen, M.R. – [Port Vila, Vanuatu : s.n., 1969]

All. C.1


VC 306.08995                         Arts of Vanuatu.



VC 306.08995                         Les objets racontent…: arts du Vanuatu / Roger Boulay. - Noumea, New Caledonia : Grain de Sable, 1996



VC 306.08995                         Les objets racontent...: arts du Vanuatu  / Roger Boulay. – [Noumea, New Caledonia] : Grain de Sable,

Bou 2004                                2004.


VC 306.08995                         Vanuatu arts : the artefacts tell their story / Roger Boulay.  - [Noumea, New Caledonia] :  Grain de Sable ,

Bou  2004.                              2004.


VC 306.08099595   Kastom: awernes paket. – Port Vila: Nasonal Komuniti Divelopmen Trast, [n.d.]



VC 306.09934                         Knowledge and power in a South Pacific society / Lamont lindstrom. – Washington

Lin                                          Smithsonian Institution Press, 1990.


VC 306.099595                       Civicus in Vanuatu: Eternal lake / compiled by Margaret Bell. Tokyo, Japan?, CIVICUS in Asia

Civ.                                         Pacific, 1999.


VC 306.2099595                     Women and good governance / Grace Mera Molisa – Port Vila: Blackstone Publishing, 2002.

Mol. C.1


VC 306.85099595              Sheperd Islands: extended family system / Pakoa George E.S. – Port Vila, Vanuatu, [n.d.]



VC 306.8599595                Christina’s Story: Realities of Family Life on an Isolated Pacific Island, 1938-1956/ Christ Crump – Wellington, N.Z. :

Cru. 2000                            Ngaio Press, 2000.


VC 306.877                        The flight of the dancing bird: one woman’s courageous fight to reclaim her life / Tanjas Darke. –

Dar                                          Auckland: HarperCollins, 2001.


VC 306.8995                      Vanuatu, Océanie : arts des iles cendre et de corail.



VC 307.209934                       Système de migration et croissance urbaine a Port-Vila et Luganville (Nouvelles-Hebrides) /

Bon                                         Joel Bonnemaison – Paris : ORSTOM, 1977.


VC 307.24099595                   New Hebridean mobility: a study of circular migration / R.D. Bedford – Canberra:

Bed                                         Australian National University, 1973.


VC 307.24099595                   Port Vila: transit station or final stop? : Recent developments in Ni-Vanuatu population mobility /Gerald Haberkorn. –

Hab c.1                                   Canberra: Australian National University, 1989.


VC 307.740999595                 A survey of knowledge, attitudes and practices : data report / Jenny Whyte, Charles Vatu, Alice Kalontano. 

WHY 2003                             Port Vila, Vanuatu : Foundation of the Peoples of the South Pacific, [2003].


VC 307.76                               Urban growth management strategy for Port Vila: draft final report / Town land Consultants

Tow                                        (International). -- [Port Vila, Vanuatu]: Asian Development Bank, 1998.


VC 312.09934                         Population of Vanuatu: analysis of the 1979 census. – Noumea:

Pop c.1                                   South Pacific Commission, 1989.


VC 312.09934                         Report on the Census of population 1979 : Volume 1: basic tables = rapport sur le recensement de la

Pop                                         population 1979 : Volume 1: Tables de base – Port Vila : National Planning and Statistics Office, 1983.


VC 312.09934                         Résultats de dépouillements manuels = results from manual processing – Port Vila : Census

Res 1980                                Office, Bureau of Statistics, 1980.


VC 312.0996                           The people of Vila / H.C. Brookfield & Paula Brown Glick. – Canberra:

Bro                                          Australian national University, 1969.


VC 312.9934                           Population atlas = atlas de la population. – [Port Vila] :  National Statistics

Pop v.1-6                               Office, 1991.


VC 312.9934                           Toktok blong 1979 sensis / Vanuatu National Planning and Statistics

Tok                                         Office– Port Vila :  Statistics Office, 1991.


VC 312.9934                           Vanuatu National Population Census main report – Port Vila : Statistics

Van c.1                                   Office, 1991.


VC 312.99595                         The 1999 Vanuatu National Population and Housing Census: main report. – Port Vila: National

Van 1999 c.1                          Statistics Office, 1999.


