Library Notices


We have noticed increasing numbers of students using library PC's for word processing and online discussion groups.  Please do not use library computers for these purposes but use the lab instead.  Library computers are to be used for research purposes only.

Students are required by Library Regulation to turn off their cell phones whilst in the library.

Library computers are to be used for study and research only.  No email or chat is permitted.  Law students are requested to use the student lab for Moodle access as a last resort.  No word processing is permitted on library computers.

Beware of thieves operating in the library and in the baggage area.  Do not leave valuables unattended.

No food or drink is permitted in the library.

Do not leave books and materials at study carrels unattended for long periods. 

Please keep noise levels down and show consideration towards your fellow students.


Your cooperation on all these matters is appreciated.