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Virtual Reference Desk for law students who are not studying on
Emalus Campus in Vanuatu 

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 Welcome to the Emalus Campus Library online virtual reference desk.  This is a new service to support students studying the LLB and LLM programmes online who do not have access to the Emalus Campus Library.  We welcome your comments and suggestions. 

 In addition to the online materials available to you that are accessable from the Law Resources page, there are also some useful hardcopy materials available to Laucala based students.

  see Selected hard copy law resources available for Suva based students

Both the Emalus Campus Library catalogue and Laucala Campus Library Catalogue can be searched online and you should see your campus / centre librarian to arrange interloans of these materials. 

If you find a reference on the Emalus Library's Online Digital Collection  to a full text online document but you can not download it because of slow internet speed please Email the librarian to request a copy via email attachment. 

If you have a reference question please follow the link below and I will try to respond to your query within a 24 hour period.  Please browse the most frequently asked questions (below) first to see if your question has already been answered. 



Most frequently asked questions

1I have tried google and find that I can't access Lexis or Westlaw without a password.  How do I access Lexis and Westlaw?

2I have a citation for a law report or an article and I don't know what it means.  How do I find out what the abbreviations stand for?

3. How do I cite articles and law reports correctly?

4How do I write up a case note?

5.  I am looking for a specific case from a published law report.  How do I know if it is available on the shelves in the Emalus Campus Library or in one of the libraries in Suva?

6.  I am looking for a specific case from a published law report.  It is not available in the library.  How do I get a copy online using the internet?

* More questions and answers currently being prepared.

Thank you for using the library's new online reference service.  This is a new project and we would welcome feedback .  Please email the librarian with your comments and suggestions.

 Margaret Austrai-Kailo
Emalus Campus Librarian

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Last Updated on: Tuesday, 18 March 2008