VC 312.99595                         The 1999 Vanuatu national population and housing census: demographic analysis report / National

Van 2001                            Statistics Office. -- Port Vila, Vanuatu: Vanuatu National Statistics Office, 2001.


VC 319.595                             Annual statistical indicators 2002 = indicateurs statistiques annuels 2002. -- Port Vila, Vanuatu: National

Ann 2003                               Statistics Office, 2003.


VC 320.4099595                     National integrity systems : Transparency International Country Study Report Vanuatu Update 2006 / Anita Jowitt, Krista Lee-Jones.

Jow 2004                                -- Port Vila, Vanuatu : Transparency International Vanuatu, 2004.


VC 320.499595                       Secession and decentralisation in political change: the case of Vanuatu / Ralph R. Premdas.



VC 320.84099595                  Community governance in Vanuatu : a report on participatory research conducted by the FSP Voices and

Kal                                         Choices : Gardening Good Governance Project / Alice Kalontano, Charles Vatu and Jenny Whyte. - Port         Vila,            Vanuatu : FSP, 2003.


VC 320.99                          Political utopia of the year 2000 / Gerard Leymang. – Port Vila: [Gerard Leymang, 2000].



VC 320.9934                           1991 Nasonal jenerol elekson campein toktok / Nasonal Unaeted Pati. – Port Vila, 1991.



VC 320.9934                           Le soleil brille pour tous / Tan Union. – Port Vila, [1991].

Tan c.1


VC 320.9934                           Report of the First General Elections 1983 for the parliament / Republic of Vanuatu – Port Vila, 1983.

Van 1983


VC 320.9934                           Report of the Second General Elections 1987 for the parliament / Republic of Vanautu – Port Vila,

Van 1987 c.1                          1987.


VC 320.9934                           Vanua-aku Pati ’91 platform / Vanua-aku Pati. – Port Vila, 1991.

Van c.1


VC 320.9934                           Vanuatu Independence Alliance Party (VIAP) platform policy. / VIAP – Port Vila, 1991.

Van c.1


VC 320.99595                         History of the three flags: New Hebrides is changeover to the Republic of Vanuatu / by G.K. Kalsakau.

Kal                                          - Port Vila : G.K. Kalsakau, 1980.


VC 320.99595                         Campein toktok: 1995 Nasonal Jenerol Eleksen: blong mekem Vanuatu hemi kam wan golden stet /

Nas                                         Nasonal Unaeted Pati – Port Vila: Nasonal Unaeted Pati, 1995.


VC 320.99595                      Report of the Elections Observer Group (Transparency International Vanuatu Project Port Vila, June

Rep C.1                               2002) / Randell Shirley. – Port Vila: Blackstone, 2002.


VC 320.99595                      Report of the Elections Observer Group (Transparency International Vanuatu Project Port Vila, June

Rep C.2                                2002). / Randell Shirley. – Port Vila: Blackstone, 2002.


VC 320.99595                         Vive la Pacifique Sud = [long live the South Pacific] / Barak Sope, Kalkot Matas-Kele and Rev. Walter

Sop                                         Lini. – Unpublished.


VC 320.99595                         La politique Melanesienne: Stael blong Vanuatu. – Christchurch, N.Z.:

Mel 1995 c.1                          University of Canterbury; Suva: USP, 1995.


VC 320.99595                         Melanesian politics: Stael blong VanuatuChristchurch, N.Z.:

Mel 1995 c.1                          University of Canterbury; Suva: USP, 1995.


VC 320.99595                         The Coconut war: the crisis on Espiritu Santo / Richard Shears. – North Ryde, N.S.W.:

She                                         Cassell Australia, 1980.


VC 320.99595                         Unity Front Platform 1995 / by Unity Front. – Port Vila: Unity Front, 1995.



VC 320.99595                         5th General Election Report: hamas pipoli bin regista mo hams ibin vot long 6 March 1998. – Port Vila:

Van                                         Vanuatu Electoral Commission, [1998?].


VC 320.99595                   6th General Election Report May 2 2000: Port Vila Vanuatu Electoral Service commission.

Van 2000


VC 320. 99595                        Rapport des 6emes Elections Legislatives 2 Mai 2002. – Port Vila: Le Conseil des Elections, 2002.

