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Pacific Law Links

(for a full list of internet sites see also 'Recommended Internet Links')

American Samoa Bar Association
The American Samoa Bar Association now has a website with bar information and legal resources for American Samoa--AS code, court rules. Site includes all published volumes of the American Samoa Reports, first and second series, going back to l901. We have also uploaded an improved version of the American Samoa Code Annotated which includes an annotated territorial constitution, the U.S. Constitution and historic territorial organic documents.

Asia Pacific Centre for Human Rights and the Prevention of Ethnic Conflict
The Asia Pacific Centre for Human Rights and the Prevention of Ethnic Conflict was founded in 1996 to promote the teaching and research of human rights in the Asia-Pacific region. It also seeks to provide online access to Asian and Pacific human rights documents and resources.

The Compacts of Free Association Renegotiations website
The FSM and the Republic of the Marshall Islands are currently negotiating the terms under which their Compact of Free Association with the United States will be extended.  This website, from the Pacific Islands Development Program/East-West Center in Hawaii, collects links to the current text of the Compact, statements and proposals by the negotiating teams, news articles on the negotiations, U.S. General Accounting Office reports relevant to the negotiations, and other sources.  Much of this information is not easily obtainable elsewhere.

FFA Fisheries Legislation
Fisheries legislation from around the Pacific Region available full text.   Available in Acrobat PDF format.  Part of the Forum Fisheries Agency website.

Fiji Human Rights Commission
Includes information about the Commission, educational materials and complaints procedures.

Fiji Human Rights Commission Digest

Fiji Law Reform Commission

Fiji Law Society

Fiji - Parliament of Fiji Islands website
Includes access to the full text of Hansard and Bills before Parliament.

Government of Papua New Guinea Law and Justice Sector website
The Law and Justice Sector website has been developed to provide easy access to information and services provided by the agencies and partners within the sector. The sector strategy focuses on the implementation of positive change associated with the many aspects of law and justice within PNG.

Guam Justice Network
A  gateway to  justice related government agencies and Departments in Guam, including the Superior Court, as well as other useful and interesting justice related materials.

Introduction to the legal structure of Tokelau
A collection of primary materials, commentary, and online materials compiled by Peter Murgatroyd, Law Librarian, at the Emalus Campus Library.

Island Law
Site focussing on the legal and political relationships between islands and the rest of the world, with a particular focus on Micronesia and other islands of the Pacific.  Site includes primary legal materials, articles, and useful links to Pacific law sites, particularly relating to the islands of the Western Pacific.

Judicial and legal news [in Vanuatu] - a regular column in the Port Vila Presse

Laws of Fiji
Lists of Acts, Regulations, Decrees, Legal Notices and Amendments. Many available in full text. Official govt. website.

Legal Information for the Vanuatu community: a project of the USP Law Clinic
Practical legal guidelines and information about important legal topics that affect people in Vanuatu. see new website University of the South Pacific Community Legal Centre .

Legal Information System of the Federated States of Micronesia
The Legal Information System (LIS) of the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM) seeks to improve public access to the laws and other legal authority of the FSM and its four states.  This LIS Project strives to do so by increasing accessibility to the constitutions, statutes, selected court rules and decisions, and selected rules and regulations of the FSM National Government and the four state governments of Chuuk, Kosrae, Pohnpei, and Yap

Marshall Islands
Resource page on the politics and economy of the Marshall Islands with full text links to Treaties, Legislation and Cases.

Movement towards independence in the South Pacific
A digital archive of legislation, orders, Treaties, and related documents.

Native Land Trust Board (Fiji)
Includes information about the NLTB as well as excellent resource materials.

Ombudsman of Vanuatu - Digest of Public Reports 1996 - 2000 / written by Edward R. Hill

Pacific Law Blog
The Pacific Law Blog , maintained by the law librarian at the University of the South Pacific, will include the latest books on Pacific law received in the library, the most recent legislation received and the latest articles added to the Pacific Law Journal Index.  The weblog will also include links to media items relating to Pacific law drawn from Pacific Islands Report and PINA in addition to linking to the latest developments on PacLII.

