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The Emalus Campus Library has a number of feature areas that may be of interest to those around the USP region as well as those outside the region. These features include especially the Vanuatu collection and the Pacific Law collection.

We welcome requests from individuals from around the world for copies of materials from our collection.

Ordering Document Service (ODS) charges are:

1500 vatu per item - less than 10 pages

2000 vatu per item - between 10 and 30 pages

1500 vatu per item surcharge applies for urgent requests (less than 24 hours).

500 vatu per page fax surcharge applies

Research charge:  Requests requiring research by library staff other than standard document delivery will incur a charge of 6500 vatu per hour.   This is charged in 15 minute units.  The minimum charge is 1500 vatu.

If payment is made in non Vanuatu currencies a bank surcharge of $AUS25  will also apply.  Payments are to be made via telegraphic transfer with all transfer charges incurred by the requestor to be carried by the requestor.

Clients will be invoiced for costs as per the above schedule.  (NB. 1500 vatu = approx. $AUS20)

The Ordering Document Service (ODS) details are:

General queries about ODS:

Tel. (678) 22748 ext. 22 and 23
Tel. (678) 24568 22

Order by fax: (678) 22633

Order by email:

All orders should be directed to Margaret Austrai_Kailo  austraikailo_m@vanuatu.usp.ac.fj

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Last Updated on: Monday, 16 July 2007