Van 2002


VC 320.99595                         Declaration under the Representation of the People Act [Chapter 146] - Schedule 5 Rule 21 - Port Vila :

VAN 1995                              Electoral Commission, 1995.


VC 320.99595                         Declaration under the Representation of the People Act [Chapter 146] - Schedule 5 Rule 21. - Port Vila :

VAN 2004                                               Electoral Commission, 2004.


VC 320.99595                         Apres l’independence: le Vanuatu, une democratie dans le Pacifique. Mots, France: Aux Lieux d’Etre, Wit. 2006                                                2006


VC 320.99595092   Beyond pandemonium / Walter Lini.- Wellington, N.Z. : Asia Pacific Books, 1980.

Lin c.1, 2


VC 323.1                 Vanuatu : raet mo diuti blong yumi hemi laef blong mi / Francis Bryard...[et al.]. -   

VAN                                       [Port Vila, Vanuatu] : Transparency International Vanuatu, [2005?] 


VC 324.082099595                 The experiences of women political candidates in Vanuatu : a research report / by Jane Strachan and

Str  2003                                 Seman Dalesa.  - Port Vila, Vanuatu : Department of Women's Affairs, 2003. 


VC 326.099595                       Storian o histri blong olgeta we oli bin go katem sugaken long Ostrelia.

Sto c.1, 2


VC 327.934                           The people stand up: Vanuatu Foreign policies in the 1980’s / R.T.

Rob                                       Robertson. – Suva, Fiji : USP, 1987.


VC 330.9595                     An Economic Assessment of the Republic of Vanuatu, Winter 1995 / Lawrence M. Johnson & Rchard J.

Eco C.1                              Dahl. – Bank of Hawaii, 1995.


VC330 .9595                    Evaluation Economique de la Republique de Vanuatu, Hiver 1995 / Lawrence M. Johnson & Richard

Eva C.1                             Dahl. – Bank of Hawaii, 1995.


VC 330.9595                 Vanuatu government development manual / Kitchen Allan – Port Vila, Vanuatu National Planning office,     Kit                                      1995


VC 309.934                             Environment, resources and development in Vanuatu / Graham Baines.

Bai c.2                                   Suva, Fiji : UNDAT, 1981.


VC 330.9934                           L’économie du Vanuatu : comment créer les conditions d’un développement

Fal c.1                                     qui soit durable et à assise large / John Fallon - Canberra : AIDAB, 1994.


VC 330.9934                           The Vanuatu economy: creating conditions for sustained … / John Fallon

Fal c.1                                     Canberra: AIDAB, 1994.


VC 330.99595                       Vanuatu: economic performance, policy and reform issues / Asian Development Bank

ASI 1997 C.1                        - Manila, Philippines: Asian Development Bank, 1997.


VC 330.99595                         Vanuatu: economic performance, policy and reform issues / Asian

Asi 1997 c.2                           Development Bank – Manila, Philippines, : Asian Development Bank, 1997.


VC 330.99595                         Environment, resources and development in Vanuatu / Graham Baines. – Port Vila :  UN

Bai 1981                 Development Advisory, 1981.


VC 330.99595                         Promotion des petites entreprises aux Nouvelles-Hebrides / B.J. Ivory. – Auckland :

Ivo 1979                                 PA Management Consultants Ltd., 1979.


VC330.99595                          Le Programme de la Reforme (PRG) : Matrix – Phase III 2001-2003 – Port Vila, Vanuatu : Services de Gestion Strategique, 2001.


VC 330.99595                           Vanuatu: economic performance and challenges ahead.  - Manila, Philippines : Asian Development Bank,

Van 2002                                  2002.


VC331.11                                  Vanuatu 2000 labour market survey report/ Vanuatu Statistics Office – Port Vila, Vanuatu

Gov. 2000                                 Statistics Office, 2000.


VC 331.1109934                  Employment Survey 1983 : The Private Sector in the Urban Areas / National Planning and Statistics

Van V.1                               Office.- Port Vila, Vanuatu : National Planning and Statistics Office, 1983.


VC 331.1109934                  Employment Survey 1983 : The Private Sector in the Urban Areas / National Planning and Statistics

Van V.2                               Office. – Port Vila, Vanuatu : National Planning and Statistics Office, 1983.


VC 331.11099595   The labour market and the Vanuatu National Institute of Technology / Gilles Blanchet. – Canberra,

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