Pacific Legal Network
An Australian law firm with a network of law offices throughout the Pacific and PNG specialising in Pacific law.  The Legal News pages are most useful, providing updates of legal issues around the region.  Quarterly newsletters include useful summaries of topical issues.

PacLII, hosted by the Emalus campus of the University of the South Pacific, is the largest online repository of Pacific primary materials.  PacLII includes full text access to judgments and legislation from throughout the Pacific as well as including access to indices of Pacific legal materials.  A major undertaking, PacLII has received international recognition and is revolutionising access to Pacific materials both at a regional level and internationally.

Pacific Islands Treaty Series (PITS)
The Pacific Islands Treaty Series focuses on publishing, in both French and English, the bilateral and multilateral treaties and Conventions that 21 Pacific Island states have entered into, in a wide-range of categories. The project also identifies the ratification (domesticating) legislation passed by those countries. 

The agreements (treaties) contained on the website include, amongst others, environmental treaties, fisheries agreement, human rights, peacekeeping treaties and the international Conventions these Pacific Island states have entered into.

The Pacific Islands Treaty Series displays the international rights and obligations of the Pacific Island states from the late 19th century to date, thus showing the evolving priorities and commitments at international level of each Pacific Island state.

Pacific Law Journal Index
Compilation of articles on Pacific law.  Browsable by jurisdiction, date and searchable by keyword.

Pacific Regional Human Rights Education Resource Team
British Aid Programme devoted to improving legal literacy in the Pacific Region.  Here you will find information about the law and its implications for women, children, families and individuals as well as  related information and links from other sites.

Papua New Guinea Judiciary Website
Official website of the Supreme and National Courts of Papua New Guinea.  Includes information on Court services, procedures and practices .

Parliament of Samoa - Legislations
Full text of legislation in Samoan is free.  English versions can be ordered from the site.  Includes current lists of legislation arranged alphabetically and by year.

PNG Inlaw The Papua New Guinea Legal Information Network
The Papua New Guinea Legal Information Network provides up to date access to
Papua New Guinea legislation, judgments and other legal materials.

State, Society and Governance in Melanesia
Includes access to full text discussion and working papers on governance issues in Melanesia.

Samoa Offshore Finance Centre
Includes a background to Samoa history, government and legal system.  Detailed  summaries of offshore banking legislation and the regulatory framework.

South Pacific Civil Society Library
A collection of documents and resources promoting an enabling environment for civil society and public participation in the South Pacific.

Tokelau Caouncil of Ongoing Government
Official site of the Tokelau Council of Ongoing Government. Includes full text materials on the government structure of Tokelau and Tokelau's constitutional relationship with New Zealand .  Also includes full text access to legislation of Tokelau.

Tongan - Legislation of Tonga Online
This website contains English and Tongan versions of the legislation of Tonga, in force as at the 31st December 2005 (plus some 2006 laws that became available and subject to the note about omissions etc). This website is not the official source of the law of Tonga it is a useful resource only, and is expected to form the basis for a new official revised edition of the laws of Tonga, now under preparation.

UNDP Governance for Livelihoods and Development (GOLD)  
The GOLD programme works to strengthen governance systems in Pacific Island Countries by encouraging transparency, accountability and participation in decision-making. GOLD supports parliamentary and judicial initiatives and promotes human rights in the Pacific.

University Book Centre - Law
Books on Pacific law available from the University of the South Pacific

University of the South Pacific Community Legal Centre
The University of the South Pacific Community Legal Centre provides free legal assistance to the public through its Port Vila office.  The Legal Centre also produces brochures in Bislama, French and English on important legal topics, which can be accessed through this website.

USP School of Law Web Site
Information about the USP School of law, course materials, Pacific law materials, the Journal of South Pacific Law, and useful links to law related sites on the Internet.

Vanuatu government
Selected legislation and explanatory documents relating to new internet and investment laws in Vanuatu.


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